Lil Wayne - I Am Not A Human Being

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Ironically on the title-track Lil Wayne gloats, "I thank God that I am not basic." This musical offering, on the other hand, will need a bit more convincing.

Following the huge commercial success of Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne has yet to release a full-fledged project that shows considerable improvement and likewise commitment in the last two years. Fans can still vividly recall the failed experiment that was The Rebirth from this past February, but it’s also been his mixtapes (Dedication 3 , No Ceilings ) that didn’t feel up to par as well. I Am Not A Human Being carries this same torch of deviant quality. Needless to say, the results vary.

While Wayne and Young Money rapping counterpart Drake have done some notable records together, their collaborations on I Am Not A Human Being add little to the conversation. On the opening track “Gonorrhea” , Wayne cooks up an inordinate amount of throwaway similes (“We in this bitch like tampons”) for the sake of shock value. “Right Above It” fares better as Kane Beatz backs the duo with heavy synth lines and luring drums to rap over. Slowing down the tempo, “With You” becomes an ode to the detached significant other in Weezy’s life. Over a soulful yet slightly out-of-tune sample that sets the mood, he slyly ponders, “We probably ain’t supposed to be together / But I wonder if our love affair can last forever.” Admittedly, Drake’s repeated chorus of “with you baby” becomes dispensable by songs’ end.

Considering the short tracklist, little room for error becomes the New Orleans emcee’s worst enemy. Whether it’s his mailed-in performance on “What’s Wrong With Them” or the obligatory gangsta record “Hold Up” featuring T-Streets, I Am Not A Human Being suffers from a lack of consistency. Nicki Minaj doesn’t help the cause either as her cringe-worthy chorus on the former record is capped off by a tonal inflection of the way she pronounces “them” that becomes unbearably annoying.

With an inspirational vibe, “That Ain’t Me” is one of the few standout tracks. Usually spaced-out, Wayne keeps his focus generally on topic of his stake for the Rap throne. Treating the production as if it was meant for his next album, Jay Sean’s performance on the hook nearly steals the show. Interestingly enough, “I’m Single” also lands as a highlight in which Wayne seemingly does his best Drake impression. With that said, it’s never a good sign when arguably the most complete record on your album consists of a song buried at the end of a year-old mixtape.

Wayne’s birthday project I Am Not A Human Being is fairly mundane considering his past track record. Granted, many expect resurgent lyricism and style in his post-prison music. Still, if these were the supposed-tracks that didn’t make Tha Carter IV, then Weezy has some work cut out for him. Ironically on the title-track he gloats, “I thank God that I am not basic.” His music, on the other hand, will need a bit more convincing.   


  • mlindo

    i love this music but i like download it

  • Young

    Wayne has made another hit. I just hope that I Am Not A Human Being 2 is not a reality.

  • Anonymous


  • weezyisoverrated

    Man fuck this shit. Reason why i hate this album is because i hate waynes style,his nonsense. 7. "Right Above It" (mukana Drake) Kane Beatz 4:32 8. "Popular" (mukana Lil Twist) Cool & Dre 4:40 9. "That Ain't Me" (mukana Jay Sean) StreetRunner 4:03 10. "Bill Gates" Boi-1da, Matthew Burnett 4:19 11. "YM Banger" (mukana Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Tyga) Mike Banger 3:55 12. "YM Salute" (mukana Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki Minaj) Mr. Pyro, Polow da Don 5:14 13. "I Don't Like the Look of It" (mukana Gudda Gudda) Jahlil Beats 3:18 ^all those song are wack


    this cd goes hard 1-13 no skips

  • tommy

    one of the best albums since the carter 3. weezy f. baby is the best.

  • Chris Taylor

    Let me tell you I hate Lil Wayne, but I can still tolerate some of his music. And this is one of his more raw albums, less commercial, I like it.

  • Anonymous

    he goes hard on all his songs, all of you guys are just jelous hes got the love, the fame, and the drugs.

  • aleckazee

    Fck I love this song and video

  • Mississippi

    You can't be the greatest rapper if you don't even have the highest selling album on your record label (cashmoney) 400 Degreez went 4x platinum Carter III 3x platinum. COME ON NOW

  • Eminemfan

    His amazing rap skills are just mumbles and rhyming swear words. Why did I like him? Why did I think he wuz cool? He obviously isn't.

  • Blood Danario

    Are u crazy he went off his level he went harder then any one he went to his persona martian he alll ways go hader in that persona

  • Blood Danario

    This shit go hard

  • Ayush Jha

    People expected a bit too much from this album..

  • anil kumar

    lil wayn u r the best

  • anonymous

    this album is terrible. the only people that will give it more than 2 stars are all the white 12-16 year old girls who think its cool to like lil wayne

  • lilwormg

    this album is great! half these people prolly played his tracks on a laptop rofl. play it somewhere you can hear the base, and you will appreciate this album.

  • mikey

    he lucky he got one star for this shit

  • Trey

    shit he fallin off aint nothing else to say he only good wen he hop up on someone elses shit plus baby killin em and he lettin that lean fuk up his head

  • SavageLLife

    I think Weezy could have done much better than this. Maybe he set the bar a little too high then let us down a little..... Follow me on Twitter, or hit me up for a press kit if any independent artist needs one. Just shoot me a DM, we get some pics to photoshop you out of, your bio, and pimp it out in a visual orgasm that precedes your artistry.

  • DJ Transition

    I'll give it a 3.5/5. It wasn't crazy buh it's still nice. It's just Weezy buh he really gotta get back to the Drought 3/Tha Carter II, III Weezy days

  • Anonymous

    that ain't me is the only song worth listening to and it was probably made after or during the carter 2 days.

  • j-roc

    how yall gone say wayne wack he way betta den sum flocka juiceman n gucci aint nobodi fuckn wit wayne lyricaly n da songs on here was made b4 he went 2 jail juz wait 4 ma nigguh 2 git out his best mixtape was da drought 3 doe

    • Gorav Bagga

      name 100 rappers better than him....right now!!!!

    • Sutter

      Just cause Gucci and Waka are worse doent mean wayne is good, lol He might be better then those retards but that doesnt really say much, I can name about 100 rappers better then this fruit

  • Anonymous

    I think most of these songs sound like throw away tracks that either ddnt make it to No Ceilings or Rebirth. Not bad tho

  • paco

    I wish lil wayne was dead he sucks im sick of him his music SUCKS


    Man i want to support this dude, but since the No ceilings, most of the ish ive heard is trash, this albums got a few jams but not enough to say it aint trash, dude is a monster in studio, recording five songs a day then we can only listen to maybe one out of 20........then when he hurting or dont want to loose his image he puts out this mediocre b.s. and its supposed to be good.......Nope

  • Jay

    gave it a listen, just as bad as rebirth. wayne hasn't done anything special since tha carter 1. i listen to wayne but niggas got to admit this short dumbass nigga is indeed overrated. hip-hop isnt dead you just gotta look around more. too many people settle with 2nd grade shit via the radio and BET. P.S. BET = killer of black youth and/or youth in general.

  • SutterKane

    Garbage, but a step up from Rebirth if nothing else

  • traccstar

    best album of the year

  • asadadadadadadada

    New Ice Cube album - 3,2 stars and dat crap also? WTF? This Should Have - 1 star beow 0

  • joe kidd

    90% of all lil wayne haterz are true hip hop fans. This guys always been junk and he always will be. Wack as they come for real.

  • Anonymous

    man, lets get real.. this sucks

  • Anonymous

    perfect album.... fire???? lmao this shit sucks get a grip

  • Anonymous

    well guys,at least its better than Rebirth lol

  • Dylan


  • Anonymous

    since dis page is popular all i got to say is...... Damn Yung Berg got his chain snatched AGAIN!???????? hahahaahaa man dis boy needa learn

  • Andrew Watts

    maybe jail will make wayne more hood and gangster and he will skip tht gay ass rock and come back to real hiphop shit!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hopfully this is just holding fans over till C4

  • DEuce

    Not his greatest works we know, but i stil like it.

  • Anonymous

    There are so many rappers better than lil wayne, it's wack ass hell he gets the sales he does. and anyone givin this a 5 is either a dick rider or a teenage girl.

  • Fistoffury.

    Man I heard a few good things bout the bill gates song an the rest of this album is wack as hell so was expectin sumin there. That song is garbage, if that's supposed to be the best track on the album then the album really is wack. An wayne talkin bout 'skinny jeans an vans' an 'dressed like a skater' fuck that. I though u was hip hop wayne? neither u or ur music is. Man fuck wayne. He aint even top 20 alive let alone 'best rapper alive'. I guess im just 'hatin' tho right?. nahhh im speakin THE TRUTH.

  • Ryan O'Connor

    Stop with the autotune!

  • My Top 5....Not Yours

    1.Lil Wayne 2.Eminem 3.Tupac 4.Biggie 5.Jay Z

    • Pazman

      lil wendy your number 1? PFFT! 1)Big L 2)Big Pun 3)Doom 4)Biggie 5)Eminem

    • C4

      all these bitches and niggas still hatin

    • tib

      My five MC's that could burn Wayne 1.MF Doom 2.Skyzoo 3.Wale 4.Buckshot 5.GZA Yeah your entitled to your top 5 opinion but you gotta know that putting Wayne #1 over Biggie, Pac, Jigga and Nem is wack as hell. The five underground niggas I named is more lyrical than Wayne. He aint even top 20 to most real nigga. The Rebirth? And everything after Carter 2, Garbage.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • ihatelamar

    this went in...and i aint feel a wayne album like this since carter 2

  • ntg

    Pretty solid album, too many features though. Moderate replay value. C4 will be much better though.

  • drew3

    all this was recorded while he was going into jail and doing a millon other things. you gotta give the guy credit for even putting this out.

  • GUS

    wayne is just too inconsistent he cant put out great material consistently like the greats

  • Jerremy

    I completely disagree. Give wayne some love, Gonnarhea, Hold Up and Right Above It were all solid songs. GET BACK! Wayne is still the better rapper alive, but watch out world bc here comes drake...

  • Jake

    The greatest rapper alive!!!! The fact that there are actually ppl out there who think that makes me want to end my life yesterday.

  • Jake

    I could LITERALLY name 200 emcees killing this clown and it wouldn't be hard at all

  • Theo Odoemene real music

  • Juan Santiago

    Thank you for being honest. I think that Lil Wayne is just in a strange position in life right now. Or does it just look that way to me since he has so much pressure on his head that it is just messing up his flow. I think that this album is not his best work but everyone has the ups and downs. I think that if we dont see anything in the carter 4 then we will see something incredible after he gets out of jail that will simply blow our minds. just imagine it all that genius being caged in and then released all at once.

  • Anonymous

    This tape is wack

  • TheRapBox

    As if people think this is rap.. its not even music. Its just popular.. pop is what you should call it. Fucking disgrace to rap get it of this fucking site.

  • Daylynn

    at this rate he will never make a better album than The Carter 3, there only a few decent tracks on here. I'll give it a three, Ice-Cube's album was way better for real!!

  • wackitywackwack

    I can't believe this got a higher rating than I Am The West!

  • pootz

    why is im not a human being on this album...that song is like 2 maybe 3 years old

  • Gorav Bagga


  • Lupe Espinoza

    Wayne is great. Tha Carter III wasn't the best as in DEEP hip hop but c'mon he took control of tha nation with dat LP, give him props. He realy guna have 2 step it up from this though cuz hes guna have to top Tha Carter III and hopefully tha FANS cop his shit n take him RIGHT ABOVE Tha Carter III

  • datnegroace

    This album was just wack, and im a wayne fan. I wasn't expecting much from this anyway becuase it's a EP. But this does have a few stand-out tracks. Bill Gates, Right Above It, That Ain't Me and Hold Up were my faves. The rest is either average or just garbage.

  • FistofFury..

    I aint no hater but the truth is, wayne is average cos he's way to inconsistent. Most the time he comes with straight garbage and then drops the odd song that's nice and comes with clever punchlines. This release is terrible and who are these people giving this a 5? fuck outta here. He needs to get off this 'best rapper alive' thing and really make a hard record where u can tell he's put his heart & soul into it. To me his best release is The Drought is Over 2.

  • mike

    this shit is raw ass fuck lil tunechi is the best!!!!!! Free Weezy!!!!!

  • nmkash

    wait until this album hit s.a ima b da 1st nigga getting a copy of the carter 4. im fucken loving it

  • Michael Desauguste

    i gave it a solid 4

  • Anonymous

    I'm A Human Penies is a fucking piece of shit!!! Fuck Wayne fuck him fuck him fuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk hiiiiiiiiiiim!  I guess the south likes it's coons. Oh well I guess it can't be helped well Kanye pull an Obama and clean this fucking mess.

    • N.O.T.O.R.O.I.U.S. HATER

      You are right, the South does like their coons. The problem with hip-hop now is that it hasn't evolved. It is overly representative of a static community - the ghetto, and I think that is why hip-hop is so diluted now.

  • WayneSuckedMe

    Lil Wayne gave me head in the workout yard when we were locked up. No shit. He a bitch nigga!

  • Thomas

    Dude needs to push himself and improve. He's been around since something like 1999 and still raps about the same shit in almost the same way. The only thing thats changed about him is which trends he's hopping on for each album. Sorry, but with Carter III, just look at Billboard charts a year before up to the point he released it, you'll find almost every song on Carter III was just a rip off of a #1 single from the year prior. No. He's not a human being. He's a puppet.

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    I think it's a pretty good project, nothing amazing about it at all really, but it does have some anthems and bangers on it. U forgot to mention Bill Gates, which is probably the best song, and definitely the best beat on there. However, Wayne better really be doing some next level ish for C4, cause this album right here wouldn't cut it

  • KingQualm4Real

    my nxgga wayne did his thing but we ALL kno dis iz NOTHING compared to wuts in store dis wuz jus a lil teaser dis wuz sposed to make yu want tha carter 4 even more

  • nicnactheonly

    again WAYNE IS NOT THE BEST BUT ABOVE AVERAGE. The format of the songs are like everyones songs and the topic are non sence but wanye does hip hop he spits punchlines and they are on the spot improv so he keeps me interested in his bars, but some of the songs are too repetitive and only freestyling gets kind of boring after a while as wayne does not stick to a topic but still better than most rappers !

    • Prog

      Your wrong. Just plain, wrong. He's not above average, he's spot on average. Listen to golden age rap, almost all the rappers in the spot light then were leagues better than lil wayne. He can't freestyle worth shit, quite possibly one of the worst freestylers I've ever seen.

  • nicnactheonly

    again WAYNE IS NOT THE BEST BUT ABOVE AVERAGE. The format of the songs are like everyones songs and the topic are non sence but wanye does hip hop he spits punchlines and they are on the spot improv so he keeps me interested in his bars, but some of the songs are too repetitive and only freestyling gets kind of boring after a while as wayne does not stick to a topic but still better than most rappers !

  • Hollywood

    This site isn't about the business of rap. It's about reviewing an individual rap album. This individual album happens to suck. That trash he called a rock album, also sucked. The songs with Drake make up for Wayne's shortcomings, but he does alot of screaming, cutesy one liners for your Facebook status, and really just pollutes hip hop. Pick up Lil Boosie's album for some shit that won't shame your speakers.

  • BLAQ


  • Anonymous

    its sad that this out sells The Roots or Big Boi. Very Sad music Quality has almost nothing to do with sales.

  • ghf

    super gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MamaSaidWhat

    Not a fan of wayne's new music, maybe ten years ago but now now. I wasn't overly impressed with this but it was alright, there's a couple of nice tracks...

  • white milk

    im seeing this on here a lot so i have to ask wht exactly qualifies someone to be a d1ckr1der? is it just liking the music? if you;re a fan and you present a counter argument to a different opinion is that was puts you in the d1ckr1der zone? do ppl tht love 50 and stand up for him when others say he not ish fit in the category? how abt em stans? are they considered d1ckr1ders. just trying to figure out wht exactly makes someone a d1ckr1der since so many seem to love that word. is d1ckr1der replacing hater on this site?

  • Sean Abm Oldham


  • g

    tha carter III was incoherent drug music, no ceilingz was where it started gettin good n i like this new album cuz the rhymes sound more on point since he stopped fuckin wit the syrup and in my opiniion if you like that court jester clown shit he was on before youre a clown, and this reviewer is also a faggot, fire him

  • Swamp Thang

    This shit is trash. Will the "Block Is Hot," "Lights Out," "Carter I," "Carter II," all "Dedication" mixtapes and "No Ceilings" Lil' Wayne PLEASE beat da SHIT outta the other Lil' Wayne. And rip dat gay azz lip ring out of dat fool while you're at it.

  • free minded

    For one wayne freely expresses himself as he pleases. These other guys need to sell records while wayne just happens to put his thoughts on tracks. One of you posted "wayne is timeless" that speaking for its self wayne is forever. Yes kanye goes hard but can he do some thing different? Go out of his confort zone and make it sound good? I don't think so. No body does it like wayne. He throws a few tracks together right before jail and it sounds good. Plain and simple you all will listen to wayne as long as he puts music out. Definition of music = wayne. Bang Bang!

    • Anonymous

      Yes faggit it's called 808's & heartbreak! But I guess you skiped that one huh! Wayne is garbage now and it's been along time since he's made any damn sence. I downloaded INAHB to see what all the fuss was about and I wasn't impressed at all. The only good beat on that EP was Bill Gates but of course wayne had to fuck that up. Face it wezzy tried to pull a kanye and "expriment" with diff sounds. But unlike Ye he failed 808 3mil>>>>>>>Rebirth 500,000thou. This is why the south is fuckin stupid cuz of gay ass niggas like Wayne. I swear OutKast and T.I. Are all that's left down there. The C4 will suck hard dick and Wayne will never be on Kanyes level never. And I don't care if I'm dick riding!!! There is no way in hell Im Not A Human penies is even worth stealing from the store!! Fuck wezzy keep his faggit ass in jail!!! 

  • YouAreHoweverDisappointing

    I find it funny when folks use "different" and "experimental" and other excuses for artists who have plummeted quality-wise from whence they started but still continue to sell records. A bad record is a bad record. A bad album is a bad album. A lackluster artist is a....u get the point. No Ceilings was str8. But The C3, Dedication 3, and this bullshit....4 Thumbs Down. Ima pray for C4 doesn't go the route of CB4 lol....

  • Lawrence

    At this point, Kanye's album WILL be the album to beat. Isn't it funny, how P. Diddy, Drake, and Rick Ross....ahem.... Ricky Rozay threw such an epic marketing campaign for Rozay's CD, only for it to sell around 300,000 if that. Wayne's music is timeless, when he wants it to be. He's becoming old news fast, and I'm from New Orleans so it means something coming from me. At the end of the day though, Kanye is the realest nigga in the game because he's showing the progression stardom places on a person without becoming this super-fake ass rapper. Well, he's commercial, and illuminati affiliated, but I'm referring to not rapping about all this gangster shit like Wayne. Thats played out. Follow me on Twitter @SavageLLife.....

    • white milk

      so funny that u think your opinion hold more weight bc you;re form the NO. weezy been dope, he dope now, and it looks to be the same for the foreseeable future, in spit of your expert No

    • Swamp Thang

      I be telling people that a lot of folks ain't feelin' Wayne's new style and music back home. He IS a beast but a lot of his album material overall us subpar. I did like "No Ceilings" though. That shit was bout it ta me.

  • proent

    well not too bad considering he pulled this album out of his ass before he went off to jail and had them mix it for him

  • No Ceilings

    I agree this album was pretty bad, along with carter 3 and dedication 3 being equally terrible. But 'No Ceilings' not up to par? Are you kidding me?? That was waynes best offering in a long time...the mixtape is simply amazing.

  • Julius Wilson

    Not nearly as good as tha carter 3 but still got some nice lines. I gotta agree with deuce that tha carter 4 will be better and with mandy that Kanyes is the album to beat

  • Deuce

    He was obviously playing around with this, i think Carter 4 will be more serious.

  • Rawle

    Lil Wayne continues to prove to me not only is he an overhyped rapper, but in fact, a really bad artist. Its come to the point where I believe people just buy and listen to his stuff not because its good, but just cause its him. The dude is garbage. When you compare him heavy-weights such as Fab, Jada, and HOV.. I mean its obvious. He doesn't belong up there. Honestly, I feel even Wiz, Big Sean, and especially J. Cole are better than Wayne. the niggas wack.. Shyt, Chiddy is even better.. Wayne makes 1 decent track fro the 100 shitty ones he releases in a month. That does not make him hot because he releases so many tracks when they all suck. He's barely over Soulja Boy

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    fuck all u lil gayne dickridaz! "i'm not a human being, i'm a homo" iz da fuckin worst album of da year (tied with "gaybirth"), even worse than "suck me later" and "recovery from fallin flat on my face twice on renegade". u bitch niggaz wanna no wut da best album of da year iz? here'z a hint, it hasn't been relesed yet. give up? ok... IT'Z KANYE WEST'Z "DARK TWISTED FANTASY". dat album'z gonna murder all da otha wack azz albumz released diz year. just watch faggotz! u niggaz gon feel sorry for lil gayne when kanye relesez hiz album. so keep drinkin lil gayne'z cum milkshakez while hiz gay porn muzik playz in da background. i'm out, bitchez!

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    IDK anything about this one so i won't comment on it, but the writer of this article is seriously wrong on No Ceilings, it was great..

  • BOAW! BOW!

    who writes this all they do is hate on wayne all day... no ceilings was the Shit! rebirth was good but its wasnt for everyone and this album is fire!

    • biggs

      who ever writes this knows what their talking about not just a dumbass riding wayne's dick no ceilings was decent at best and rebirth sucked dick along with this album

  • blaq

    no ceiling was fucking crack btw

  • blaq

    Carter 4 throwaways waiting for C4 and C5. this was just some hold over tracks n wasnt that bad. decent. C4 all dayyyy

  • Anonymous

    its only OK, a solid 3 just as the author gave. Hell, he said "no ceilings" wasnt good, but for mixtape material, I enjoyed it. Still bump it once in a while a year later. but yeah, its wayne, most people like him and he is actually a decent lyricist when he wants to be...but this isnt it.

  • secy_kent

    This album is alright. For a 10 track album there are no songs you want to skip over and there are 3-4 really good songs that could become singles. But im sure he has alot of songs unrealesed that he could of chucked on if he wanted chart success. The YM songs are shit though.

  • Moses Esan

    Any one considering this to be one of the best albums of 2010, should please listen to Big K.R.I.T. - Krit wuz ere or The Roots - How i got over or Nas and Damian Marley - Distant Relatives, there's a lot more albums to be listed b4 this album is metioned.

  • Critic

    Man are you guys blind?!?!?! He's doin the same thing he did with the original Carter III! Which is come out with a record that supposedly is a cut of tracks from his upcoming album, show them they would have bombed and then officially come out with Tha Carter IV and sell 1.5-2 million the first week. If you listen to his lyricism on the Official Carter III and compare it to what he did on these, you would without a doubt know these weren't cut for his album..if you knew how much he records everyday..ofcourse he has tracks like these laying around everywhere! oh and don't hate on him for being different. He releases dope tracks and terrible ones..obviously the terrible ones are to just keep you listening..its called staying relevant and making sure your heard 24/7. Tha Carter IV!

    • dirtysouthernhotshot

      Yeah well for me a dope rapper is someone who releases consistently quality music. Weezy does not fit the bill.

  • Bfizzle603

    I think ya boy peaked with the Carter III. This joint is HORRIBLE. It's mindless dribble. I have actually become dumber after listening to this.

  • Bubu K

    the album iz OK but nuthin special... LIL WAYNE IZNT RUNNIN THE GAME!!!! IF U SAY HE IZ THEN YOU'RE...

    • Rick

      Who was the last artist to go 3x's plat? Wayne.. who dunnit since??.... Nobody I did'nt say he was the greatest rapper or the album was hot... I'm lookin @ it from a bizness stand point.... 10% Talent 90% bizness baby!!!

  • bballslim42

    Lil Wayne needs to let Mike Tyson in the studio with him. Why? So everytime Wayne calls himself "best rapper alive" Tyson can knock his dumb-ass out. Wayne isn't even top 20 right now. He better come with some lyrics when he gets out of jail. Otherwise his teenage fanbase is gonna grow up and realize he's garbage.

    • Swamp Thang

      ROTFLMMFAO @ Lil Wayne needs to let Mike Tyson in the studio with him. Why? So everytime Wayne calls himself "best rapper alive" Tyson can knock his dumb-ass out.

  • ItzMzx

    Every Song is pure FIRE, Classic.

  • Philybluntsmoker

    If any of you Lil Wayne fans had an ounce of Real Hip Hop in woudent be a huge lil wayne fan.Honestly yall just a bunch of dick riders who will listen to anything mainstream america shubs down your throat

  • Alex Mendoza

    I think i speak on behalf of everyone with a brain when i say that this album was fucking trash

  • T

    it's not as good as his other albums or mixtapes or whatever the fuck this is, but at least he's not faggot-ass em. im tired of his fake ss! 3/5

  • Rick

    That's why he runnin the game.. and yaw lames talkin about the much u make this yr...???? Wayne do ur thang Homie FREE WEEZY!!!!!

  • Rick

    Everybody hold the fuck up 4 1 him or hate him Wayne made 18million this year.. and his label has 4 gold and 1 platinum plaque...Now including my self all of us put 2gether did'nt make half that this year, last year or the year in where u fit in and Stop all that damn hating!!! Damn!!

    • Karl

      Jay-Z made three times as much as Wayne, does that make him three times the rapper by your logic? 11 number 1 albums, countless hits, 24 platinum plaques. Maybe Wayne should get in line rather than running his mouth about being the best rapper alive.

  • Tibedo

    Drake is the only person relevent in that camp right now. Yeezy just needs to play his Ceo role, do camios and give up on these mixtape wanna be albums. I can't wait for this Gucci, Nikki, Lady Gaga, hustle and flow era of music to be over so people can get back to real shit. What is real shit? Doom, Madlib Medicine Shows, Black Milk if you need some help.

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    this would be good as a mixtape but this isnt album quality. you can get away with talking about nothing on a mixtape but for an album is just dumb. and its only 10 songs so im already tired of bumping it after 2 days. 3 stars because i like lil wayne really 2.5 though

  • Ray

    This album is no Carter or Carter II, but it is still good shit...better than some rappers out here. And when it's all said and done Wayne is making music for his fans...not disappearing and coming back every other year and shit. FYI, he's still gunna sell millions.

    • bow


    • Mike Meraz

      It is better then sum rappers out there, but those rappers are usually associated with Wayne... I can careless how much he sells. You'd be surprised how many people in this country just have bad taste in music, specifically Hip Hop. The Carter 1 was trash.

  • jjj

    No Ceilinga was under par. That is the worst thing to say.

  • Alright

    Pretty good, if you consider this as a mixtape (which is what it should have been), it's excellent, but for an album...not enough. It brings some good news though, songs like "Bill Gates" or "Gonorreah" show us that Wayne is back to a rawer delivery and that he still can spit very well. Don't be disappointed, there was not a lot to expect from this EP, it is just to feed us with a few Wayne's songs and to keep us awake for the Carter 4. By the way I hope he will stay focused on his goal on this one, I don't think hip-hop heads will forgive him if he fails...Welcome back Lil' Wayne, but you better work hard when you'll come outta jail!

  • Mike Meraz

    Not bad... I got 1 question for Weezy tho...just 1 question... Who is he referring to? "yallz a bunch of squares", "Im killin em" "I wudn't try u" "yall can't see us" "Mutha fuck u and whoever designed you", "Yall Wak as Shyt".. ... in most of his tracks.. Who is he talking to? Because all the dudes that most real emcees refer to..Lil Wayne is good friends with and has collaborated with: Hurricane Chris, Birdman, lil jon, mims, Shawty Lo, Gucci, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, etc.. So who is he refereeing to? The true emcees in this game???lol Black Thought, Kweli, Mos, Com, Lupe, J.Cole? Please sum1 tell me. Who the hell is he referring to? I'm not a weezy hater, he got skills, but Ain't nobody waker then the dudes he's always on tracks with. So who the hell is he talking to? lmao!.. meh I guess it's just a tradition in the art to talk shyt without handing out names..i guess.. But who is he referring to!!!??lol

  • sucka

    does anyone notice that lil wayne never stays on topic? Thats why 50 cent says he can't make a full song. But people just like hearing punch lines and are in love with his look and how different and fucked up he is thats why people love him.

  • Shizzy Baby

    You are a terrible critic. Who the fuck are you? Can you rap? Please don't write reviews ever again. Consider killing yourself. Thanks!

  • Keith Hambrick

    I think your new album is great like the other albums you have made... Your The Best Rapper Alive

  • Petey Pete

    You know I haven't gotten around to listening to the album yet, but this is what I assume the album is: Pointless, corny, or just plain stupid punchlines Confusing lyrics 100 more "shit" refrences Sex, weed, money and other typical shit you'll find on any local radio station. And of course lil Wayne barley being able to stay on topic during the verse Now I know what you're thinking. I'm another hater. Nope. I'm just assuming what I've come to expect from Wayne

  • dope

    best album since recovery

  • Anonymous

    i use to like lil wayne not no more his shit sucks he let the fame get to him his lines are corny and e cries too much!!

  • santanaofakemi

    wtf are yall hating ppl talking about yall just talking because yall dont like lil wayne as a rapper sad If you hand a person this album they would love it best tracks:popular,with you,right above it all the tracks r good and they are throw aways for the carter 4 so you know c4 gunna be a classic 5/5

  • John-Boy

    LMAO! "We in this bitch like tampons". This is the type of garbage line that Wayne fans think is dope. Most of his lines are garbage just like this one "Im in yo face like Lancome. HAHA" HaHa is what I do whenever I hear Wayne impersonate a rapper.

    • To you lil wayne dick riders

      you guys obviously don't know what hip hop is. who cares if he didnt get the line right. lil wayne's rhymes are a piece of shit. sure, he uses metaphors but come on, "i'm in your face like man cum". thats no where near shinoda, nas, or royce.

    • John-Boy

      BWAAAAHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAHHAA!!!!! LMFAO!! Thats even worse you fuckin idiots!! Man Cum!! BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHHA. I'm literally laughing out loud. Next he'll be in yo face like puppy cum. BWAAAHAHAHHA. Y'all just made idiots of yourselves. Wayne fans are the dumbest. I got tears in my eyes over here.

    • idk

      its "man cum" stupid

    • hchawks

      The line goes "im a your face like MAN CUM!" Get shit right before you make dumb ass comments!!

    • FIRST


  • tomtom

    I thought the mixtape was okay, not enough new songs. Already heard a couple, but shit leaks. But still it was a good mixtape.

  • the usual

    the review is pretty much what i expected from this site. the album is 4stars minimum. weezy all day and nothing any of you say changes that..YMCM... call me a stan, d!ckrida, whateva, dont matter. weezy still hold the throne...

    • brethtaka

      @FIRST the best rapper alive? are you retarded? you must ride the short bus. here's a list of rappers, in no particular order, that are still alive and a lot better than Wayne: 1. Diabolic 2. J. Cole 3. Eminem 4. Jay-Z 5. Nas 6. Freddie Gibbs 7. Tech N9ne 8. Game 9. Xzibit 10. Obie Trice Best rapper alive my ass

    • FIRST


    • brethtaka

      and what throne is that? the auto-tune rap throne? the cry over the beat throne? the make up stupid lines and act like they're deep throne? listen to some real hip hop fag

  • Chupps

    Good review, Weezy can sell records just by his name and average material like everything on this album. But it's not amazing like an album should be, it's not better than his last project like an album should be, it's just a let down. smh I'ma go put on The Carter II

  • Saint jonez

    When r we going to get tired of hearing the same ol shyt. Lil wayne is wack. Its sounds like he spits the same shit over and over. (in this bitch like a tampone) If that line sounds hot to you or anything wayne has done in the last two years you might as well listen to wack ass soulja boy. Im tired of the same sounding young money.

  • Rick

    This review is whack.. all there doing is dissing on his new album. which i know isn't his best album but come on.. he still rules the radio and is the leader of rap WHILE hes in jail.. tell me someone else who can achieve as much or more then hes already have. Free weezy. Young Money. fuck haters

    • Chupps

      So anything shy from dick riding is wack? smh This was a fair review. The summary of it is that it's not a horrible album, they rated it three stars, it's just a disappointment and isn't on par or better than his last album. Rebirth does not count.

  • Anonymous

    905 you are such a bitch... number 1 lova, she want none other, don't need another one, when we got one another.... your dumb ass couldn't come up with nothin like that your stupid...get this retard off the computer...

  • 905

    Shoulda gave it a 1, he rhymes like a 12 year old...shit got no style.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this album was hard... 5stars no doubt... fuck all y'all weak ass haters

  • racka

    yo how the fuck you gonna say No Ceilings wasnt a good mixtape? are you on fuckin crack this editor should be fuckin fired from whoever he workin for. a mixtape is free music to us that the artist dont make dollar off. every track on that tape was a banger. editor you wack man you got no idea how to review an album. and as for IANAHB, the album was made before he went into jai. we're lucky he gave us this cause he could have been home wit his family or out partyin before jail but he was gettin shit ready for while he gone. it aint the best album in the world but for somethin he trew together before jail ill take it. THIS EDITOR IS A FUCKIN IDIOT

  • Kevin Bibbs

    I'm asking because I'm thinking about creating a website dedicated to album/mixtape/ep/track reviews.

    • Kevin Bibbs

      Thanks man!!!

    • asher1985

      yeah man i especially agree about the song popular lil twist does kill the hook i was just talking about that earlier....if ur gonna do the site though id suggest going a little more in depth and maybe like a final overall view of the album

  • Kevin Bibbs

    Did y'all like my review be honest?


    shit cool wit me

  • nick

    wow, not what i was expecting from wayne we all know he can do better and we all know he doesnt need to share all of his songs like he is doing here. too many other artists featured. hopefully the october 12th release will have some good bonus tacks

  • Kevin Bibbs

    Agreed with the review. Gonorrhea: Ok but forgettable. Hold Up: Played it once. That's it. With You: I like the instrumental better than the song. I Am Not a Human Being: Nice. This is what Rebirth SHOULD HAVE sounded like. I'm Single: Old but good. Song could have been better if Wayne made some sense. He says "Damn where is the fucking trust"...then later he says "I'm fucking her friends now her friend not fucking with her". It's a cheaters anthem. The beat is dreamy though A+. What's Wrong With Them: Sounds like Wayne recorded his verse and used a hook from one of Nicki's old mixtapes. Next. Right Above It: Next to "I Am Not A Human Being" this is fighting for the best song on the EP. Popular: This could have been on 'Rebirth'. Lil Twist kills the hook. That Ain't Me: Speaking of hooks, Jay Sean does his thing paying back Weezy for being on his number 1 hit "Down" that was a good song but Wayne definitely contributed to that success. Hell there is a group on Facebook dedicated to people who know all the words to Wayne's verse on 'Down' with thousands of people joined. Bill Gates: Generic Boi-1da beat. It kinda get stucks in your head though. YM Salute: I like this. Probably my favorite track off the EP. I wouldn't say it's the best song on this EP but it's MY favorite. I like Nicki's hook. I wish this was just a Wayne and Nicki song.


    I'm with these guys on this one; Wayne ain't cared about shit since Carter 3. He better get out with his head together and focused and start putting out some thought out material or he's fucking done. Oh yeah and fuck Nicki Minaj. That no talent bitch is so annoying.

  • Joseph Silva

    Stop the hating, cuz all you're doing is making him famous by having his name in your mouth. I thought the album was good, but not because I'm a Wayne fan, but because it all sounded real good to me. For those saying it stinks, then re-think yourselves over again because this wasn't a planned LP with a marketing plan. It was just to be thrown out for us fans who enjoy his music, just like No Ceilings, because Wayne enjoys what he does and is more than willing to provide us with music any day of the week. You hate him, or you can love him, but one thing is that you have to respect him for his hard work ethic and dedication. He may not be the best in your opinion, but everybody has their own opinions and everybody is entitled to one. If he sucks then that's your opinion and not everybody has to agree. Enough wasting your breath arguing with each other, and go out and do something with your lives. All I'm saying is speak your mind, because that's what he wants. But don't argue with another with what you think you know because it's pointless. Music is around for us to ENJOY, not for us to engage in an internet warfare because everybody doesn't agree with one's opinion. Some may like it, and others may not, but one thing we're all meant to do is just sit back and enjoy the music. So please, sit back and enjoy. And if you don't like it, then change your station instead of sitting here arguing with the ones who do.

  • asher1985

    this review doesn't make any sense. they pretty much lam bast the cd throughout but yet give it 3 stars which is considered above average. when in reality this cd was originally intended as something to tide over us faithful lil wayne fans, not to please critics. my review would be 4 x's because your right its not as good as the carter 3 but it is still one of the best rap albums to come out this year and im giving it a 5 because of you haters posting a 1 when you havent even listened to the album. and it will almost certainly still go a minimum of gold without hardly any marketing....obviously lil wayne is more popular then whoever you faggots like

  • Nathan Helton

    I hated wayne up until i actually listened to this ep this shit is crack this and the appeal are the only things thats ben in rotation in the whip

  • jbg

    totally agree with the reviewer....good're a dick rider if you're actually a wayne fan and think this deserves 5 stars! Not nearly as good as some of his mixtapes

  • Pussy ass nigga I wdn't want to be you


  • Alijah Green

    this is the best shit to come out the year, and I don't even like rap anymore. You already know his chracter so why are you surprized.

  • Drizzy Dray

    i love lil wayne! he is too legit

    • sc14

      LEGIT?! lil wayne is so fucking fake it hurts. go listen to his music from 10 years ago, back then he didn't have that "funny" voice, he's such a gimmick rapper, cant believe so many people fall for it.


    While not his biggest fan, I normally enjoy Lil Wayne and can stand him much better than some of the other rappers out there. This EP, however, does not stand up well against the Carter III, and is nowhere near the Carter II. Here's hoping the Carter IV is much, much better than this.

  • Anonymous

    The idea that anyone would rate this a perfect 5 is sad. you douche. Also this being rated higher then Ice Cubes album is pathetic.

  • 718rob

    Cash Money needs to stop letting blog business models influence them into releasing shit. Tha Carter III was huge, and now Wayne is compromising his legacy for a quick check so Baby can do more bullshit. I'm not buying anything from CMR till Tha Carter 4, and that's that.

  • ca1