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In the end, fans are left with a pleasant close to a respected series, and one of Hip Hop's most respected voices still outshining the majority of his peers.

On the third installment in Bun B’s Trill series, Port Arthur, Texas’ very own finds himself on Universal Fontana after having left Asylum, while still waving the Rap-A-Lot flag proudly. Bringing along new friends – and old – to assist, the UGK emcee closes out the trilogy that defined his solo work, and paired Bun with a who's who of Rap over the last five years.

The album gets rolling with “Chuuuch” , which features appropriate organ keys as Bun B comes to “tell the whole truth.” It’s a good launching point, but it’s difficult to get past J. Prince's grandstanding about Drake's discovery. Prince's intros have been a staple in Rap-A-Lot classics since the '80s, but what does Drake really have to do with a 16-year veteran? The decision is both strange and awkward, but at least the track itself is nice. As the album rolls on, it’s simply a relief to see an artist enlist T-Pain rather than try and use Auto-Tune itself, which is why “Trillionaire” won’t instantly make "D.O.A." champions recoil. The drums are hard hitting, and T-Pain actually delivers with the chorus, while Bun delivers the standard fare: haters throwing rocks, flossin’, and maybe even a little bossin’. “Just Like That” has Young Jeezy joining the fray, and is definitely one of the whip. Rolling bass percussion and synth everywhere gives this the vintage UGK sound fans have come to know and love in the 2000s.

The theme of keeping it trill is embodied in “Put It Down” , which features the aforementioned Drake. The track doesn’t really distinguish itself much from the previous, but one can’t help but see a recurring theme with Drake’s hooks: rapped lines followed by the song’s title sung a few times for effect (see “Miss Me” and “Light Up” for example).

The album’s until-now heavy sound takes a break with “Right Now” , a smoothed-out affair with Pimp C, 2Pac, and a hook courtesy of Trey Songz. The two posthumous verses sound as though they could have been recorded together, though history and Bun has confirmed otherwise. It’s a refreshing change of pace, for sure, and brings some more levity to the album. Another highlight on Trill O.G. is “I Git Down 4 Mine” with infectious and sinister synth keys courtesy of longtime UGK producer Steve Below. The song itself isn’t really much different in terms of subject matter, but the production lights a fire under Bun’s belly, and has him rhyming more energetically.

After "Speakeasy," which features a stellar guest spot from Chi-town's Twista, Trill O.G. begins to seriously drag. "Lights Camera Action" doesn't really contribute much to an album that devotes a lot to the gloss and glitz of the entertainment lifestyle, and "Snow Money" is likewise unnecessary given the inclusion of "Just Like That." "Ridin Slow," however, is distinctly a Houston affair, with its laid back bounce assisted by Slim Thug's gruff delivery.

The unquestioned gem of the album, however, is “Let Em Know.” This is the type of collaboration that feels truly special, on an album filled with guests from all walks of Rap. A string loop perfectly accompanied by some off-kilter keys (and well-timed scratches, of course) are all it takes to make magic: “Bun is on the mic, Premier is on the track / The south is in the house, now what can fuck with that? / And who can fuck with me? You’re not built up / I’ll break your bitch ass down and leave you filled up / See that’s how blood gets spilled up… / You the type that gotta call up the goons / I come one deep strapped like an arm platoon / When I get to gladiating on haters like Leonidas / Niggas just gonna have to admit he’s the tightest.” The two put it down for Texas, as Bun receives one of the unwritten certifications of being a lyrical giant.

“All A Dream” is the only real departure in terms of lyrical content, having Bun wax nostalgic about his upbringing and his deep aspirations. Utilizing the popular sample from which its namesake is derived, the song illustrates that Bun is capable of exploring much more topical matter than he chooses to, which is simultaneously encouraging and frustrating; maybe the ratio of 13 to one of tracks devoted to being trill versus the difficulties of growing up in Houston is a bit one-sided? 

The trilogy of solo albums have been much more consistent than both Jay-Z's Blueprint and Lil Wayne's Carter. However, as Bun gives us glimpses of going personal on "All A Dream," or going to traditional emceeing on "Let Em Know," that consistency has perhaps compromised progression. Musically, Trill O.G. is very different from its predecessors, as times have changed. Lyrically, Bun B's work with UGK and guest appearances prove that he has much deeper range than limited topics heard here. In the end, fans are left with a pleasant closing to a respected series, and one of Hip Hop's most respected voices still outshining the vast majority of his peers.


  • MusicFAn

    It was ok. It couldve been a bit better but whatever. Bun B is still that nigga... 3.5/5

  • Anonymous

    yo i aint even a big fan of southern hip hop, its east coast for me all the way, 90's east coast could not be beaten, 90's west coast come in close second doe back to the point, i aint even a big fan of southern hip hop but this album is tha fuckin bomb, i listen to it all the time, its so dope, how can this only be a 3 & 1/2? fuck that DX its a 5. a 4 & 1/2 at the very minimum

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Very good album, and slept on as well. I agree with most of the review. I don't think having Gucci Mane is beneficial to the song "Countin' Money all Day". It may be because I absolutely don't like Gucci Mane's rapping style but just Yo Gotti would've been acceptable. Snow Money is actually a really gpod song to ride to or just jam. I Git Down for Mine and Lights Camera Action are weaker tracks of the album. Other than that he did another outstanding job. If only Ron C chopped it up.

  • Jamaal Mayo

    one of my favs.

  • broderick

    BUN B is in da HOUSE!!!!

  • pleasford

    too trill 4 tha hood.... $$$$$ allday

  • chuckdavillian

    I don't listen to a lot of southern music but I mess wit ugk. This record is straight fire. I can't stop playing "let em know" & "right now", that's my joint rite there. RIP to the pimp.

  • budnlean

    this album is complete garbage! thats coming from a tru UGK fan since bout '93. TRILL was a classic, no doubt! II TRILL was good, not classic but good. TRILL OG is garbage! too many guest artists, VERY VERY commercial. drake? gucci? oj? t-pain? jeezy? WTF?! Bun B is a real nigga but REAL TALK he lost a lil bit of respect, music-wise, with this album. this album is a perfect example of an OVER RATED release. kinda like wayne. CARTER I, clasic. CARTER II, alright. CARTER III, complete garbage. i hate that rap is really dumbing down like this. SIMPLE MINDS = SIMPLE PLEASURES. HIP-HOP has long been dead my friends.

    • hadelino

      A-L-R-I-G-H-T! Trill and II Trill were classic( Yeah I think we could put the latter in the category) but this isn't Bun B on this last shit. After No Mixtape was released, I was expecting a FIRE album. Really disappointed

  • SheshBesh

    pretty good, gotta say i was a bit disappointed with overall production, tho, and Bun B has delivered much better. Still has replay value tho, of course.

  • H.

    Not a bad album: first half is lame, the last half is better but it doesn't reach II Trill...

  • pxo

    dnt know if its just me but this succkks!

  • killakenny

    Album is dope...

  • Anonymous

    shit is dope 5 mics is bout rite

  • iceman76

    dwa poprzednie chyba byly lepsze a moze trzeba sie z nowym osluchac.... c

  • Ninja Spy

    I wish this was a 5 mic cuz Bun B is the trillest mf out there u feel me? But this is a 4/5 like the other ones. Hopefully I can proudly claim a Bun B album as a real classic but this one ain't quite it.

  • wtf

    wtf hiphopdx. this shit is a classic. are you kidding me? most complete album by a real gangster. he speaks the truth in a socially conscious manner. suck a dick dx

  • Whitney ClutchCity McGrew

    Album is a 4 for me. The Source was way off on ratings this 5 mics. UGK's "Underground Kingz" is better than this and I don't even think that is a 5 mic album (maybe 4.5 at the best). My main gripe with this album is there aren't many surprises. Drake's features are expected, Slim Thug is expected, Young Jeezy is expected. List goes on

  • bigjazzy44

    i think all the trill albums are equal there are some good cuts on each album but there are some skippable songs too . dont overate it folks the last half of the album is the best

  • Ontoneyo

    This is the most terrible assessment of an album I have ever read. Considering the last two albums had serious potholes, and were not complete and consistant, This album is superior. Also the assessment of Snow Money could not have been more wrong. Bun B has made songs like Snow Money on different albums and works well with his cadence and delivery bring back some sounds of the Golden era in hip hop. With out a doubt not a 5 mic album, I felt Like distant relatives should have had that honor. Follow me on twitter.com/ontoneyo

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Trill = 3.5 stars II Trill = 4 stars Trill O.G. = 4.5 stars I think "the 5 mics" of The Source it's just for the track "let em know" with Dj Premier. We know that's a classic song. Bun B & Dj Premier = UGSK (Underground Gang Starr Kings)

  • Brandon Byrd

    Bun B holding it down for UGK..!! R-I-P Pimp C..Trill never dies..!!




    Ah, 2 out of 5. Better than most down south club shit/trap music. Still pretty lame

  • bigdave77

    Half of the album is terrible , half is good .

  • miguel Guttierres

    I agree with all the comments about this getting 5 mics from the Source. It baffled me when I heard about that. Trill OG is a dope album and Bun is a Southern rap legend, no doubt, but no way the album is 5 mic material. Probably 3.5 or 4 at best. It's strange how the Source thinks this album is better than Too Hard to Swallow, Super Tight or especially Ridin Dirty (which was robbed half a mic) and on the same level as Illmatic. Whoever wrote that Source review needs a really good explanation real soon.

  • Graabeklis

    Let Em Know is BOMB! Would give 3.5, but cant, so 4 stars from me :)

  • Anonymous

    keep reppin TX big hommie classic album no doubt 5 mics

  • dark_gable24


  • DallasUCMR

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  • Mr Flamboyant

    Man I'm reading these comments and stumbled across something that is troubling... The Source gave what album 5 mics? This? No way...LOL!!! This is an average album. At best. Bun hasn't been the same in a while. I don't know what it is. But the Ridin' Dirty Bun was the illest. 5 mics, Source? Really?

    • Anonymous

      your absolutely right, he had some good moments on UGK the album and even the first Trill album . People on here r lying to themselves if they thought II TRILL was good , he has no subject matter anymore its all about "dripping candy paint and poppin trunks" on every song. These last 2 albums just aint were its at. Give back that RIDING DIRTY HI LIFE BUN that I know. side note FAT JOE THE DARKSIDE is a million times better than this.

  • jack johnson

    lol i think getting 5 stars from hiphopdx means more than getting 5 mics from the source now

  • Gabriele Zavatta

    dope production

  • Anonymous

    like hhdx said its like a 3.5 idk how it got 5 mics but anyways big ups to bun.. the south has put out some of the best music this year ( pilot talk,12 Step Program [if u call panacea southern] , Teflon DOn, SLLF & more's to come like TM103 King Unchanged & Lady Killer from Cee Lo)so the south came in hard this year props to the south this year

  • Kevin Bibbs

    I'll give him 5 stars for consistency.

  • unknownone

    Not sure what guys listen to these days. But this is always the album I was excepting from Bun B. Not sure if its 5 mics. But dam near close. Denite 4.5 mic. To even out the lack hip hop knowledge I'm rating 5 stars. Distant Relatives=Trill Og=Recovery>Thank me now=Revolutions Per Minute=Telflon Don=How I got Over. Great year in Hip Hop.

  • MurrayOTU

    On point review. That's why I come here and not The Source. Bun B & Premo work effortlessly together, perfectly complementing eachother's style. With 'Let Em Know' and Joey Crack's 'I'm Gone' it seems Premo has been stepping his game up recently. "We update our formulas, we have certain formulas, but we update them with the times and everything." #RIPGURU

  • Wireless

    Average dirty south album.


    Is the Source being funny? This is the same material as illmatic....HMMMM....INTERESTING!

  • Gods_Son23

    3.5/5. I wasn't a big fan of the first two trills, but i find this a much more consistent listen. I dont agree with the review in that it seriously drags after Speakeasy. Lights camera action aint bad, I Git Down 4 Mine is a nice banga, Let 'Em Know by dj prem is one of the best and then it finishes well on the last two. I dont think there are any real dips.

  • screwhead 4 life

    Bun B , always comes thru and the whole trill series deserves 5 mics, str8 up classic , I understand some of y'all muthafuckas can't relate to what Bun B is spitting trill ass shit coming frm a legend in the rap game, enough said , if y'all bustas was making money like countin money everyday then u will relate , sittin on ur ass won't get you no where. Classic shit BUN B AND PIMP C NEVER DISSAPOINT UGK SHOULD'VE DONE HAD 5 MICS SINCE THE GET GO !!!!!!! RIP PIMP C !!!!!

  • Bauce

    Has to be the first album with DJ Premier on one track and Gucci mane on another. Solid album but the source was trippin with 5 mics

  • Jordan

    Album is equal to each of the last two.... BUN is a beast!!

  • DJBest686

    Would of gave it a 4 but this DOES NOT deserve 5 mics!!! I love Bun B and no disrespect!! But The Source is BULLSHIT!! "How I Got Over" is the album of the year!!!!!!!!!


    Fuckin horrible, weak production. Shitty rhymes, and NO replay value at all. This shit SUCKS EMINEM RECOVERY ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!@#$

  • Mellow Em

    Album is FIRE!!!! Deserved the 5 mics

  • bob d

    I thought The Source was full of shit too, now I know. I'm buying these, but Bun's solo albums never get play after a year.

  • Beedeezy10

    It was a very solid album imo. But Bun doesnt let you down anyways, esp. after 20 yrs in the game!

    • Anonymous

      Fashionably late to the party I know, but here's my take. Far as Bun B, dude never lets u down. The funny thing about hip hop is early success is almost always something of a curse. How many other careers are there out there like that? Seriously...I mean I know that Bun's verse on Murder was major. Probably one of the sickest verses of all times as far as southern ish goes. But when a player come out w. somethin new, especially if it's got some r/b hooks on it-they not reppin. What? Everybody gotta eat. What's wrong w. radio hits on Dude's album? Still 4.5 scratch that stilla 5 in my books. And u can take that to the bank all day long.