Bizarre - Friday Night At St. Andrews

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While an emcee like Eminem spits shock value one liners, he also tucks them away inside complex lyrical structures. His one-liners tend to sneak up on you out of nowhere. Bizarre doesn't have that luxury. The predictability of upcoming lines hampers his a

Bizarre might be the most aptly-named emcee in all of Hip Hop. In a culture that in many ways embraces odd, he might be the oddest of them all. Like Kool Keith, Bizarre has intertwined his many verbal talents into an image that is rather unique. Friday Night at St. Andrews only reinforces the notion of odd. It’s clear that the D12 member has embraced this aspect of his personality and really made it his trademark.

From the very beginning Bizarre sets a tone that he rarely strays from. Over the course of the album, he talks about taking every drug known to man, sexing plenty of women women - and on “I Love The Babies,” it’s, well, just disturbing. The Detroit native understands that humor is part of his draw and like any controversial comedian, he pushes the limits. Unfortunately pedophilia is one of those unaccepted areas of humor, and listeners are left feeling uncomfortable. This is a common trend throughout St. Andrews, Bizarre likes to push the listener to the edge of their comfort level and give them a shove with the most politically-incorrect thing he can think of.

With the questionable content aside, Bizarre has a tough time carrying the album all by his lonesome. His unique delivery can wear on the listener. After all, he achieved his national fame as part of the platinum-selling group D12. While his verses made him arguably the second most notable voice in the group, they also didn’t bring about a public outcry for a solo album. On Friday Night at St. Andrews, Bizarre sounds best when he is surrounded with his peers. On the Yelawolf-assisted “Down the Road,” the host thrives beside another brilliant Yela verse. “Believer” sees Tech N9ne and Bizarre lamenting over the fading loves. In Tech’s case, it is the health of his mother and with Bizarre, it is the state of Detroit. Bizarre paints a vivid picture of his hometown and with lines like “The D, watching my people get slaughtered / Hurricane Katrina without the water,” the Celebrity Fit Club contestant is in his element. The line is very telling of the economic state that the city is in, and the song itself is Bizarre's best moment. It’s one of the few times where Bizarre leaves the humor and perversion behind and gets truly personal and the result is successful.

Unfortunately the album's strong moments are few and far between. Aside from the two aforementioned tracks, and a catchy “Here We Go” / “Raps Finest,” the remainder of the album is below average. Bizarre’s biggest flaw is lack of genuine commitment to a topic. Regardless of the seriousness of the topic he somehow manages to compromise himself. Where Brotha Lynch Hung does Horror-core to perfection, Bizarre's ill-timed jokes prevent him from being taken seriously. Even on ridiculously cliché tracks like “Pussy,” Bizarre manages to ruin a perfectly capable strip club anthem with the mere mention of a “Ponderosa buffet.” The weird humor that made his appearances on Eminem’s projects so memorable, also prevent him from constructing an in-depth album. Tracks like “School Teacher,” “Wild Like Us” and “Smoking Crack” demonstrate this point further.

While an emcee like Eminem spits shock value one liners, he also tucks them away inside complex lyrical structures. His one-liners tend to sneak up on you out of nowhere. Bizarre doesn’t have that luxury. The predictability of upcoming lines hampers his appeal. With that said, it’s clear that his creativity has had an apparent influence on Slim Shady. While Bizarre is a grizzled veteran and strange has a market to sell, it has to be done in a convincing manner. Bizarre is unable to do this on Friday Night at St. Andrews, and even though the album is blessed with solid production, it is ultimately a failure.


  • Anonymous

    Whoever doesn't like Bizarre is wack.

  • rick

    this dude should jump off a bridge or someshit....never heard his music which im proud to say. ... tries to hard to be different. ...what idiot buys his music?

  • Anonymous

    i liked songs like somedays, school teacher, down this road and can't get enough the other songs were like, not good but not that that bad, kinda like sucked ass if the whole album have had songs like those 4, it would have been much better

  • Svilen

    I bought the album and I gotta say, that I like it very much. The beats are awesome, most of the lyrics are pretty good and the featurings are just perfect. Best track - Rap's Finest


    pedophilia is hilarious dont be a pussy

  • real hiphop fan

    this album is way better then i thougt it would be 4 real i reomend it 4 people who can handle nasty remarks or shit like like that all it is missing is a track with eminem otherwise it is good plus it has yelaworlf

  • rapsfinest

    Cmmon man Bizzares album Above Avg.Some ppl might not like his rappin style...but its self oriented style..nd I lyke new fuc all bad reviews..

  • iBar

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  • SutterKane

    The mad got his hands on some dope beats this time around if nothing else, really sope actually......And the cameos for the most part all hit their mark, I'ma give it a 3, because everything about this album is heat...........Except, of course, for Bizzare himself, although in all fairness this is probably his best effort lyrically, which while not saying much, still gotta a count for summin, a lil improvement is better then no improvement, and he put some effort into it this time...Fact is he's just never gonna be any good, his flow is god awful, even If Em and Royce ghost wrote an album for him it wouldnt work, his delivery is god awful

  • westpac08

    it wasnt bad i gave it a few spis and i liked it in general besides a couple of songs he should work with tech n9ne more too

  • iBar

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  • ibar

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  • 305ilovemia

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  • ibar

  • Hip Hop I am

    Its funny how anything that doesnt fit the radio norm is frowned and looked down upon. This is a quality album with great prouction, Bizzare knows what he is doing. His humor is his personality, just like we know anything with immortal tech is going to have him yelling furiously, we know Bizzare is dark ill sick. If you can appreciate and didnt really pay attention to the album PLEASE DONT RATE.

  • copkilla

    this fat fuck needs a bra and ems dick in his mouth

  • lovers

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  • silentacapella

    what is this i don't even...


    REAL TALK: It's Actually BETTER Than What I Expected.

  • bigsavage88

    i never listened to a bizzare album , but i listen to this one and songs like i love babies = worst song ever made . but other than that there is some tight production and beats on this cd , best songs Whatcha smokin on ? Some Days You gotta believe Emotions the rest is weak , and bizzare raps are so stupid and predictable they make me laugh sometimes.

  • Pro-

    he's fine with a single verse on a few D12 joints, but a whole album? cant believe they didnt learn their lesson with 'hannicap circus' give kuniva or swift an album. ____________________ "rhymes are toxic, so when i spit, evryone round me got sick"

    • MalcolmLittle

      Agreed, niggas always been sleepin on Swifty and Kuniva...they could even do an album together, cuz that back and forth style they got is bananas! Truth be told, I always felt Bizarre fucked up the Dirty Dozen's whole integrity...cuz the rest of them niggas get it in, fuck what these clowns on here talkin about! It's just Biz sounds so horrible it unfortunately reflects back on the group as a whole. R.I.P. Big Proof, the mayor of Detroit Hip-Hop!

  • 80zProduKT

    didnt let u use 1/2 a star so i gave him the benefit of doubt, ultimate trash

    • Svilen

      wtf ? Swift and Kuniva are good as part of D12, but make an album ? Come one, they don't have styles to make an album... while Bizarre has some crazy lyrics, tight beats, and makes humoristic songs.

  • kpanilaryea28

    wackkkk!! would this nigga get any pussy at all if he wasnt a rapper? matter a fact do he get any pussy at all NOW as a rapper lol?


    I dont know if a soul will even notice this album out

  • Double A

    This shit is so whack it's not worth a complete senten



    • Young Makkk

      @Ohini Jonez are YOU on crack!? Bizarre has always been saying some crazy ish, thats what he's meant for! for being crazy, funny, maniac, outta control! it's his thing. as for the album, it could of had more d12 & Eminem features. a couple better beats, and the lyrics were Cool! Hope the D12 album doesn't disapoint..

    • Ohini Jonez

      if thats really bizarre, I hope you like the album you put out... but if you don't like Bizarre, you won't like this album... I found the shit to be funny, except the pedophile joint... no bueno.... anyone who listens to Bizarre and expects serious lyricism smokes crack and expects to be mellowed out.

  • box

    shit rated it self and can't change it hahahah, i just find it funny when people say he's a gimmic i mean most rappers are shit lol yell

  • Twinblades

    Why dose he have his outa shape fat faggit ass on the mother fucken cover?!!!! What made this coon think that would make a good album cover? I mean he's fat he's fucken fat as shit god damn the nigga needs to get shot! I mean he looks like my shit after it's been in the toilet for a few min and that's gross!!!!!

  • kush nap

    serious bizzarre is super wack. at least when bizzy spittin jokes he can generate a laugh or 2. i wouldnt even rest my drink on this shit. this might sell 200 copies worldwide. aint nobody checkin for bizarre solo albums. get in the lab with em, bug out, or STFU bizzy. r.i.p. to proof, the only nigga in d12 i actually looked forward to hearing solo.

    • d smith

      hahahahaha 200 copies!!! but on some real ass shit proof was the only other dude on from d12 that i wanted to see do a solo album. he was sick as fuck

  • big braveheart

    He's not talking about St. Andrews in Scotland is he? I'd never have taken Bizarre to be a golf fan! He's away in the head!

    • I_Am_Beast

      No, it's a venue in Detroit which hosted many rap battles and performences from local and national Hip-Hop talent. It's a famous venue and one of the places Bizarre earned his stripes as a rapper.

  • funkthafunk

    3.....couldv been better his first album was a solid work tho..go check dat out folks Public Service Announcement" (Skit) 0:26 2. "Intro" (featuring Young Miles) PMG 1:38 3. "Gospel Weed Song" Shea 3:35 4. "Fuck Your Life" (featuring Sindee Syringe) Mr. Porter 4:29 5. "Fat Father" (Skit) 1:46 6. "Let the Record Skip" (featuring Young Miles) PMG 2:45 7. "I'm in Love Witchu" Hi-Tek 2:44 8. "Rockstar" Eminem 3:01 9. "Ghetto Music" (featuring Swift, King Gordy, and Sicknotes 4:33 10. "Life Styles" (Skit) 1:22 11. "I'm So Cool" Mike Chav 4:18 12. "Porno Bitches" (featuring Devin the Dude, Big Boi, and Kon Artis) Mr. Porter 4:38 13. "Crush On You" Sol Messiah 2:54 14. "Bad Day" Erick Sermon 5:08 15. "I Need A Friend" Silent Riot 2:57 16. "One Chance" J Thrill 4:03 17. "Hip Hop" (featuring Eminem) Hi-Tek 4:31 18. "Doctor Doctor" (featuring Obie Trice and Dion) Hi-Tek 3:43 19. "Coming Home" (featuring Raphael Saadiq and Kuniva) Raphael Saadiq 3:46 20. "Nuthin' At All" (featuring D12)

    • 80zProduKT

      Gospel weed song was only almost arite song on hiz cd.. cant believe u remebered the entire tracklistg r u serious..??? hez beyond trash listen 2 his simple azz flow who wrote this shyt his son

  • I believe

    I do believe this album is not even a 1....whoever gave it a 1 is giving it credibility...a 1/5 should be a compliment to retarded goofy laughing stock bizarre, so I will give it a 0/5

  • mr_maja

    If I could givBe a zero, I fact the album doesn't deserve a grade. It goes after the name of the artist...Bizarre

  • Jpe-lyrical

    I actually bought the album and I doubt whoever did that review listen to it because eventhough not a classic it is a pretty good album. Bizarre does good, way better than his other stuff plus a lot of the features are fucking great, I just felt it had to many features and they weren't balanced out very well but in general I enjoyed it.

    • Svilen

      me too. though it took Bizarre 3 months to ship it from the USA to my country, Bulgaria. lol


      the funny thing is, no1 has to listen to the album, we just know the guy is bullshit and everyone gets that vibe...bizzare is a barrel of shit

  • d3m0n1k

    Score = 3.....Strictly because he was smart enough to ask Tech to save his ass on a track. Any cd with tech on it deserves at the very least a 3 and if he raps more than one verse, the score goes up. Tech is the reason rap is alive today.


    bizarre is aight not bad for a d12 rapper if you think about it he'd be hotter if he did a track with gucci

  • Kay W

    I liked bizarre in the 2 d12 albums but I would really like to rate this album below zero , incredibly wack , worst album of the decade period

  • sch

    this guy is nothing but a gimmick

  • Sunspect

    I enjoy listening to Emotions


    FINAL GRADE: O/100000000000000000000000000

  • Mr.Crackee

    ima give a 5 outta sympathy.i always felt he fucked up alotta potentionally good D12 songs, so no doubt this sounds worse since its just him.

  • jeremiahftw

    worse than tony yayo.

  • who who

    the song "pussy" is tight though

  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    He just set hip hop back 50 years.... smh.....

  • styles is a ghost

    5 because fatass is gonna get a lot of 1's and you ppl on here never support the good albums ne way so who gives a fuck about the rating

  • HorrorcoreMusic

    Don't forget though. Bizarre is more of an acid rapper, just with a different style. His appeal is more to the Juggalos and Technicians as opposed to hiphop fans in general.

  • Vocab

    4 albums deep, not bad Bizzy. It is what it is though, not diggin this too much, his shtick is wearing thin

  • bizarre is a fuckin piece of shit

    I dont even know why this guy puts out albums, a million clowns like this are killing hip-hop basically

  • Its Um

    why does it seem like bizzare is the only one pushing out albums more than the rest of the group?

    • I_Am_Beast

      I think a Mr. Porter album would be thorough as fuck. Denaun is a beast on the boards, can carry a tune and spit a hot verse now and again. I think if he wanted to do that, it'd be dope. He's stated that his main focus is as a producer, so most likely it won't happen. I'd fuck with a Kuniva album too, dude is underrated. I'm not a huge Em or D12 fan, but I'd still support that shit.

    • JuSSNYce

      Honestly, would you even want to listen to anyone from D12's solo work?? I kno I dont give a fuck about any of them outside of what wouldda been Proof and Em, since they are the rawest out the group.

    • Truly Yrz

      Yeah, where's other members' solos?

  • Jonan

    Hahaha Bizarre FTW His lyrics are way too fucking cool for anyone to handle, he definitely pushed HipHopDX out of their comfort level!

  • FuckDemHaterz

    Why I'm not surprised!? Bizarre has always sucked, he still sucks and he will always suck! I wonder why he hasn't quit's about time!



  • Truly Yrz

    D12 sucks. They always sucked. Ask Jimmy Iovine about that. I expect nothing from this, cause i wouldnt be caught dead listening to this shit.

  • ;;;;;;

    what did you expect from biz though, illmatic? lol if you like bizarre you will like this album if you dont you wont like this album.

  • Swordz

    Terrible review the album is Fire!! 4stars at least - best i've heard form any MC in long time!