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Much like his boxing namesake, former Flipmode Squad and the U.N. emcee Roc Marciano is a veteran brawler amidst an industry of terry cloth-soft nut-hugger jeans wearing techno rappers. Luckily, for those who haven't traded in their Timbs and Polo for Sup

During the 1940s and ‘50s, boxer Rocky Marciano wreaked havoc on any opponent willing to step into the ring, and his record of 43 KOs, six decisions and zero losses showed for it. Much like his boxing namesake, former Flipmode Squad and the U.N. emcee Roc Marciano is a veteran brawler amidst an industry of terry cloth-soft nut-hugger jeans wearing techno rappers. Luckily, for those who haven’t traded in their Timbs and Polo for Supra and Stussy, Roc isn’t pulling any punches on his masterpiece debut Marcberg. Tackling both the raps and the unconventional production, Roc has crafted perhaps one of the most cohesive and most inspired debut Hip Hop albums in the past half a decade.

The Strong Island emcee doesn’t hold back when it comes to his lyrics. Each bar hits the listener with a crushing brute force, sounding like a hybrid of Ultramagnetic MCs-era Kool Keith and Sean Price. His stream of conscious lyricism and complex flows harkens back to the golden era, when emcees brought a certain science to spitting. On the album’s stand-out cut “Snow,” Roc Marcy spits his highly associative bars with calculated precision, saying, “Baby girl, my .45 don’t jam / Al Pacino with a tan / Ghetto casino, rollin’ cee-lo with Vito for nothing under a c-note / Nigga, we still reppin’ the east coast / Reaching for toast like TV remotes.”  But Roc doesn’t stick to just one lyrical mode. Cuts like “Hide My Tears” find him employing a faster cadence, while “Raw Deal” and “Whateva Whateva” find him slowing things down and riding his perfectly crafted beats.

Marcberg is one of those albums that to hit the skip button on any single song is pure heresy. Although the album is entirely grounded in the streets, none of its 15 cuts feel repetitive or unnecessary; rather, each fits perfectly into the larger whole of the album. From spitting about the “white man’s aspirin” on cuts like “Jungle Fever” to more violent and paranoid fare like “Panic” and “Pop,” Marciano keeps it gutter with a capital G. He even delves into more reflective territory on the remorseful track “Thug’s Prayer.” Other notable songs include the blunt cruise-ready “Ridin’ Around” and the atmospheric title track, which features Roc spitting the final verse from the back of a squad car. The only real snag in the album is the final cut “Hide My Tears,” which suffers only slightly from Roc’s off-beat-yet expertly crafted second verse.
As dope as Roc Marcy is on the mic, he is twice as proficient on the boards. Roc had exhibited immense production talent with cuts like “Get Yo Shit” and “Mind Blowin’” from the U.N.’s UN Or U Out, but he manages to step up his MPC game even further on Marcberg. Cuts like “Snow,” “Ridin’ Around” and “Don Shit” are mind sonic masterpieces schooled in the arts of Large Professor and Pete Rock. Other cuts like “Jungle Fever” and “Thug’s Prayer” find Marciano letting the sample do the dirty work, allowing him the leeway to bring the bars. His atmospheric production, although varied in sound and sample, anchors the album in a golden era sound, perfectly complementing his gritty street tales.

In an industry full of copycats and kittens, Roc Marciano is poised to become the undisputed champ. Marcberg is a hard-hitting, unremorseful classic based on the same code of ethics that made the golden era so immaculate. Forget Little Mac; Roc Marciano is the one wearing the title belt.

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  • Anonymous

    this album is pure art right here! from the lyrics to the beats, this is just perfect! Roc Marciano is an absolute beast with the mic device and the production! reminds me of Kool G Rap but a more smoother version haha

  • classic

    This album reminds me of back in the day when you bought a album and the entire shit was dope, longevity type shit, not like alot of garbage thats comin out like all this skinny jean clown shoe lookin ass niggas, this shit reminded me of when i first copped GFKs Ironman back in 96' the whole shit is fireeeeeee, Roc is a beast thats cut from a cloth of that grimey eastcoast boom bap shit, one of the best albums i've bought since ob4cl2

  • Darius Huggins

    This album is a gem

  • PKZ

    Classic 'ish.... "Scarf blowin' in the wind nigga"

  • Anonymous

    Greatest Album in so many years!..

  • Odumu Raphael Odumu


  • De Vaughn

    I'm late to this party, but damn...

  • - keka -

    ??i gave it 5 stars?? this thing is tripping.

  • - keka -

    forgot to rate. if your a hiphop head, you'll definatly feel this album.

  • Leutrim Rexhaj

    This is a great album....but not 5 stars worthy, this album isnt a classic I will say this though, this album is the most consistent album ive ever listened to. Every song is a heater. The only reason this album isnt a classoc though is because there are no songs that stand out as classic worthy. classic albums need classic songs and this album only has one that comes remotely close "snow" I am very impressed at the fact that there is only 1 guest yet we never get tired of roc marciano and also that he produced, mixed and engineered everything by himself

  • effet

    i give dis album a 5... coz niggas is really rhyming and beats match his flow n style... got couple of friends in PARIS with me diggin dat album... he sometimes reminds me the old raekwon. my favourite track is Raw deal...DAMNN...

  • Latina Boca

    Can't put a star on this shit because that's what it is SHIT! All you dumb motherfuckers don't know good music when you hear it. Roc is a has been fuck. There you go that was some dope rhyme. Bitch should change his name to Raggedy Ass Marciano. Half of you is the same person writing non-sensical comments. Check out his earlier music, now that I can understand but just because he has a name from years gone by and you're all fucking sheep you'll take any shit the Roc Fuck will spit out. Listen to something worth listening to and stop being vapid sheep.........Word to all your mothers!

  • DIalect One

    Absolute classic! greatest hip hop album in years...a must have...reppin from australia

  • DJ Soko


  • NYMatt

    I just copped, OMG this is some dope shit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • calico2020

    is it just me or does DX rate every album 4 stars. .. regardless of how nice it is. .

  • franco09

    Shit is hot, beat selection reminds me of some j dilla shit smoootthh! diggin it man. word!

  • Mauberg

    Great album! Will be supporting for sure. We need more of this kind of music right now in the rap game. Marcberg and Distant Relatives = Albums of the year. Support real hip hop.

  • Articulate1

    Roc Marci been ill as fuck with the intricate free association flows! Peep his rhyme patterns on the classic Pete Rock produced, U.N. tracks "Nothin' Lesser" and "Cake" = pure wreck! This is how NY Hip-Hop is supposed to sound.

  • Onkel_Michael

    Great album! "Marcberg"

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Very nice album. Time will tell if it's a classic. I'd like for him to sign with Raekwon's label and get with he and Ghost again on some cuts. Very impressive, man. Has me satisfied (no homo) until the Raekwon mixtape that drops on Memorial Day.

  • Rosstaco

    How is it a "masterpiece," but only rated 4/5??? Haven't listened to it, but it seems like if an album is a masterpiece, and one of the "most cohesive and inspired debut albums in the last half a decade," deserves at least a 4.5/5.

  • rs

    Classic... on some ob4cl, cop it off itunes and get the intrumentals.

  • gdiggedy

    A true solo album not bloated with features, dope rhymes and ill production from Roc himself. Would rate it a 4.5 if possible. Best album i've heard so far this year

  • BK's Finest

    So far album of the year...


    I was dissapointed with this at first than second listen I was like damn ol'boy nice as fuck! third listen I fully understood why some cats were giving this a five. To me its a solid 4.

  • Thats whats up!

    Been waiting for this for a while! Roc Marc is that shit. Good lookin on the album, go support!

  • 212diamondcity

    I cant front Im feelin these joints WOW, Look at this black diamond chain for under $1600, you cant find that ANYWHERE else !!!! Fine men's and woman's diamond jewelry at affordable prices

  • Flashius

    ROCKY FUCKIN MARCE!!!!! 49-0 43 KOs!!! URAH!!!

  • khordkutta

    Word ya'll, okay, okay, consider this bought!!!

  • antiguccimane

    fucking dope album...this is what new york hip hop should sound like...not all these big hat wearing fake glock bussas...bring real new york rap back please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C.

    sounds dope. not a full track list of nothing but dope joints but close. ALC flipped that better. (you should know what joint im talking about)

  • lo godfather

    Whole album is fire and needs to get heard. How can niggas complain when shit like this hits the streets. It's a must cop. Marciano is still an old school new breed coming out full grown as an artist..congradulations!

  • alexdruck

    i would give this album a 5 just based on don shit alone. But yeah the only negative is the "expertly crafted second verse" of hide my tears? really? that one verse that is still "expertly crafted" takes it down a whole star?

  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    Roc was nice when he was with Flipmode. Haven't heard much of anything since, but the way yall makin this sound imma be buyin it along side of Distant Relatives and Reflection Eternal.

  • Master Pee

    Glad everyone seems to like this like I do. The UN album is about as good as underground hip hop gets it's up there with Natural Elements. Some of the best hip hop ever made.

  • junMaf*ckn

    I can't stop bumpin this album. Thankyou rOC mARCY. JOB WELL DONE MY G.

  • Dub_Es

    lyricism - 1. The quality or style of lyric poetry 2. An intense outpouring of exuberant emotion. 3. The practice of writing verse in song form rather than narrative form to embody the poet’s thoughts and emotions in what way is it used incorrectly? Also album knocks hard as fuck. Best of this year so far, probably the best of the past couple of years at that.

  • kpanilaryea28

    cmon hiphopdx this beeatch is at least four and a half maybe even 5! i heard this on itunes fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! i copped it immediately!

  • Rodone Dimbas

    The album of the year... 5 Stars.

  • kush nap

    this album is a throwback. heavy drums, heavy sampling, heavy lyrics. roc marci always been dope. i thought pete rock coulda made a string of classics producing roc marci. roc marciano not only handles the lyrics, he does all the production here. its stripped down, boom bap, seasoned just right. go out and cop this album right now. if you never heard of roc, go listen to busta rhymes "the heist" where roc arguably steals on a prime ghost and prime busta. this album bangin front to back. great storytelling, dope concepts, sharp emceeing. support the kid and put some money in his pocket. its a damn shame albums like this come out to little fanfare nowadays. in 96 this album would be bubbling on every corner on the strength of the music. 5 stars cant wait to see what roc got comin next.

  • carloskabarlos

    Reviewer used the word lyricism wrong. For all you that use that word, its not what you think it means. Lyricism has more to do with the sound or feeling of a word as opposed to the content. Just thought id put that out there, too many people use the word incorrectly.


    Speechless...........this album was that good.

  • Geno The King of Godz

    Not quite understanding how this gets 4 if you call it a "masterpiece" and "Marcberg is one of those albums that to hit the skip button on any single song is pure heresy. Although the album is entirely grounded in the streets, none of its 15 cuts feel repetitive or unnecessary; rather, each fits perfectly into the larger whole of the album." Straight thru bangers, no filler. That sounds like Classic 5X status...I guess 4X's is the pinnacle of HHDX rating system now. Anyways im def gonna have 2 give this a listen

  • Chicasal

    This shit is a classic. I never say that. But i can't give this shit enough props. In the past week i have probably listened to this over 20 times. BUY THIS SHIT! This is a dude to support. Pure fire.

  • Mortal Technique

    I'm buying this shit, and shooting Waka Flocka Flame at a gas station after two listens.