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Lyrics like, "The School of hard knocks / All the scholars turn to fiends / No jobs in the city, all we got is triple beams" are solid lyrics but the subtle changes of delivery between artists, and devotion to the material is what makes Dopeman Music a co

It’s refreshing to hear Scarface’s name mentioned in upcoming releases. It’s even more refreshing to hear the legend's voice over quality, edgy  production. An artist whose catalogue would be the envy of any rapper living or dead returns to his beloved culture with Dopeman Music. His post-Emeritus hiatus aside, Scarface shows that he is still hungry, relevant and worthy of the crowns given to him. Although it's "just a mixtape" in terms of presentation and personnel, Brad Jordan proves that buzz can never duplicate mastery.

Dopeman Music marks one of the few tools Scarface has never used in Hip Hop, which is releasing a mixtape. Conceptually, it follows suit with the title of project. The leader and his latest Facemob spend the album addressing the role of the hood and currency. The 'Mob emcees that Scarface brings along for the go-'round sound deserving to be alongside the legend. Fans will inevitably question whether these rappers are capable of standing on their own. It's not that lead assisting rapper B. James is an outstanding lyricist, it’s that he can complement Scarface's style perfectly. Lyrics like, “The School of hard knocks / All the scholars turn to fiends / No jobs in the city, all we got is triple beams” are solid lyrics but the subtle changes of delivery between artists, and devotion to the material is what makes Dopeman Music a convincing piece of art.

The retail mixtape operates on a respectable level of quality, though not up to par with a proper Scarface album. However, unlike some of past in-between-projects, or unofficial archival releases, Dopeman has some truly breakout moments. “2 the Beat” features a ridiculously addictive hook and dope verses, with an old school approach to Rap songwriting. 'Face reminds us all why everyone from Tupac Shakur to Jay-Z has sought the legendary Geto Boys front-man out. “Get Lost” shows the man’s continued versatility. He remains one of the few artists who can have an R&B hook on a project without it ever compromising himself as an artist. His verse on “Get Lost ” paints a vivid picture of a woman whose lifestyle and age conflict. Its hook is reminiscent of those heard on 2002's classic album, The Fix. The song itself is one of the few times on the project where the Facemob’s inclusion can be counterproductive. Fans long for more verses from 'Face after hearing him open the track with a phenomenal verse, though the rapper teases the listener with a stamp of approval, and "on-the-next" approach.

Lyrically, the highlight of the project is the “The N Word.” Clocking in at a mere 65 seconds in length, 'Face obliterates the beat. It’s the type of conscious lyricism that has lived in Brad Jordan's catalog for 24 years, though he's rarely noted for that thoughtfulness. In just over a minute, the Houston pioneer is able to touch on immigration, the court system, crooked police, and legal hustling. It has immense replay value and 2010 relevance. In light of the Arizona controversy, Scarface spitting, “If you Mexican, they wanna send you back” is a classic example of why the man is so revered. He proves without a shadow of a doubt that he is still able to capture the essence of the common man’s frustration or fear. Whether it’s classics like “I Seen a Man Die” or  “In Between Us” , or tracks like “The Ghetto Report” or “Hustle Game” on Dopeman Music, Scarface remains one of the great voices of our generation.

The aforementioned “The Ghetto Report” is another stand-out. From the unbelievable production, solid verses from Monk Kaza and B. James, plus Scarface's gem, the song may be an update, in terms of concept, to "My Block" , but it's the point-of-view he knows best. Scarface spits the first verse and with lyrics like, “It’s pitiful how they got me doing time / For a crime I ain’t never committed / The bottom line, is I’m a black man, so my S-K-I-N, is my S-I-N / So unless I win, I’ll be headed to a cell in the pen / And when I come home, I’ll go right back in.” It’s a haunting reality that 'Face tackles with eloquence and consciousness. From just an independently-released mixtape, Scarface's mind is at work yet again, like it's all on the line once more.

Dopeman Music gives Scarface another opportunity to be singular in focus while giving other emcees in his crew shine. The content rarely ventures outside of what the title suggests, but 'Face and company deliver it with class and flavor. This project being a mixtape gives the veteran the perfect way to reintroduce himself to the world while prepping them for his next project. Sure there are flaws on the project - “Lyrical Assault” being just one example, but flaws on a 'Face's flaws have always been forgivable, and typical of many of his works. Like previous Facemob projects or even 2006's effort with The Product, Scarface once again proves how much better Hip Hop is with him around, and how good he can make his teammates sound.


  • Shridbad

    Scarface is amazing once again. Every. single. album. Pure gold steam. Rising up and into your lungs with richness. What I think Scarface needs to do is make one final album, one that will be an even greater classic than Illmatic and Ready to Die. In the early 90's, corporations were trying to water down hip hop, and Wu-Tang completely obliterated them, saving hip hop. Scarface needs to show the South what it means to be the South, using that ol' southern style with some ill beats and lyrics, and break hip hop away from the gold digging imbeciles that have dominated the game for the last decade.

  • Markie T

    This shit was alright

  • Mixtape??

    Mixtape? Really? Nah man, this is a full album, not even an EP. 14 original tracks with no reused beats whatsoever? And the shit has a price tag of a "normal" album? Get the fuck outta here with that "mixtape" bullshit.

  • nille webbyrÃ¥

    Face is alwayse dope!

  • Anne

    ~ I have been a fan since jr. high (long time hahaha)....and I think scarface is the most consistantly amazing artist ever!! They just don't make em like him anymore!!

  • IMD.o.p.e.

    Face is a legend, there is little to debate about that! Throw in the fact that he continues to work with REAL artists from the streets is testament to his already legendary status! Lastly this mixtape is Dope as fuck!!! Shout out to Htown from H.P Michigan!!!



  • HipHopBeliever

    i was just average, i thought emeritus was dope though


    this ole ass nigga need 2 quit. shit was wack as fuck.

    • JOEDOE

      nah im fuckin witchu. i aint even heard that shit yet. but he still need 2 quit with his ole rusty ass.

  • Gods_Son23

    3.5/5 to be exact but it's a really good mixtape and worth checking out. Cant wait till scarface's next album.


    Daaaamn this album is tha bomb shit !!! man Scarface still bringing that real shit in 2010 . this is seriously one of the best Scarface records in a minute Beats and rhymes and substance matters

  • AJScarface

    Great Album. Waiting for da next one

  • Prevster

    Legendary.. This man should not be a free agent -I would love for him to do an album with Beanie Sigel, which prolly never.. will.. happen.

  • westpac08

    just listened and this was dope man lol but really this was pretty damn good 5/5 cant wait till his nexx album drops

  • zuzpeqt


  • Double A

    People can make these bull "who's the best rapper" list all they want but as it stands for now and probably forever, 2pac is the the most influential rapper, and the only real rapper who has a legendary status if not mythic spiritual status. And people that keep trying to say who is a better rapper obviously seem to think people are supposed to rap a certain way. Like rapping is some type of math problem that can only be done one way or it's incorrect. My preference of rap happens to be rappers like Scarface who actually are concerned with the youth and pay attention to more things than JUST how much better he is doing that everyone else, how many cars he has etc. Sadly, we are in the worse age of rap. Now that corporations have a stong hold on the genre they can control what music is being pumped out and most these main stream rappers are nothing but talk and image hype. Because once a record label tells you what you can and can't put on your album, and obey like a puppy. You are no longer a artist but more of your companies puppet that they keep happy as long as you remain a icon.

    • tim

      So it's all the record companies (read; white peoples') fault huh? In 1991 that made sense. In 2011, that is bullsh..t. Record companies no longer have the monopoly on making records. Why are we not seeing many more independent Hip Hop labels putting out music online with heart and brains? Why did rap crews with record label contracts like The Roots and Dead Prez never come close to selling as much as Souljah Boy and Lupe Fiasco? I remember when people were getting tired of the KRS ONE's and Public Enemy's , saying "no-one wants to hear that conscious sht anymore". I'll repeat; "no-one wants to HEAR it", not just "no record label wants to put it out". I think hip hop fans and Hip Hop artists need to be blamed for the state of Hip Hop, at least as much as dying record companies themselves, and probably a lot more. Hip Hop started out without any corporate backing and turned into an international phenomenon, before it turned into the commercial whore music we see today. The pioneers had the courage to do what they felt they wanted to do. Either we say the young generation has no heart and no balls, or we say that the young generation of MCs are in fact simply giving young Hip Hop heads what they really want to hear. I think it's probably the latter.

    • MusicFiend

      True ass shit

    • pfunk004

      Double A, classic comment bro...

  • Curtisj

    Damn. This album is bangin' Review should be 4 1/2 stars at least imo, you don't hear a lot of albums that are this dope all the way through, I listened to it once and liked all the songs.

  • hiphopbaby4life

    top 20 1.rakim 2.2pac 3.scarface cube 5.nas 6.biggie 7.kurupt 8.snoop 9.daz 10.too short 11.bun b 12.king tee 13.andre 3000 14.big boi 15.redman 16.ghostface 17.raekwon 18.method man 19.shyheim 20.warren g thats my picks

  • hiphopbaby4life

    top 20 1.rakim 2.2pac 3.scarface cube 5.nas 6.biggie 7.kurupt 8.snoop 9.daz 10.too short 11.bun b 12.king tee 13.andre 3000 14.big boi 15.redman 16.ghostface 17.raekwon 18.method man 19.shyheim 20.warren g thats my picks

  • hiphopbaby4life

    oh yeah!!!!! mind playing tricks on me...please respect the legend....a real ghetto boy done came up n showed the haters this here made in 5th ward. another to add to the collection.

  • deeznuts1

    1. Tupac 2. B.I.G 3. Scarface 4. Jay-z 5. Nas just how i see it......faces catalogue is deep yo...

  • buckeyewu

    No one can duplicate FACE. Anyone that is age 30-40 should have Scarface in their top 10 of all time. Face is one of the few rappers that ever made me wish I was from Houston. As far as the album, the shit is real nice. I can't say I'm surprised because there has never been a Scarface release that I didnt like. Just like Devin, Scarface is going to still make great music without Rap A Lot records.

  • allyfe

    scarface the realest ever from the south in my got to put in work to be a boss point blank.

  • Mr.Cee

    Mista Mista iz back Once Again to show all these Muth@fuck@s how it done! Pure Classic

  • austinb1012

    Pure fire. This truly is pure southern hip-hop. Love it.

  • DaOneRadio

    oops wrong link. Click this one here.

  • DaOneRadio

    Nice too hear Face on some new tracks but the majority of DJ's out there now are pussy's who don't know about struggle so they can't relate and support the tracks. -damn

  • WestsydeChi

    I only expect the BEST from the BEST! FaceMob!

  • always liked this dude

    scarface brings home a 5 always

  • kennyken

    i'm gettin this without a doubt....damn scarface...damn last of a dying breed mayne

  • David R

    The legend returns

  • Hip Hop junkie

    album is fire

  • sdffdfd

    quality piece of work. this is that true shit that hip hop needs... this is soo great.

  • dmface

    Coped the album from itunes and it is fire. The featuring artists, other than young malice from the Product, I am not familar with but they legit. I was upset that I could not buy the album from best buy or another record store. This is the first album I have ever downloaded. But over all face go hard as usual and the beats are tight. Lyricall Assult is on some other level sh** lycially. The N Word is also tight for it to be only 30 seconds long but he gets his point across. I am definitely geeked up for the Habit ablum. I give this 4 stars for sure.

  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    Face is a legend! One of the most consistant MC's in the game. I'm STILL knockin The Fix, MADE, and Emeritus (ALL CLASSICS) in the whip. Face is what all these "rappers" aspire to be! Keep hittin us wit those classics...

  • Marcel

    I like what I hear !

  • Q Tip

    I like what im hearing

  • Muzik kid

    real south hip hop!

  • Geann

    I love Face! He is the Dopest i feel we are moving towards good rap music again.

  • lonestar_playa

    im givin it a 5 awready. Face iz one of my favorite rappers of all time dead or alive so i kno dis tape iz gon' deliver

  • Zion You

    One of the GOATS. I'm buying.


    shit is fucking dope

  • intheknow

    This album will be available online 14 tracks digitally everywhere May 4th 2010 - however the physical CD will not be available until May 25th due to volume of orders. Physical CD has one more song than the digital - In the City - don't be fooled with CDs that show the same as online. Hastings will have the 15 track CD first.....FYE will have an exclusive version with extra songs too. As for the reviewer of this album - on point with most of what he says, however Lyrical Assault - focus groups consisting of old time G's love the song. All versions have been specially encrypted so that if you get a bootleg version you will not be able to hear most of the instruments, i.e. horns etc. In the next two weeks a code will be given out to authenticate that you have a genuine copy and not a bootleg. BTW the code cannot be copied by bootleggers.

    • I_Am_Beast

      How do you know all of this? Do you work for 'Face? Looks like I'll be copping this @ FYE if their version has bonus jawns.

  • Ceazar

    Sizemore how do u feel bout running 4 Governor, u look healthy do 4 as governor, 4 in a house than, u probably could be a President think about tlk 2 Reichert and go have a dinner wit the former first ladies and pls ask u man sheriff 2 sign up for the secret service because it takes a strong person 2 stand behind me.


    Scarface is top 5

  • Mr_Maja

    Face never disappoints. The snippets are very nice and this is a must buy for me outright. Keep doing your thang Facemob.

  • THEREALmyke

    Where can I find this at??

  • oleokinfreed

    solid review for a solid project

  • TomDuzIt

    I'll give it 4 stars too, and i just went trough it in 5 minutes, beats are tight, imma cop it, maybe then imma give it 5 stars