Too Short - Still Blowin'

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Twelve new tracks about what Short's given us over 100 freaky tales about, and the Oakland O.G. manages to make his most authentic effort in over a decade.

There may not be another rapper as successful as Too Short that raps so directly at his audience. His single-syllable rhymes reflect his pimping persona, and even though the lyrics can be predictable after close to 20 albums, he still has that west coast feel-good vibe. It’s truly a testament of his appeal. Short Dog's ability to attack Funk-driven production with a Mack vernacular transcended race and locality. Twenty-seven years into an established career, Todd Shaw is Still Blowin’. This time the artist trades in flipping tapes from his trunk to flipping them digitally, breaking ties with his three decade tenure at Jive Records. Make no mistake about Still Blowin’; Too Short doesn’t reinvent the wheel. He sticks to what made him famous and what he feels comfortable talking about. This is first and foremost about pimping and playing the field. Twelve new tracks about what Short's given us over 100 freaky tales about, and the Oakland O.G. manages to make his most authentic effort in over a decade.

The album begins with “Maggot Brain” containing a sample made popular from Jay-Z's Blueprint bonus cut. Short Dog opens his album fighting off the doubters and employing that signature metronome flow that made him famous nearly 25 years ago.  Too Short gets comfortable on the albums second cut, “I’m Gone.” From the production standpoint it is what Too Short sounds best over, that classic west coast sound. Short reeks of confidence on the track, and sounds as good as ever. It’s throwback cut that mirrors work on Shorty the Pimp. The album then transitions to “I Want That,” which shows the south’s influence on Short. During his brief retirement in the late 1990s, Too Short moved to Atlanta and was inevitably inspired and transformed by the strip club jams. Featuring Lil Jon-esque production, Todd does his best to match the tracks intensity. The end result is decent at best. It’s not album defining, but it’s hard to bash Short’s effort on the track.

Short Dog channels his inner-R. Kelly on “Fed Up,” an allusion to R. Kelly’s hit “When a Woman’s Fed Up.” Featuring Kool Ace, who sings the chorus “When a Players fed up / There ain’t nothing she can do about it,” this laid back joint, which historically Too Short thrives on. This track isn’t much different; Short weaves his narrative within a familiar sound without it getting lost on deaf ears. From there, the album suffers with “Player Card” which features an obvious “I’m Not a Player” chrorus interpolation. The track's vague and awkward similarities to the Big Pun classic make it impossible to shine. The production is one of the poorer efforts on the album as well. The title track is southern-influenced track dedicated to the greenery. It’s a generic effort that will never be mentioned in the breath of Scarface's “Mary Jane” or The Luniz' “I Got 5 On it.”

“All For the Love” is similar to “Fed Up” in sound. Too Short flows effortlessly over the smooth production with lyrics like, “Can I change or will I stay the same? / Will I be serious or keep playing games? / Tonight, I’m trying to see the light? / Is there a woman in here that will be my wife?” The lyrics shows a vulnerable side to Too Short that is often unseen in the hardenered pimp persona. Here, the "Pimpology" penner grows up, something unheard on his last few Jive releases. Although Short has brandished his last "bitch," the soul of man makes for a meaningful moment. The remainder of the album sees mediocre guest appearances and repetitive topics; “I’m a Pimp” and “Checking my Hoes” . The only other real highlife is “Lil Shorty” which features old school Short production and short talking about the thing he talks about most. The hook is a little generic, though appears as though it was radio hit-inspired.

Still Blowin' is a refreshment to the Too Short catalogue. The album has it’s highlights ("All for Love" and "I’m Gone") and some pitfalls ("International Player," "Player Card") but it ends up showing that without major label pressures, Too Short is true to his formula in a way that fans will enjoy. This is not challenging Born To Mack or Short Dog's In The House, but was it really supposed to? As the title suggests, the game don't stop, which in itself is impressive after 27 years of kicking it.


  • Ol' School Way

    I haven't got this cus I still like my music pressed. I want to buy the CD. I'm not going to pay for an album I can't hold. Also, I haven't heard this yet, but I'd love to hear $hort ride a beat again. I'm a longtime fan. I always buy his albums but his last couple of albums it feels like he is chasing the beat instead of gliding along side them, Even though I love tracks like Burn Rubber, that is not really him. I don't know if Ant Banks is still producing but I wish these two would get back together. That was a match made in pimpin' heaven.

  • Renzo rolling

    Short's played out. Should've retired after "Chase the Cat"

  • Drum Machine

    not a classic but i hella enjoyed this album

  • 100Grand


  • ________________

    not as dope as he used to be, sike. he still cold.

  • hiphopscout


    Go buy a KRS-One or Public Enemy record.....



    new music ................tha dirty souf......SHOW US SOME LUV

  • AAV

    I liked these songs "Im A Pimp" "Checking My Hoes" "Lil Shorty" then I read the article and it said these were the only songs that had "old school production", see I know what I kinda music I like, its still that old school feel, so I wasnt suprised what a coincidence it was, its not just the big hits! do people get what I said?

  • Axel Fiedler

    Ah 3.5, what a surprise at hiphop dx…

  • niahiafiheeuy

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  • Axel Fiedler

    Ah 3.5, what a surprise at hiphopdx…

  • kushcloud9

    I don't understand what short's tryna say with this cover art.

  • Really Doe

    Life is too short. This man's career is not. Happy about reading this. Bought it and agreed.

  • gunit968

    my hip hop discography is amazing too many classics to name

  • whaaaat

    nigga, what the fuck you talkin about

  • rap

    mr fan4lifes "My Mercedes-Benz speakers sound flawless with the air blowing and the windows rolled up. Riding by the little broke cats scrambling to get where I am," omg LOL dude are you for real !!?

  • rap

    @ mr fan4lifes "My Mercedes-Benz speakers sound flawless with the air blowing and the windows rolled up. Riding by the little broke cats scrambling to get where I am," omg LOL dude are you for real !!?

  • Mr. Fan4Life$

    Mannn, I own every Too $hort album. I don't goto every concert. But I try to get to one when I can. I will see Short Dog on Saturday here in Houston tho.. Truthfully, the best thing Too $hort could possibly do for his fans at this point is... Go call Pee-Wee and Shorty B and get his old band together from the Dangerous Crew days (the Get In Where You Fit In and Cocktales and Gettin It eras)... I don't want to hear $hort on ATL beats. He made his own brand of funk that was much more superior to that. Go get them niggas and do a tour of nice spots with a fuckin' band! I'd get fly like I was about to goto the Player's Ball and pay $100 to see that. Hell, I paid $80 a seat to see the Goodie Mob reunion. Your fans are still out here. There's your idea, a Player's Ball in every city. A very classy venue, tables, 25 and up, dress code enforced (maybe even a discount for women and couples), a live band with Too $hort doing his classics. Too $heezy was a hit because he knew what his audience wanted all these years. And now he is falling off because he doesn't seem to know how to cater to his audience anymore. I'm not a single man out binge drinking and "one night standing" hoes anymore, and nor do I want to be a pimp or player like in my youth. I'm an established businessman. Some of my friends who jammed Too $hort with me are now Judges, Teachers, and Pharmacists. But I still want to hear some funk to ride to. I don't have subwoofers like I used to. I really listened to you $hort (I should be Gettin It, and I did). My Mercedes-Benz speakers sound flawless with the air blowing and the windows rolled up. Riding by the little broke cats scrambling to get where I am, jamming their Drake and Wayne. When the wifey starts acting up, I need a soundtrack of grown-man shit (with a funky band behind it) to ride to. Pimp C carried the torch for a while, Devin does the trick at times. But 2 $hort is the King of it. What happened to, "What? 2$short got an album out? I'm on my way to pick that up". Then, you peel the wrapper off and it's straight funk! Call the band up: Ant Banks, Pee-wee, Shorty B, Tony T... Put the differences aside. What y'all did together was greater than the minor differences y'all fell out over. It's bigger than individuals. Even you $hort. Subject matter is up to you. But... You did well over the years speaking about what was going on in your community. Along with some of the entrepreneurial inspirations. Add in some of that pimp shit, cause we have alot of soft cats who don't know how to play a real man's role (kinda like Anything Is Possible off of 'You Nasty' album). As I grow older, I look at some of my friends who are married. I also look at the ones who aren't. I truly respect the ones who have women who respect them. The ones who get walked over by their women get laughed at. Some of these rappers are breaking the rules. Now, we are presently seeing the generation of rappers who were raised by softies. You don't have to be a pimp or player to be firm and put your foot down. Long story $hort... Get the band back together and stop making these kinds of albums. Sheit, just do it one more time.

    • Headwrecka

      Ol boy must be an ol skoo cat with a degree, lol.

    • Mr. Fan4Life$

      Oh Yeah, $hort... Almost forgot. I'm sure one of your associates will bring all this to your attention. Because I hear that you aren't into the internet thing. But, remember to think about songs like: "I've been Watching You", "I Must Confess" (especially this one, this is a song that contains unlimited potential!!!)... Basically that live band feel... Pimp C took the "I Must Confess" idea for his song "Hi Side". That live band will trump it all. The grown ups who really grew up on this still love live bands and live instrumentation on songs. Screw trying to appeal to a new generation. The new generation will come when they finally catch up (which is usually late like all legends, Parliament, Guitar Watson, etc.). You were going gold and platinum with little promo or radio play. The fanbase is still there! We just don't have anything we want to buy! Do the market research and you'll find we are still here and we actually buy the records of people we support. We are the one's who actually remember how it feels to buy a tape or cd the day it comes out. Then pop it in and listen to it. It's the new generation who wants everything for free.

    • Atl2Trill

      This comment is on point and spittin wisdom also.

    • Enlightened

      Hell yeah nigga, you got me charged up! Memory lane like a muthafucka. Ay, you need to hit a promoter up and come with that Player's Ball ideal yourself. A proper promoter will cut the check for Short and the Band. I know I would definitely be up in that spot.

    • SirHooha

      Exactly my thoughts for the past decade. I miss shorty B and ant banks. 'Anything is possible' is my shit though.

    • KP

      Damn..That might be the best Comment i've ever read on a HipHop site, Ever! You're absolutely correct tho. The Players Ball shit would off tha chains.. $hort, i hope you take heed to MR.Fan4Life$ advice

    • Macadamienutz

      Wow! Ur totally correct!

    • ......

      nigga... wtf you talking about?

  • YaYouKnow

    Best stuff $hort dawgs put out in awhile. A real refreshing album if you enjoy Too Shorts blunt but always great material