Ludacris - Battle of the Sexes

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Battle of the Sexes is an idea that lost momentum somewhere in the middle of its inception, and the result is a haphazard collection of cuts with no clear direction.

The rumor mill initially spouted that Ludacris’ latest concept album, Battle of the Sexes, would include him trading bars with Disturbing Tha Peace alum Shawnna for the duration of the Def Jam album. Turns out Shawnna is still on the album – unnamed in song titles – plus a small handful of chicks mixed with some dudes to create what sounds like a regular Ludacris album. Battle of the Sexes is an idea that lost momentum somewhere in the middle of its inception, and the result is a haphazard collection of cuts with no clear direction.

Even at its most simplistic execution, calling something a “Battle of the Sexes” would insinuate that multiple men and multiple women were involved. Luda postured himself as the one man standing to take out all of these girls on his album, and he doesn’t even do that successfully, especially when half of the tracks do not even feature women. The opening Intro provides the generic “do the fellas run this”-style chest-beating, supposedly setting the stage for this great battle. The opening song/single “How Low” doesn’t feature a female, but sounds like a splashy spring break track. What follows is “My Chick Bad”, ultimately the best song on the album featuring Femcee of the Year, Nicki Minaj. Nicki delivers as she should on this horror-infused single with lines like "Now all these bitches wanna try and be my besty / but I take a left and leave ‘em hangin’ like a teste(s)." Their giddy verb fight leads into the estrogen-lacking “Everybody Drunk” where Luda and Lil Scrappy sit around and talk about exactly what the title states.

“I Do It All Night” follows where an uncredited Shawnna challenges Luda to an oral sex contest and ultimately loses since he can’t even say her name. “Sex Room” with Trey Songz arrives, a sure to be summer anthem, but unless Songz is playing the female, there’s no woman present. The hook singer on the syrupy “I Know You Got a Man” with Flo Rida doesn’t count either. A pair of Ho’s continues – Lil’ Kim on the suffrage retracting “Hey Ho” , where Kim’s over-animated rhymes make you forget she came before Nicki Minaj, and the dreadfully generic “Party No Mo” with Gucci Mane.

Luda wastes his cousin Monica’s chops on “Can’t Live With You” by attempting to make her sing in that nuvo-Mary J. Blige cadence. The ghost of Shawnna’s past lurks on “Feelin So Sexy” where she anonymously moans all over the track. The only song worth mentioning for the second half of the album is the “My Chick Bad” remix (sorry “Sexting”), where Luda uses up his well of women (Diamond, Trina and Eve) to throw them all on one song.

Ludacris duped the masses with Battle of the Sexes by off-putting the album’s initial concept with swishy party tracks amidst random ovarian song drops. Had this project been properly executed, it would’ve been unstoppable. Even in Luda talk, this album doesn’t touch Theater Of the Mind. Hopefully, Ludacris stays on track for his next project.


  • MusicFan

    This album was rode so hard! But it is left less impressive due to the lack of concept based on the title but its all Shawnna fault. She left before the album was completed and now she is a nobody. The album was still god tho.

  • jimmyrupe

    The review was head on. This album was disappointing, especially after two great albums (Release Therapy and Theater of the Mind), but it's far from his worst. That would be Chicken n' Beer. lol

  • B1GP1MP1N

    You want old Luda? Then listen to his old CDs. Good but not great!

  • ts5000

    this album was originally supposed to be with shawnna then she left DTP so it became a solo everybody rates this album as alright i think its cool its far from bein his best work though back for the 1st time is his best

  • Mattweezy

    Cant decide which album is worse..this or Release Therapy. This album has pooor subject matter, and lacks heart. However it has its bangers tho. Sexting is fuckin hilarious!!!

  • DJ Transition

    Luda is nice but I don't know what happened with this album. I thought Luda was gonna work with Shawnna on the whole album. Trey, Ne-Yo were nice on the album but yeah more females would be nice for the album and other stuff too.

  • kacy

    Check out this awesome Ludacris interview here:

  • word2thamutha

    Had to comment on this one cause its such a damn shame! Perfect waste of what I thought was a dope concept that would make a very dope album. I agree, when Shawna bounced this album should have been put away or at least put on hold. With that thought is it too late for a do over or Battle of the Sexes 2?

  • russellj502

    The review was right on point it think, if the title says Battle Of The Sexes then do it right by having, different male n female emcees on each track. Todays artist n the past, Maybe if he would have done it right it could have been a great album.

  • RhymnDymnd

    that shit was straight garbage

  • RhymnDymnd

    that shit was straight garbage

  • RhymnDymnd

    that shit was straight trash

  • troubleniggggga

    lol harsh review but mad on point. idk wtf happened, but this is probably the first shitty luda album.

  • sever246

    not as bad as i thought it was going to be...but def. the worst album of his catalog

  • juniorrrrrr

    daddy would be proud

  • dumbsmart

    Luda can spit. always can, always will. but this album was made for radio n since i dont listen to that i would give it 1 star but the intro track boosted it to 2. waitin on Ludaversal

  • hiphopscout

  • HiraMane689

    My rating again lol

  • HiraMane

    Look here, I've been a Ludacris fan since dude came out 10 years ago when I was eleven, and honestly, I sorely miss the old Ludacris. People was claiming, "Oh this album is the album he reverts back to pre-Release Therapy Luda" and they LIED. Yea he raps sorta like his old self on here, but I really didn't feel most of the songs. I agree with most of yall comments sayin this album should have been chopped,dropped, whatever because Shawnna straight dipped on him. He should have took more time to work on Ludaversal, and came hard like he always did in the early 00's. This album is OK with some tracks you can replay, and I felt the same about Theater Of The Mind as well. I can only listen to like 5 out of the 14 or 16 tracks on this one. "My Chick Bad" is credibly the best song on this album. BTW, The only song I feel Luda proved he can be in the lines of these "great rappers" is "MVP", the best Post-Redlight District song he has done. If he gives us more of these "MVP" like songs and some OLD Luda on Ludaversal, then shiddd, its gon be the shit.

  • Blazin Caucasian 1/2 man 1/2 amazin

    no faith in his albums.....stick with features on ppls singles. Bout the only time u come right n e more

  • Dj A+

    i think it a ok record for luda stating the time lude is a fun person who like to party talk about women. It the Atl it get a lot of play in the clubs in the Dirty South i love to part i love sexy women SOITGETSPLAYINMYRIDE


    t.i. where are u?

  • Shawarma

    The reviewer is right that the album had sooo much more potential, but even at that it's pretty dope, it's got some good tracks (see "i know you got a man" and "BOTS radio") where luda lays down hot verses. definitely worth a download, and a lot of fun to listen to

  • Fon Z

    album is aight... good songs here n there... I'm still waiting on that Ludaversal! Luda STILL king of the South!

  • tek

    its pretty bad, this is his worst album he ever his classic to this album, u cant, he lost his style

  • santi95eminem

    Not even close... He became just like Lil wayne, a stupid Rock/Pop/Rap or Hip-Pop type of music. Fuck these guys that are trying to change the game in the wrong way. Eminem, 50, Wu Tang (Wu Massacre comin soon) Nas, Dre, Jay-Z,, keep the game real.

  • Seem

    Imagine 3.5 X was my score. This album was a dissapointment in concept but wasn't that bad Luda delivered lyrically I think even if the beats we're ehhhh. I like Luda but he isn't around the greatest but he really wanted to make that push with Theater of Mind and Release Therapy. I guess he needed to make more money so he decided to make a concept album and it's actually a pretty dope concept. Then Shawna bailed so we're left with this. A concept album got turned into a Ludacris "Plan A" industry album: Club songs, Trey Songz croonery, and name drop songs of popular artists. (Gucci, Nicki) Whatever was left of the concept was dropped on the last two songs. It's sad cause this album sounded great when it was announced.

  • illmatikwill

    This album was whack. complete mass produced southern stupidiness. Absolute Garbage!!!!!!

  • kalz


  • It's Um

    I haven't bought but he could have use more girls, there are planty of girls out there to have made this work, I don't know why he didn't, wasn't there time?

  • iceyjesse

    not the same but now that he dropped his album to the girls he gonna drop the heat on his next LP but some of this album was good.

  • salkfdjsalkjflkjsaf

    3 out of 5 is respectable. Ludaversal, we await you.

  • Too Smooth AKA Jkilla

    im a big luda fan and i jus bought the album and i know he could of done better this album is average and a liltte disapointing with this album i dont think he got his point across i think it was just a excuse to make a whole bunch of commercial/sex/party songs on one album i want the old luda back fuck this industry shit hopefully ludaversal come out this year

  • Deebo Detroit

    sold out to the max with this one.. smh luda

  • Deebo Detroit

    sold out to the max with this one. smh luda

  • MusicFiend

    Doesn't hold a candle to Theatre of the Mind or Red Light District. More close to Release Therapy. Not his best but has some banging tracks. Everybody Drunk and My Chick Bad are the top two tracks IMO.


    I agree, a 3 at max. I just copped it and from a sound perspective, this album was mastered to THUMP in the car. His flow is sharp and his lyrics are there. All he had to do was change the title of the album and he would be straight. "Ludaversal" is the LP we need from him and it will probably drop later this year unless this album is a bigger success than expected. Dude needs severe focus, whether it's the wacky raps or serious content if he wants to drop that classic.

  • reset button

    Kind of weak, the whole point of this album makes no sense considerign there isnt at least a female rapper on EVERY song... Also, Shawna is not really on it like previously planned and uhhh, Luda just doesnt excite me anymore...nor do too amny other rappers....damn rap is boring.... But, Luda never putout a traaaaaaassssh album, so its 3 because it bump a lil bit and he still trynna spit!



  • alskjfhaslkfjdh

    This album is at most a 3. He still could have followed the concept theme if he really wanted to. The album title should be different. Other than that, this is a party album and Luda is a trusted brand so he pulls off most of the songs better than the rest of the one hit wonder southerners. BOTS to Luda is what UMC is to Common. I dont wanna hear anything about Luda falling off when he had classic songs on his last album Theater of the Mind.

  • kpanilaryea28

    this cd is not that bad 4 real. yea its commercial but luda pulls it off for the most part. it isnt wack but the beats get a lil generic. at least a three.

  • Gods_Son23

    For an album which had a troubled production period with the Shawnna issues, I think its a reasonable album from Luda that was obviously thrown together. It's pop rap sure, but Ludacris is one of the more charismatic on the mic these days, most of the beats ain't bad and for an album full of sex tracks, it does have a few tracks with a bit of originality. I'm sure his next album will be better though.

  • 112

    Album is dope the review is wack the only people getting over 3 stars on here are jay z and underground crappers

  • Macela

    hell luda was on point

  • toby

    not suprised... the singles on this album sounded really wack

  • ds718

    i got the original version of this album with shawnna its dope

  • John Cochran

    Last Luda album I bought was release therapy, which was disapointed in. Anybody who knows good shit knows that for a concept album to work you have to stick to the concept. Once Shawna sexy ass bounced the album shouldda been scrapped. Luda has no worries though, cause he's one of those artists that can pull out a hot single.

  • aceeee.

    the concept kinda fell off, but it's a dope album. waiting for ludaversal, tho

  • bshit

    i've said it b4 and i'll say it again this nigga been soft. it's the successful artist syndrome(and it's especially worse for rappers). you get some money and you eatin a little bit swagger, talent, creativity whatever the fuck you wanna call it goes out the fuckin window. say bye to "what's your fantasies" "area codes" "southern hospitality". can any of you die hard luda fans honestly say youve felt that energy lately?

  • Reap

    This album is very poor. It should be scrapped, not released. Concept of album died when Shawnna left DTP. This shitty album sounds like leftovers, not really tracks.

  • realtalk82

    Haven't heard this yet just some tracks,and I haven't been crazy about any one of them.Theater of the Mind set the Bar very high now for Luda. I need more full record and albums like that one now! I'll wait for his next REAL album to care!


    trash wtf happen to that move bithch get out tha way luda ??

  • bshizzLe

    Man fuck all da haters!! what the fuck are ya'll doing to make some money?? shit LUDA did his damn thing. YES of course not his BEST ... and yes the concept of the album went in a whole other direction...but at least he still delivered something...and most of the cuts are worth listening too. cut him some slack hes so underrated...ya'll don't know what true talent is..hes the best #1 MC in my eyes...LUDA you king! and LUDAVERSAL will kill all of dem haters just watch! DTP WE IN HURRRRRR.

    • crap in my pants

      You admit that it's not a very good album, but give five stars just because he released SOMETHING? Not really hard to craft a classic these days, huh? Just release something.

    • franco

      you do sound like a groupie. This album is poor. This is a prime example of why luda, as good as he is, is never mentioned in discussions regarding the greatest rappers of all time.

    • bshit

      you sound like a str8 groupie

  • RhymnDymnd

    I had no faith in this record since the moment i heard how low. this shit was straight trash. luda better bring some heat on ludaversal

  • vd

    this review is wack. The only rankings that get considered for a 4 are underground lyricists. I was surprised that Jay-Z got a 4 for the Blueprint 3 on this site (though the album was hot). I'd have given this prolly a 3.5 minimum. Luda's prolly never gonna make that uber-classic album b/c that's not what he does. This album fits Luda's style of appealing to the women, spitting punchlines, and being hilarious. Luda makes most out of the production that contains many unheard of guys that are half-decent. As always, there are a few throw-a-way tracks and some less-than stellar beats, but give Luda a break!

  • JDD

    Some artists just make songs to be popular and sell records, others write their true feelings and put the voice of their souls on beats. I think we know what Luda is trying to do here, and that's simply be on the radio.WACK!

  • Drucifer1983

    I'm a huge Luda fan but this wasnt the move, once Shawna walked out he should've scrapped this project........But, can you really blame him, Theatre of The Mind was great and the numbers didnt add up, cant blame him for going this direction

  • floppydisk559

    yeah luda let me down on this one, I thought he was gonna come out with a whats your fantasy type a song not this shit. 1 star get back to basics guy.



  • ktutegypt

    pathetic excuse for an album... no longer the best rapper alive

  • Bauce

    Knew this shit would suck. Luda stop with the bullshit and go back to making good music

  • slim

    luda is one of the best out if he wanted to he could detroy most of these rappers this album is a compilation not a solo joint and theatre of the mind was straight hiphop

  • H-DUB

    Luda´s Rhymes as dope as usual, but the Beats are pretty boring, i don´t get it....

  • Davdrex Reid

    I personally like the album. Everybody has their opinion. WACK ASS! LUDA FAN FOR LIFE

  • shizzle

    no i dont think its a 5 star album i just dont think it deserves that 2 1?2 so im tryna boost it its dope though if u just want somethin to bump... the beats plus ludas always great flow = a nice cruise to album/ party album...

  • C-arson

    A compilation of party club tracks is what this is, don't judge it like solo LP.

  • rubis2001

    album is great Love every track on it

  • blah

    tha whole album is a compilation album. thts wut is was supposed to be initially but shawnna wanted to be a nappy boy! so he had to add some different folks to tha album. and from wut i have heard these are some bangin ass tracks!


    This shit sucks, I am the RnB King

  • ceazar

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  • dontgiveafuck.


  • Mad55


  • 50 cent

    go kop this niggas record, he shit but still, if he selss i get money cause i own def jam, thats why i got rid of jigga that camel nigga

  • LAfine

  • Murphs56

    Luda's my dude n all...but how you go from Theatre of the Mind to this garbage is beyond me...even he got to know how bad this shit is...He shouldve scrapped the project all together instead of allowing this shit to be recognized as one of his solo albums...the worst one at that

  • Boom Bye Yeah

    review feels right, disappointed badly.

  • Rambo yo

    Album is straight trash... Most the songs don't have shit to do with the concept and they overall should have scrapped this shit once the shawna collabo fizzled out... Ludacris your officially in that snoop dogg territory of once hot but now TRASH!!! kill yourself Ludacris...

    • Rambo yo

      you kids are idiots... First of all this is not his only bad album... Red Light District was straight GARBAGE!!! Hahahahaha this dumbass says luda is "kinda" strong... Nice fucking compliment your a dumbass Ludacris has been terrible since 05 fuck he has a nice verse here and there but fuck so does soulja boy... Your a straight faggot if you try to defend ludacris at this point... How low fucking sucks and a bitch with ass implants killed him on his own song... Shut the fuck up dumbasses

    • UGOD

      I agree with you on the album being a frisbee but... kill yourself luda is kinda strong

    • Rival X

      wtf is wrong with you. its his only bad album. So he still hot son.

    • Boom Bye Yeah

      lil strong, eh?

  • nm504

    this album is kool sounds more like a compilation though