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After the last three years, Lil Wayne can do whatever the fuck he wants. "Can" and "should," however, are two very different things.

Eventually, every great artist deliberately releases an album that his fans don't want. Making that weird album and getting away with it lets a musician feel legitimate, not only by having enough money to take risks, but also having the artistic legs to take a leap and land on solid ground. With Rebirth , Lil Wayne now hopes to embrace the furthest reaches of his imagination and show us all that he’s capable of, but while it’s safe to say that his career will continue to thrive, it will happen in spite of this mistake and not because of it.

Wayne telegraphed his desire to be a Rock star long ago when he began carrying a guitar (though not really playing it) and accessorizing with wallet chains and pork pie hats. Unfortunately, much like a teenager playing in a garage band to impress a girl, Wayne seems to love the aesthetic of Rock & Roll more than the actual music. Most of Rebirth leans towards heavy Pop-Rock that’s only passable if you don’t really listen to it, and only barely then. “Da Da Da” relies on being loud more than good, and while “Prom Queen” tries to sound like it’s about something interesting, it isn’t.

Coming from a region with such a rich history of Rock and Blues, you would hope for Wayne to have a dept of knowledge on the genre that he wants us to think he cares about. Instead, radio-bait like “Knockout” is more Avril Lavigne than Robert Johnson. In his attempt to become a rocker, he’s mistakenly emulated the worst of the genre instead of digging a little bit deeper into something with a real soul. His omnipresent Auto-Tune filter is still front and center, and while you could argue that it has its place in his usual material, here it just feels like more evidence that hasn’t put any thought into what he’s doing.

On a positive(ish) note, Wayne does commit to his concept. This isn't just a Hip-hop record with a lot of guitars—the songs are written, composed and performed as straight-faced Rock. “Knockout“ or “Get a Life“ sound exactly like any number of Top 40 bands, and while he occasionally falls back into rapping (“Ground Zero”) he does mostly “sing.” Of course, just taking an idea seriously doesn't make it good—someone important to Lil Wayne should have cared enough to tell him “no.”

When Kanye West or Andre 3000 took their breaks from rapping, they did so to create something unique and cared-for. Their sincerity and artistry was strong enough to give value to their impulses, even if some fans didn’t understand them. Rebirth, on the other hand, is mired in trying to prove a point that no one was questioning to begin with. After the last three years, Lil Wayne can do whatever the hell he wants. “Can” and “should,” however, are two very different things.


  • Music Fan

    It really wasnt that bad.

  • asher1985

    wayne's most daring album without a doubt. i applaud him for this effort and to me a huge wayne fan i think its one of his best albums, 5 stars

  • Desu-Ops

    This sucked ass on 2 counts- rap & rock/nu-metal. If Wayne was trying to impress the hip-hop heads, dude fucked up. Wayne ain't that great of a rapper (though he's pretty decent) or a singer, especially with that Auto Tune shit- and even worse with his own voice. Eminem at least came correct, but even then, that ain't that good as he used to be. Nicki Manaj fuckin sucks on this. He ain't no Zach De La Rocha or Fred Durst (and he's weak) on the mic. Least those dudes knew how to drop a good verse on the tracks, and if there was singing involved, they made a point of being listenable. If he was trying to appeal to a rock/nu-metal audience, he fucked up there too. It sounds like he's trying to appeal to the Nickelback/generic pop rock crowd, but the guitars & bass ain't that great compared to those bands- and even worse when compared to something like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. The synth lines are kinda decent & remind me of synth pop, and he knows how to get some good drums on this shit. In short, I gotta give him credit for trying some rock, but dude fucked up. Instead of trying to do some poppy Nickelback/Fall Out Boy imitation crap, he should've gone the RATM route, or the Limp Bizkit route & kept a raw rock/metal sound with good rapping & good singing.

  • hiphopdxsucks

    best rapper alive

  • swisha

    Congratulations Lil Wayne on an exceptionally low score.

  • Chali 2na !

    Only 2 good song, and some great beats.

  • jessemp3

    wack album if you were expecting hip hop but hey that man can do whatever he wants. just not my type of music. what he is doing is expanding his music to reach out to a variety of people and expand his fan base. plenty of rap artists have done rock and roll in their careers. not a whole album of all rock songs but some songs. this album was intended for the rock and roll fans and if they like it then he can expand their minds to the hip hop world if they haven't entered that world. now i see a lot of posts about who the greatest of all time is. like i always say it's so difficult to say who is number 1 cause there are different things that you should base your opinions on. some are great at battles, some are great on stage, some make songs that make you cry, some make songs that make you fight. some can tell you a story, some can move you in the club, some just make quality albums and sell millions of records. so how do we judge number 1? well everyone has their own number 1 and everyone has their top 5 and top 10. now this is in no order but as a major hip hop head my top 5 are these artists. remember these are not in order. rakim, eminem, canibus, nas and jay z. ok i have to put talib kweli up there too. ok that's my top 6 right there. great list but most would not put canibus up there but as far as skills and wordplay i have to put him up there. i can't put them in order cause they all continue to make material and one day i could have nas higher than jay z or rakim higher than em or kweli number 5 and then i hear an excellent album or verse and i'm like well you know! anyways i thought i would drop by and throw my 2 cents in! peace hip hop fans!

  • randdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    worst rapper alive 1. dude is a god damn homo 2. his flow is weak as fuck!! 3. some of the worst lyrics in hip hop history 4. no one will fuck with him in the next 2 years, ask some of his producers how they feel about him! 5. im sorry you aint a rock star, you a cock star! 6. this bitch needs to stop taking it up the butt, be it in prison or by birdman 7. young money is the worst collective of rappers EVER! LIL WAYNE GAYEST OF ALL TIME!

  • ::Paxa Pax::

    ::Rebirth:: is tha best Rap/Rock album of tha year. I bet alot trolls are guna be like nuh uh eminem is better or nas or rakim. DEY BORING!!!! sukk on my big RAWK DIKK

  • AJScarface

    fuck This fake ass Nigga! he trying to kill hip hop. if you like this album you prolly in high school with a pussy for a dick!!!

  • Steven81

    If a could give this a negative number i would. Lil Wayne sucks as a hip hop artist now he is trying to be a rock artist? LMFAO. Im a venereal disease like a menstral bleed- Wayne. Lyrically im infinite like possibilities, but you dont have the capability like infertility-Immortal Technique. First off, a woman's period is not a VD. Wayne is a stupid FUCK. Tech on the other hand is a true lyricist

  • Lil Pax

    Dis is tha best yet from Wayne!

  • Androom3004

    Not the best album he has ever released for sure, but i can't hate on wayne for wanting to step across the boundaries of rap into a different genre. Not just any rapper could get away with this and it just speaks to the huge talent that is Lil Wayne! For all of you haters out there, he will release Tha Carter 4 next year and you'll be all over his jock again!

  • QUEEN REAL (SoSweet)

    I like the album. No it isn't exactly original, rock/rap has been in the mainstream for a minute, but Wayne definitely put his stamp on it. Auto-tune is a bit overused for my taste but it didn't make me wanna stop listening. Wayne is definitely brave for doing a complete album that is quite different from most of his work. I applaud the effort and some of the nice lyrics you can find if you actually LISTEN without prejudice. Most people who diss Wayne, regardless of what he comes up with, will (as we see so intensely here) shit on this release, but if you can recognize what Wayne came up with, you'll probably see that it really isn't bad. There are about two songs that I will probably continually skip but that happens on practically every Cd I own. Some songs I just can't get with regardless who the artist is....... For the people who can't express their OPINION without portraying someone else as a "dick rider" or "hater" please grow the hell up! The way you feel about this or anything else, regardless of who agrees with you, is not the right way or the only way, so please learn to respect the opinions of others instead of being insolent (for the less educated let me explain that this means to be aggressively disrespectful). Lastly, I can't understand why people keep putting Big in the top 5 of their all time best rappers' list. What was so prolific about him? He was definitely charismatic and had a nice flow but the lyrics weren't that awe-aspiring to me. The same goes for Jay. He is successful and I admit I like a lot of his music but…..the greatest…well maybe if you look at it from a numbers standpoint and not regarding artistic or lyrical prowess, although his earlier stuff had much more lyrical value than the present. People always praising the underhanded shady stuff he does but are so quick to damn another artist who openly dislikes the dude…..that sounds more like dick riding to me and even he has made reference, in song and interviews about not wanting any part of that……Maybe somebody can explain it all to me, intelligently.....

  • gdolla

    sucks wayne go be a salesman go cop ludacris battle of the sexes in stores march 9th!!! make it number one get 3 copies its worth it ...i swear its da old luda!!!!


    lmao, fake bl52d wanna bee, no talent havin a$$. bring bacK gillie 2 rite his shitt

  • CWill

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Its the lean that fucked him up.... and the fact that gillie aint writing for him


    Hip-Hop made you Weezy. Don't turn your back on it cuz the Rock World sure AS HELL won't want you. Other than the Em joint and one or 2 others, this Disc ain't gettin NO spins round here! DOA (Death of Auto-Tune) Salute!!! +1

  • Lee

    Basically if you love music and mainly hip hop this album gives a much better look at what a rapper can do, rather than Kanye's last album full of auto tune. This is a fresh album for the car and at home so stop hating..

  • jskeeze

    bro i have a whole different opinion about this album it's hot nobodys doin this rite now people are afraid to open theyre eyes and see the wats actually goin into the music....flatout its hot good shit lil wayne...

  • Gena

    This is the most disappointing CD from him yet. Didn't we learn from Kid Rock that this doesn't work? Looking at Lil' Waynes lyrics alone can make you realize his songs are a lot of nonsense, but this is beyond that, it doesn't even sound good... Sorry Wayne, no mainstream radio time for you.

  • am alive

    If only I could give negative one star...


    aint nothing about this cd ill

  • TDG62

    HipHopDX if full of haters man i swear ',:\

  • best rapper alive

    its not for Rock fans...its for lil wayne fans.

  • C4

    its not for Rock fans...its for lil wayne fans

  • TheWolfWhoprotectswolves

    @NY+ What? I think you need to redefine your definition of rockstar from the cliche 70s/80s shit. If Lil Wayne was going for anything on this album it had to be some crappy ass radio rock musician, Like Nickelback, or something. Lil Wayne needs to stop, for a fan of underground hip-hop, and as a person who listens to rock more(classic rock, indie rock, punk, hardcore) Lil Wayne does a banged up stereotypical and cliche vision of rock, and not even the songs, people say drop the world was good, to me yeah, only because Em made it and the song was aggressive. But this isn't rock, this is another attempt for Lil Wayne and his cronies to try and sell black kids some faux image rock persona. Give up Lil Wayne, drop Carter 3 and stop all of this white boy shit, cus man you killin it in a bad was, that codeine is really fucking wit you boy. All this album is, was a attempt to have his 808s and if failed, sorry Wayne, stop the autotune shit and get back to rapping(which I still really don't care for from you). And to the people saying, that this could have been his cross over to rock fans... Who? Surely you don't think rock fans are dumb enough to pick anything up by Lil Wayne labeled under rock, yeah, he probably could've got a few Nickelback fans to pick this sorry shit up, or a few Fall Out Boy fans, but any real rock fan would pick Rebirth up, laugh and wipe their ass with the cover art.

  • Bruce

    I figure... ahhh.. another five years and this mianstream media shit will die and some real music will show through. Ya, about 4, 5 years. Don't buy it, download it ahahhahhaha

  • totally baked

    the rebirth is goin' 2 kickass its like my birthday hu huh hu hu my favorite person is doin' my favorite thing wayne and rock hu hu hu if you say it slow hu hu it rhymes

  • KaseemBanks

    word as bon this wuznt that gud. i really hoped that wayne would do gud. but this disappoints. "On Fire" had the potential to be a good rock song, but the auto tune and stuff fucked it up. and "Drop The World" is more of a rap song that rock song. i dnt really listen to rock music but i kno wat isnt rock music. this nigga needs to never make a rock album agian....PERIOD

  • spense

    here goes that 3 pack of DJ Spen$e freestyles, in order; Chain Swang, Nov. 18th, Satisfy You. All freestyles off the top of the dome as usual.... ..... .....

  • Hmmm

    For those of you who think we're just mad at lil Wayne for some unknown reason understand that EVERY SINGLE REVIEW for this pathetic excuse of an album has been bad.

  • NY+

    It's just not good. It's not hating. It's just not good. It would have been better if: 1- An actual band play music, and not beats. This is a rock album, where's the instrumentation? ..And not just that phony on the music video stuff. 2- No auto-tune. Auto-tune is something we've heard from Wayne countless times. It's not fun anymore when he does it. His own voice would have done him a much greater service, which I thought he was going to do. For all the coolness 808s & Heartbreak brought, it really f*cked sh!t up. 3- This is rock, not rap, right? So why so much rapping? Drop the World was dope, but every other track is rapped the same or atleast written and performed in a rap-style cadence. Would've been cool if he sang. 4- He missed a chance to really cross the lines and reach out to "real" rock ' rollers and collaborate with them. I think, no, I know this would've turned out much better if he linked up with some Rock vets. They like all the same things; fast cars, porn stars and weed. Drop the World is why I gave this a 2/5.

  • ZeTroof

    luckily the rest of the world is not as overly critical as us "internet thugs" and "hiphop bloggers" and just enjoy most music for what it is instead of ripping it apart making it impossible to enjoy "anything." fans are really whas wrong wit the game most artists afraid to take risks. I'm not a huge wayne supporter but I know that when I'm out wit my people and we puttin one in the air, we aint worried about being CRITICAL of shit... learn to just enjoy the music for what it is...wayne was never meant to be the most substance infused rapper...he was just meant to blaze some weed up to and zone out....well this album at least... I guess hatin cant be stopped...but while yall are on these sites hatin on new music, the rest of us will be out partyin wit bitches listenin to waynes shit and havin a good time...yall forget how crazy females go over wayne...

    • Hmm

      Fun fact, EVERY review of this album is bad. So according to you EVERYONE on the internet is an "internet thug" or a "hater" or whatever lame ass catch phrase you over use anytime your favorite rapper gets a bad comment?


      Mr.Zetroof............ NO, we forgot how crazy YOU go over wayne. What are you? A wayne stalker? Damn man you sound mad as hell. I think his album will suck big time but sense every time people express how they feel about something, their automatically HATERS, i'll just sit back and say i like it. And the next time Soulja Boy or E-40 make a song i want you to "learn to just enjoy the music for what it is" even if its beyond unenjoyable. So don't let me see you EVER comment on a song or album saying you don't like it because then you'll not only be a "HATER" but also you'll be a hypocrite. I hope we understand eachother Zetroof. "M.L"


    Immortal Technique Tecn N9ne Rakim Bun B Vinnie Paz Thats a list bitches!!!



    • Rob DeizeL

      MAnnnn Yall Both Dumb.Lbs Jay z is Weak As Fuck ......HIs Hole Career Started From Pac n biggie death when they was alive his rappin career was dead as this nigga was rappin in jamacian.lmao and wayne thaat nigga listen to No Ceilings ............

    • crackiswackbutheroinisdope?

      im not over reacting or anything but id really like to know what you base this on. i mean yeah jay-z's career is basd on incredible talent that he slowly changed to a less respectable one. back in the day jay could flip a verse, kill anone on it, he could spit fast and multi-syllabic rhymes he was a dynamic rapper in his prime and i think was aorthy enough to go toe to toe with nas. but now his albums are comepletely about himself and they are purposely made to make money and nothing else. of recent, nas and jay-z have been been slowly going in different directions nas is putting out amazing albums as a whole and then jay i just dont know. blue print three highly anticipated and you expect him to "go back to basics" it was bascally a dissapointment


      Mr.Bloggers......................... Now why would you say something so foolish? 3 throwaway albums? I won't even ask you which ones. STOP THE PRESS. You are out of control. Jay-Z 2nd on your all time list? WHAT? Jay-Z better than T.I? TODAY? You got alot of explaining to do Dutch! "M.L"

  • DR Jam

    Did he menage to include auto-tune again? the main sample with the "she's on fire" hook is actually good. But everything else feels... well, tasteless cuisine.

  • Hmmm

    These comments are so stupid.. People can't leave negative or positive comments? Isn't that what the comment section is for? We have some logical comments we have some dick riding Wayne and we have some dissin Wayne...that's how almost every review is

  • Petey Pete

    One and a half months into 2010 and I’ve already found the frontrunner for worst album of the decade... There are many problems here. Firstly, Wayne is a subpar guitar player (exhibit A). Secondly, he can’t sing unless he has autotune (exhibit B). Thirdly, autotune and pop punk over a 55 minute duration is like downing a suicide cocktail of all the leftover drinks at a party in one go. Fourthly, this shit is neverending at 55 minutes. moment in thThere is one is album that doesn’t totally suck. Eminem turns up and is actually half-decent! Once his verse ends though, the dogshit force-feeding continues. There’s still 6 more tracks of this shit. In a way Eminem almost makes this record worse as he provides false hope that things can’t get any worse. Eventually, it all becomes a psychedelic blur of Lil Wayne’s autotuned gargling over clusterfucks of guitars and occasionally him practically screeching until all of a sudden this fucking record stopped. My hyperbole can’t describe how awful this album is. Bangs, Soulja Boy, and Nickelback could form a rock supergroup, and the results would be better than this shit. At least it would be funny. This is just pathetic. Plus, some people will actually buy this thinking it’s good.

  • Different doesn't mean good

    This is album is proof that different doesn't mean good. Between Wayne's odd production, or his poor attempt to combine different rock styles into a mix of terrible produced mess. This album is bad. Going into Rebirth I was one of the people who said "Don't judge until you hear it" and now that its here, the outcome is this trash. Its obvious he was making this album soley to be different because the HipHop focused songs are the ONLY good songs. Whenever his auto-tune voice stars singing to poor rock beats its hard to sit through his songs. Look, I WANT to like this album but I just can't. I WANT to say because he's not ususally on the rock/pop songs I can justify it being bad but this is embarrising album. Almost all of my friends are lil Wayne dick riders and they can't even justify this mess. THAT'S saying something. No Ceilings>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rebirth.

  • stanleyJ

    bestrapper alive ,,best rock album ever made fuck all haterz outta

    • The.Watcher

      @Malcolmecks Atmosphere Eyedea Cage El-P Mr. Lif Murs Aesop Rock Brother Ali Little Brother Afu-Ra...... ...Just some more rappers for your list.

    • crackiswackbutheroinisdope?

      hah sarcasm anyone?

    • MalcolmEcks

      You can go ahead and swallow Lil' Wayne's cock gravy all you want man, cause there will be another mainstream artist that everyone thinks is "best rapper alive" by the time Lil' Wayne comes out of prison. You know it and I know it. Here's a list of people you need to listen to if you actually don't want to get laughed off of this site: Chino XL (Master of Metaphors) Kool G Rap (Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper) GZA (The Genius) Vinnie Paz (Uncut Raw) Immortal Technique (Intelligent Hip Hop) Ras Kass (Lyrical Monster) MF DOOM (Unique as it gets) R.A. The Rugged Man (He's lived it all) If you listen too these guys and still think that your beloved "Weezy" is the best then just do Hip Hop a favor and never pick up a pair of headphones again.

  • Chema1224

    I love that sound... and... Drop The World is crazy...

  • weezy f

    rebirth is amazing. shows us that weezy is more then just a rapper and the whole album is just art and lets us know that weezy is a poet. 4 real, cant understand why yall are hating on him. let him do his thing, goddamn he`s good!

  • iamizzo

    Uh. Jay-z Andre 3000 Eminem Lupe Biggie and..................Slaughterhouse

  • The man

    Newsroom / DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico youtube it!

  • icu ucme

    by the way........................... 1. 2-Pac 2. Nas 3. Jay-Z 4. Biggie Everyone else is still trying..........imo.

  • JiiiMiiiG

    i love lil wayne. and i love rock music. but this album is awful. i think lil wayne has the potential to make a great rock record, he has that kinda voice that could pull it off, i think he demonstrates that on "ground zero." but almost every other song on this album is crap. ps. he ain't the best rapper alive, that crown goes to black thought!! lil wayne would get destroyed by him in a battle

  • moh112

    album's gonna push 140-150K in the first week

  • SuperDopetastic

    Lil Wayne is NOT rock.Not even the Rock crowd will buy into this.This album is a complete fail.

  • Charles ExSavior

    Worse than 808s and No High Notes... errm Heartbreaks AND BY FAR worse than Mos Def's The New Danger. Funny this is I expected this to happen... Rock mixed with Autotune was a horrible idea to begin with.

  • dioortigas

    pretty dope album, the concept is different, and its an acquired taste for you to actually like it, you gotta listen to it more than once to appreciate 1 track, but all in all for me this album was pretty dope for rapper getting on a rock album. keep doing ya thang weezy, besides these haters arent getting paid for shit like you

  • wu-fo

    wu-fo baby back on da block im tired of wayne where da real tribute to pimp-c wu-fo still fucked up over dat. and where da greatest rapper alive b-gizzle yeah wu-fo. anybody seen dat new jackie chan movie. wu-fo baby yeah , yeah ,yeah

  • d_weezy08

    Turned Out To Be Pretty Str8! Cant nobody say its weak cuz wayne got yaw Listenin To Rock To Say Tha Album Means You Listened To A Whole Rock Album For Like 97% of yaw, yaw aint never listened to a whole rock song yet along a album, WAYNE GOTTA BE DOIN SUMTHING RITE!

    • RaiderSellsAll!

      Maybe he should make and album about spelling and proper grammar, to teach your dumb retarded ass how to use correct English.

  • Shaolin_Dolemite

    One of the worst albums I've ever heard. Turn this shit off. Throw it away.