Birdman Says Lil Wayne Is Better Emcee Than Jay-Z

Birdman says there's no way Hov is number one in the game because Weezy "makes more money."

Bryan "Birdman" Williams [click to read] is expecting an abundant amount of success in the upcoming months under his Cash Money umbrella. He said in an interview recently that the label will release ten albums (including Drake's Thank Me Later, Wayne's Rebirth and The Carter IV, and Bow Wow's forthcoming CD) and that he is striving to have each of them fill up a spot on the top ten music chart. Although the idea of Cash Money monopolizing the entire top ten chart may be a stretch, the second portion of the interview was even more interesting. Baby spoke on Jay-Z's MTV crowning of "Hottest Emcee in the Game" [click to read], calling the music television channel wrong for its choice.

"I don't think [Jay-Z] is the number one emcee in no kind of way," he told Tropical TV. "Wayne's the best. He do the most and he make the most money. I don't think no nigga in the business make more money than us. How can you be the best if you don't  make the most money? And you don't do the most? Lyrically, come on man, be for real, can't nobody fuck with Wayne...if you number one and you ain't getting no money it don't mean nothing."

One may wonder if the Cash Money CEO's implication is that Jay-Z, who co-owns the Nets, the 40/40 Club, and who is one of the biggest entrepreneurial figures in Hip Hop, is actually not making much money compared to Lil Wayne. Equally as noteworthy, Baby expressed his belief that lyrical skills don't matter if an emcee isn't big in the bank.

"To me, it's 'who's making the most money,"
he continued. "That's number one to me. Fuck all that rap shit. They got cold rappers you never even heard. Then they got niggas who really can't rap and making money. It's about whose making the most money to me. I don't give a fuck about the rest of that shit. Maybe other ones do, but if you making money, that matters to me."



  • Will

    He's not a business man; he's a business, man.

  • Brandon DeLaurentiis


  • domm

    this is the part of rap that embarreses me unintelligent uneducated ignorent dicks like birdman talkin about wayane makes the most money does this guy not know that jay z is one of the three most financialy successfull rappers along with puff and 50?

  • Suge

    Recognize game. Why yall even asking this mark Birdman "Aka Salad Tosser" about rapping. Fool dont know nothing but kissing his booboo on the lips all day. I wonder what else they be doing. Do they sleep in the same bed?? I wonder did Birdman fondle Wayne when he was younger to have some dude who's only a few years older to act in a homo way.. On the strength of that I cant co-sign nothing they do. That aint normal. By the way lil homie, Wayne you aint no Blood. You playing like its sweet. Come to Compton on some cuz $#!t and get dealt wit.

  • DrakeisFrake

    The kings of hip hop during the 90's are the best emcees... Nas, jay, Snoop,BIG L (RIP), Biggie (RIP), Pac(RIP), wu tang, Big Pun (RIP) dmx (yes, ppl, he was the shit back in the 90s)... and many more When Wayne was shitin on cash money diapers, and Frake was trying to be a actor for NICK JR... It's obvious to say, thats where they learned to flow... How can a rehab candidate be better than a rapper turned well respected entrepreneur? How can a actor turned rapper be taken seriously? CASH MONEY RECORD LABEL IS FULL OF SHIT

  • Chris Jaylen Kinn

    Jay-Z makes more money than Lil' Wayne. Last year, Jay-Z made $63 million, while Lil' Wayne made $20 million. This YEAR, Jay-Z made $37 million, while Lil' Wayne made $15 million. DO Y'ALL FACTS...

  • JADatsyuk

    LOL, do the most and make the most money. What the fuck? 1st of all, it's quality over quantity, that's the first rule dumbass. 2nd, make the most money? good one, Hov and Bey got more money than you.

  • Anonymous

    k, birdman's the biggest idiot. Frikin compare their best albums. Fuckin Tha Carter 3 is garbage compared 2 Reasonable Doubt. Jay's worst album is better than weezy best album.

  • Anonymous

    wait, didnt Diddy make more money than lil wayne like the last 10 years in a row? so diddy is a better rapper that wayne... Birdman is the dumbest nigga ive ever seen or heard. have u seen that tats on this niggas face? he clearly doesnt think before he does something. as for what he said about rap, shit is pathetic. YMCMB crew are ALL SELLOUTS. All they do is go with the trends and try to make music for highschool girls. MONEY AINT EVERYTHING

  • fedced

    Add fedced next time u make a list

  • fedced

    Dis dat nigga fedced lil wayne aint got nothing on jay z or me

  • fedced

    and who is fia? igot a clue but shit shysty.

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