Shortly after the release of Kidz In The Hall’s 2008 album The In Crowd [click to read], the duo is ready for the release of their next album entitled Land Of Make Believe.

“The Land of Make Believe is different things for different people,”
explained Double-O. “For us it is the space between where we are now as artists, and where we feel we should be. It’s the idea that until you actually get to your destination or goal you have to act like you are already there.”

Kidz In The Hall
’s last album, The In Crowd, propelled the group into the spotlight and they were featured on networks such as BET and MTV.

Land Of Make Believe will be released on October 13.

Following the signing of rapper Red Café [click to watch] to Bad Boy, Diddy and Akon are partnering up for the Brooklyn rapper’s debut.

“He brings tracks in that he feels my voice would marry,”
Red Café told MTV’s Mixtape Daily. “As well, I bring in what I been doing. He fell in love what I been doing already. The city fell in love with what I been doing already. So we don’t wanna change that. It’s a little of both.”

Red Café has already released the mixtape Welcome To Bad Boy and a follow-up to the mixtape is already in the works.

Following the death of Slum Village member TitusBaatinGlover [click to read] over the weekend, the members of Slum Village have decided to donate the proceeds of their upcoming album Villa Manifesto to the family of Baatin.

“We are going to hire an independent CPA to track the sales of Villa Manifesto so that money can get to Baatin’s family and the appropriate parties,”
RJ Rice founder of  Barak Records told “It’s not going to be stopped and we are not going to pull a bunch of “I.O.U.s’ as the record label…Mrs. Maureen Yancey [J. Dilla’s mother] raised all three of the group members. Jay Dee was an instrumental figure and founder of Slum Village. We don’t want to see Mrs. Yancey struggling, so we are going to do the same for her.

In 1998, Rice founded Barak Records to give artists, including Slum Village, a platform to release their music.

Villa Manifesto will be released on September 22.