Tech N9ne Signs Brotha Lynch Hung To Strange Music

The Sacramento "horror-core" legend links up with one of his respected peers, at work on album.

Two pillars of cult-followed independent Hip Hop are crossing paths. It was announced this morning that Sacramento Hip Hop veteran Brotha Lynch Hung [click to read] is signing to Kansas City seven-figure sales titan, Tech N9ne's [click to read] Strange Music.

The signing reportedly happened through Strange Music VP Dave Weiner, the same man who united Master P with Priority Records in the early '90s. "There’s an incredible synergy,” stated Weiner. “Every Tech fan knows that verse [“My World”] and is wondering what’s going on with Lynch.

Brotha Lynch Hung found success in the early '90s with the controversial Black Market imprint. Distributed through Priority Records, the rapper has often been described as "horror-core," due to his frequent references to murder, cannibalism, and violence. Rappers including Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne have all cited Lynch as major influences.

He is at work on Dinner And A Movie, his next album. Recently, Strange Music released Tech N9ne's Sickology 101: The Study Of Being Sick [click to read], which debuted in the Top 20 of Soundscan.


  • g

    brotha lynch comes off that sicc shit an tech nine gots tecniqe an styel to hate on what both of them came up on is just insane lynchs lirics with techs rythm is da shyt so stop hatten you know what i mean

  • psyco

    ok look if you dont like lynch fin e . but to say hes fake !!! well think about it if he did just one of the things he raps about he would get life . its music very well put together music. if you cant do what he can you cant say anything if you havent writen that meny albums then shhhhh rest in pices lol

  • spydah

    im brotha lynch hungs daughter n ii thiink hiim siigniin wiit tech was dope as fuck iif anyone has anythiing to say emaiil meeh


    brotha lynch n tech r the best combination for this rap shit,, i'm telling u people r getting to know the underground,, they're a big influence to me, i would appreciate if u checkd out my stuff n if u gave me tips on becoming better, click on the link

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