Baron Davis Screens Crips & Bloods: Made In America To Congress

Exclusive: NBA star Baron Davis shares with HipHopDX the importance of presenting truth about gangs through his groundbreaking film.

Yesterday (May 6), NBA star Baron Davis and others traveled to Washington DC to screen the film Crips & Bloods: Made In America to members of US Congress. Davis was a producer of the film, airing on PBS, and available for DVD sale by Verso Entertainment.

Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Stacy Peralta (Riding Giants and Dogtown and Z-Boys), the film chronicles the migration of African Americans to California in the post-World War II era, through prosperity, to the economic and social challenges that led to the surgence of neighborhood organizations, which would become The Crips and The Bloods. The film is narrated by Forest Whitaker, and also produced by Beef series creator QDIII, along with Davis.

The Los Angeles Clippers star, who frequently associates with Hip Hop artists such as The Game [click to read], told HipHopDX earlier this week about the importance of presenting his film before Congress. "If this kind violence were happening in the Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills, you can believe the resources necessary to change things would have been brought fourth. But it's almost as if because its in the inner-city, the cycle is allowed to persist. It's my sincere hope that this film will bring awareness to the problems, and shows members of Congress what is really needed to make a change.



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