Funkmaster Flex Threatens To Ban All Interscope Artists

HOT97's Funkmaster Flex expresses indifference with Interscope Records and explains plans on banning every artist on the label.

Tuesday night (April 21), New York deejay Funkmaster Flex made a sizable threat on his HOT97 radio show. According to Flex, he plans on banning all Interscope artists from his show.

Throughout the broadcast, Flex made several references to an employee at Interscope Records whom he referred to as Nino.

“Like I told you, Interscope Records is a label,” Funkmaster Flex explained on his show. “They have G-Unit—they have 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo. They have Akon’s label too…A lot of your favorite artists New York, but let me tell you something. That label is trying to make some decisions. Nino, let me tell you something Nino. New York, I’m talking to a person who makes decisions. Who does things up there moving funny style.”

Flex then went on to explain that he will no longer play any music from artists on Interscope unless changes are made.

Interscope Records, nothing is spinning…I take pride in how I’m gonna do this movement,” Flex explained.

Flex even urged 50 Cent to leave the label telling the Queens rapper, “From what I understand your deal’s up at Interscope. We got you. I’d walk out that building after that. Let’s do it, let’s do it.”

If Flex’s boycott were to in fact happen, major artists such as Eminem and Dr. Dre will no longer be in Flex’s rotation.


  • james

    Dr dre,eminem,kendrick lamar.LEP bogus boys,will i am,black eyed peas,cassie,chief keef,doe b,keri hilson,fergie,french montana,hit boy,mike will made it,mgk,rico love,maroon 5,no doubt(gwen steffani),school boy q,slaughter house,timberlan,robin thicke,kesha cole,mary j blige,audio push,charli wilson,common,the roots, aftermath,mosley music group (timberlands label),shady,badboy,tde know if u include old music like tupac,game,snoop,50 cent,g unit, and others that they still own music to plus the stuff that dre or mike will or will i am produce under interscope then what the fuck is flex gonna play not to mention there are alot of ny rappers that havent signed what if troy ave signs under interscope or dipset comes back under them they make to much money to worry about flex not playing them cus i bet envy and angie at 105 will have no problem droppin new shit from them wen 97 wont. If flex has a legitimate beef and its worth it you wanna make moves like that stop bein an asshole link up with other stations across the country that are big enough to do it with. But it wont happen cus he thinks he is the god of radio and westcoast radio stations show mad love to there artist and most of the new cats are signed to interscope one way or another.

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