Trick Daddy Refuses Treatment For Lupus

Exclusive: The King of Miami tells DX, “I ain’t taking no medicine.”

A week ago today (March 30), Miami rapper Trick Daddy revealed during a radio interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show that he has been suffering in silence for years with the disease Lupus [click to read]. 

Late last week, Trick candidly spoke with HipHopDX about his battle with the life-threatening autoimmune disease, revealing that he has abandoned treatment necessary to successfully stave off the Discoid Lupus he suffers from potentially spreading from damaging his skin to ravaging internal organs [click for additional information].

I stopped taking any medicine that they was giving me, Trick told DX, “because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects – dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.

Trick was initially using expensive prescription sunscreen to protect his skin (that he explained was “greasy or oily and uncomfortable”), and taking cortisone shots to treat lesions that appeared on his body.

If there’s one thing I want people to know, do not accept those steroid shots for [lesion] flare ups,” said Trick of the cortisone injections. “They leave scarring. They leave indentations in your skin. Trust me. I used to get these shots in my face and in my beard. So I let my hair grow…’cause the breakouts are in the hairy areas more so than other [areas]. So I [grew a] beard, [but] after awhile I was like, ‘Fuck it, I’ll just shave…’

In addition to using prescription sunscreen, taking cortisone shots and additional medications, Trick was told by his doctor to alter his lifestyle in ways he has found difficult to do.

We ain’t gon’ ask that question,” Trick gently replied when asked if he had stopped smoking – an activity that can expedite the appearance of skin lesions. “Just pray for me. Help me help myself so we can help others.

Clearly, Trick’s primary personal focus is educating the masses on the form of Lupus he suffers from, a condition that can include symptoms such as the aforementioned lesions, damaged hair that can eventually stop growing, and chronic fatigue.

With my friends I joke about me having to always look in the mirror and make sure my face ain’t too fucked up,” said Trick of how he copes with his own symptoms. “Or, I joke about me forgetting that I can’t go outside with my tank top on… I learned as a kid to joke about my mama being on welfare, and to joke about our lights was off, and to joke about all those things. ‘Cause if I can laugh at it, then you couldn’t make me cry about it.”

First diagnosed in 1998, after going to the doctor seeking treatment for severe dry skin that had begun to appear spotted and discolored, Trick was subsequently told to take the aforementioned drug treatments, limit sun exposure, and to stop drinking and smoking.

But Trick quickly tired of the medical routine he was subjected to.

It gets so serious to that point, with the needles and doctor visits, I know it discourages people,” he explained. “And I just need to encourage them to do whatever they need to do to make [themselves] better.

In a combination of nobility and arguable foolishness, Trick Daddy is now encouraging others to seek the treatment he himself has stopped taking.

Me and the Lord best friends,” he noted. “That’s why he sent me to talk to people about this…At least I can give the youth that’s dealing with Lupus, [or] even the older generation that’s [living with the disease] – some people’s dealing with a form of Lupus that’s even crippling that I know me talking about it could even make them feel better. And if I could just make them feel better, then I feel like I did my job.


  • julie williams

    T.I.,quit the the taxes...some people do look up to you!!!!!

  • Wednesday

    I understand what he is going through Cuz I find out that I have MS in 2009

  • TryingToSurviveSLE

    The "Discoid" form of LUPUS is NOT "life threatening" LISTEN -- it's the SLE form of LUPUS (NOT the "discoid" or mild form of it) that kills people!!! Lupus ONLY spreads to and affects the internal organs IF it is the SLE form (the discoid form only bothers the skin) Trick Daddy is a crybaby and a liar! He does NOT have SLE Lupus -- and thus, his chances of 'dying from Lupus' are essentially little to none. Contact the Lupus Foundation of America and they will tell you that the risk of 'dying' from "discoid" (mild) lupus is little to none (as opposed to SLE -- which is the form of Lupus that kills) If he spends his time whining and looking for sympathy for "discoid" lupus (a form of lupus that is so 'mild' that the Lupus Foundation of America almost had it removed as being a true form of "lupus") he could NOT handle having "real" Lupus (which is the life threatening SLE form) for even one day or one second !!! Admittedly -- "discoid" Lupus can (and often does) leave people badly scarred and with very damaged skin (as noted with singers 'Seal' and 'Michael Jackson') BUT it is NOT viewed as being a "life threatening" form of the disease -- it's seen as being a 'mild' form. People with SLE-Lupus suffer from BOTH scarred/damaged/inflamed skin AND also from life-threatening organ damage. How dare this guy whine about having "lupus" -- when the form he has is the kind that is so 'mild' (discoid) that it only affects how his skin looks. Instead of 'playing the victim' and 'misleading the public' into thinking that he has the "life threatening" form (the SLE form) of Lupus -- he would better serve Lupus suffered and survivors by telling the truth about BOTH the disease AND the fact that he has the mildest and the most easily-handled form of it -- as well as work to get funds to help find a cure for it. Having almost died several times from the real form of Lupus (SLE) -- I tend to have very little sympathy for people like this guy who want public pity due to their mere skin-irritations and who exploit public ignorance of "true" Lupus by trying to pretend that they (like those of us who have "real" Lupus, SLE and are trying to survive it) they are also "dying from it" (when they are not).

    • Micki

      I think it's sick how some people are so angry at Trick Daddy for being sick. No matter what type of Lupus he has, he has it. The man is sick and he didn't choose to be. I don't have Lupus and I can't imagine the ordeal he has to go through everyday. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have to actually see the pain and suffering you feel everyday in the mirror as proof positive that you have this disease, even on a day that you are feeling good. It must be a nightmare. I have epilepsy. I take 13 meds a day, when I can remember to take them,and I know how possible it is to feel like the cure is worse than the disease. I wish Trick Daddy the best along with all others are suffering, life-threatening or not.

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