Chi-Ali Comments On Album, Hip Hop From Prison

The Native Tongues emcee said Tribe, De La Soul and Black Sheep co-wrote his debut, comments on game.

As a close associate within the Native Tongues circle by the tender age of 13, Chi-Ali (real name Chi Ali Griffith) had all the makings of a dominant rapper in 1991. His debut album, The Fabulous Chi-Ali, would debut the next year and subsequently solidified the notion that he was the future of the Native Tongues crew.

Somewhere during the Native Tongues demise in the mid '90s though, Griffith fell into the background and off the radar of Hip Hop music. Ali would find himself in the spotlight again in 2000, but not for the right reason. During a verbal dispute with his estranged girlfriend over child support, Chi-Ali was confronted by her brother and a heated argument ensued, leading Ali to shoot and kill Sean Raymond.

Currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for the murder of Raymond, Chi-Ali recently spoke to about his emcee start, his one and only album The Fabulous Chi-Ali, and what he thinks about Hip Hop now.

Reminiscing about his short rap career, Chi-Ali explained the first time he got put on before a performance with Queen Latifah and the Jungle Brothers at The Apollo.


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