Lil Wayne's New (Rock) Album Gets Release Date

Lil Wayne announces the release date of his upcoming rock LP.

Despite early reports of Lil Wayne re-releasing Tha Carter III with all new songs; Wayne's rep has now told MTV that his upcoming release has nothing to do with his multi-platinum 2008 release or any of his previous hip hop efforts.

April 7 marks the day that Lil Wayne will unleash his latest effort. A rock album entitled Rebirth.

The first single, "Prom Queen," can be heard in our audio section [click to listen].

HipHopDX will be sure to keep you updated as more details become available.


  • to bubble butt

    bubble butt you are a bitch. lil wayne can do whatever the fuck he wants. just because he wants to add rock into his rap doesnt mean hes gay. it means hes unique and trys things that nobody else would. plus its not even that bad.

  • Rich White Girl!!!

    I don't see what the big deal is why everyone is getting all upset over what Lil' Wayne is doing with his career. It does not matter if he starts to sing rock music or stays with his rapping career no matter what he does I still have the same amount of money at the end of the day if not more than when It began. It does not effect anyone but him, and half of y'all really need to learn the proper way to spell.

  • Sp

    for everyone that is hatin on wayne ya'll some punks and i am not goin to say anything further on this topic so if u have problems with what i said just shut-up and take it in because ya'll no i'm right.

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