DJ Premier Talks Rejected Beats, Recreating Illmatic Line-Up

Primo sounds off on getting turned down and reuniting Nas

When Nas and Jay-Z albums had a production credit from DJ Premier back in the 90’s, fans could expect a classic record. Nowadays though, the collaborations between two of New York’s most famous rappers and Primo have been virtually nonexistent. Speaking with Goods magazine, Premier explained his feelings on being denied a beat, and what it would be like if there was a sequel to Illmatic.

After referring to a beat not used on Nas’ latest album, Untitled, Primo stated that Hova took the same route with his 2007 release American Gangster. “I did a beat for American Gangster and he didn’t use it. I’m not bitter, but my main thing is just letting me know you ain’t using it. If you don’t call me and just say ‘I ain’t using it,’ that’ll get me a little bothered cause [they] know me...Just say, ‘this ain’t it Primo, and I’m cool.”

Though it would be difficult to pinpoint DJ Premier’s greatest beats, Illmatic would definitely be a good place to start. Reminiscing about the way Illmatic came together, Primo couldn’t help but confess one his deepest desires; “I wish Nas would do an album again with just the original team.”

Naming a production line up that many could only imagine, Primo expressed his expectations for this dream project. “Me, Q-Tip, Large Pro[fessor], Pete [Rock] and L.E.S. If Nas could just do one album with all of us again it would be over successful because we all gonna come with it.”



  • Nebi

    I think Jay-Z and Nas get tired of hearing how they should work with Primo again.It just shows that there best days are behind them and that is tough for both of them to admit.Dj Premier is the best of all time,his beats helped those two and they need to show respect to him and admit that.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z is a sellout f*g. Period.

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