Barack Obama Talks About Hope, Service And Pants

What does Barack Obama think about sagging and tattoos? He tells Sway, refreshing his views before election.

With one day before the elections, both Presidential candidates have been working hard on the campaign trails. Senator Barack Obama has spoken about many of the issues facing the country, but when young voters and MTV asked him a few questions, albeit some silly, he also answered them. Here's some of what Senator Obama recently said about college tuition, "spreading the wealth," sagging pants, dreadlocks and more.

On college tuition:

"Look, this I can relate to. I went to college having to take out student loans, went to law school having to take out student loans. Michelle took out student loans. When we got married, I think together our total loan payments every month was more than our mortgage when we bought a house, and that lasted for about 10 years. And I meet students


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