MF DOOM Addresses Rumors Of Fake Performances

DOOM cites weight loss as the reason for mistaken identity at his live shows.

Though heralded as one of Hip Hop’s most acclaimed artists, MF DOOM has been a mystery behind the mask. In recent times, it has gotten to the point that fans are questioning the validity of DOOM shows, unsure if the man on stage is in fact the real MF DOOM. Speaking in the recent issue of Wax Poetics magazine, DOOM confronted the question of impostor performances, vying for a new perception. Putting his explanation into context, MF DOOM recapped a show from last year.

"I did some show, wrecked it, girls climbing up onstage and shit," recounts DOOM. "That was the first time that happened--but we was rocking, right? Somebody from the label was going to be there. I was like, 'Cool, he saw the show, and it was wrecked.'" Continuing on DOOM stated, "Next couple of days, I speak to him, and he was like, 'Good show, but a lot of people are saying it wasn't you!'"

Receiving the disconcerting news, DOOM was amazed to hear his character continues to fool people. "I lost fifty-nine pounds last year on some healthy shit, and I'm out there busting my ass, and niggas is still saying that shit? Niggas is caught up in the character part."

However, instead of killing off the impostor noise, MF DOOM stressed his shows are for the music, first and foremost. "Looking at it has nothing to do with what it sounds like," says DOOM. "A blind person could be at the show and feel it clearly, but don't see nothing of it. Don't matter what the shit look like. Look, was niggas rockin' or was niggas rockin'?"

For the full interview with MF DOOM, be sure to pick up the newest Wax Poetics, on sale now.


  • bigsean

    any blind person would hear that craptastic bullshit doom is pulling and be very disappointed. people don't go to shows to hear the same cd they already got being played back to em, they go to see an artist perform live from the soul the material that expresses him. and the half ass lipsyncing and overdub of hypemen saying dumb ass shit like "cmon doom lets get it" aint appealing to nan nobody blind dumb or dead. i seen crackheads in memphis spit better performances at 2 am in empty parking lots. doom owes me forty bucks and when i encounter him imma break his mask, stomp his ass and take my money back

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