Pitbull [click to read] has kept relatively quiet since his former label TVT went bankrupt in February [click to read]. But when the always-outspoken Miami native talked to HipHopDX recently, he made it clear he plans on making up for lost time in 2009. Sony, Universal Republic and The Orchard, who Pit currently has a single deal with, are all interested in getting their hands on his upcoming album, Rebelution.

“If I tap into anybody else, it has to be a situation where I have part ownership or full ownership of what I do,” says Pitbull. “I want to be able to control my destiny as far as the music game is concerned. The Orchard ended up with the masters in my catalogue. But they cut me a nice deal, and they’re being very generous.”

Pitbull‘s last effort, The Boatlift, did modest numbers due to the TVT bankruptcy. At one point Pit says the company could not afford to manufacture any physical CDs to sale retailers. After signing a single deal with The Orchard for his new single, “Krazy,” Mr. 305 has plans to expand his name brand. Pitbull recently launched the social-networking site PlanetPit.com and started shooting a second season of his reality/sketch comedy show La Esquina.

When asked what other ventures he was working on, Pit played it somewhat close to the vest.

“I have some investments in the Dominican Republic,” says Pitbull. “The investment that I’m making is going to revolutionize the beverage business. It’s very big, and I’ve been very fortunate to come across this opportunity.”

Never one to shy away from political topics, Pitbull was more than happy to give his thoughts on the current election saying, “I’m with Barack Obama all the way. I can’t vote for a man that can have a conversation with another man and not look him in the eye. And that’s without even touching on the issues.”

Given both candidates stances on immigration laws, Pitbull added that he’d been casually following the comments made by fellow artists Fat Joe and Daddy Yankee [click to read].

“I thought Daddy Yankee jumping behind McCain was a publicity stunt that blew up in his fucking face,” says Pit. “It’s unfortunate that Yankee was pulled into that. How could he even say he backed McCain and his immigration laws? [Daddy Yankee is] from Puerto Rico, and you don’t even need a passport to come to the United States of America. I would love to see Fat Joe and Yankee debate. I would love to have a debate with Yankee, and we could have it in Spanish.”