Rick Ross Admits Correctional Officer Past

Rick Ross tells Don Diva he was a correctional officer, but he's still "rich off cocaine."

Rick Ross now admits he had in fact been a Florida correctional officer for 18 months. Photos originally surfaced of Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts) in July on the website TheSmokingGun.com. After seeing the pictures, Ross initially told AllHipHop.com the photos were doctored.

"Online hackers put my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples' body," said Ross. "If this shit was real don't you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything? Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake."

In subsequent interviews, Ross would go on to blame the uncovered photos on everything from digital manipulation to "haters." But in the latest issue of Don Diva magazine, the Florida emcee changes course regarding his pre-rap career.

"Yes, it's me," Ross tells Don Diva. "I never tried to hide my past. I put my name inside my CDs. My company has my [Social Security number]. I could've put a company name...I done been up and I done been down and that's what makes me what I am. I never ratted on a nigga. I never prosecuted a nigga. I never locked up a nigga, that's first and foremost. I always felt that me being the nigga that I am, I never owed a nigga an explanation. When I'm making my music and I'm talking about blow, it's because I did it. When I say that I'm rich off cocaine, it's because I did it. Those are the street principals that apply."


  • Azealia Banks

    Officer William Roberts paved the way for this new generation of frauds, snitches, studio gangsters and skirt wearing homo thugs.

  • pookie

    7 years later and the nigga still aint got a platinum album, LOL DAMN THAT C.O. SHIT REALLY FUCKED A NICCAS LIFE UP

  • thurman merman



    Listen it don't really matter if he made blizzards or not with the yay ain't none of it need to be gorified ne way..I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the truth n given a second chance at this thing called life. Man I jumped in the game as a youngin bck in the early 90's when it still had codes to live by n rules this generation now Is off the shoulders homie when it come to the streetz. I got removed from the streetz in 2001 n now I'm in a wheelchair paralyzed from the chest down. Do the math I've been like this for ten yrs n some change the streetz is real with no love homie. and errything I did, seen, n learned I ain't proud of or gloatin wit it. It was a means of survival n I did what I felt needed to b done so for those who ain't built for the streetz and trying to b plze don't because u b the next top story on the 6oclock news...that for those who think bein known as a thug or puttin n work is bein a real man And as far as Rick Ross bein a CO or rather or not he put in rock work it's nothin adnormal for the average so called raper if yal looked into most of these dudes u listening to u see day also ain't put in work. I can relate to those who is upset who's puttin n work n who been listen to Rick Ross thinkin he can relate. I stayed listenin to the LOX while earnin ma hood stripes coz what they was spittin and doin at the time I was doin it n it felt good to know somebody other then ma niggas understood what I thought n was doin at the time was right. So I feel ya pain but real talk fam it's only one man I've ever known to walk dis earth n to b real about his threw n threw n that JESUS CHRIST he had all odds against him n new it n still did what he had to do..he new the out come of his time on earth n still went forward read his resume in the bible u can find it n the book of mark,Matthew,Luke,and John...real OG..juss droppin that to those who it's for. As far as rap goes period mannn it's been done it don't take much now days to get signed these dudes today would never made it n ima go far as to say n the 90's let alone the 80's I don't even listen to none of these mainstream/wordly rappers coz they ain't sayin nothin...I can tell u who is spitten fire check out Lacrae,TripLee,Flame,Twsye,Proverbssoldier,Tedashii...dudes putting it down for real. B BLESSED

  • mr.toronto

    first off, lemme say off the bat that u got to be a real dummy to believe 100% of what rappers (mainstream for the most part) are rappin. secondly, the man was a C.O, so what? i only understand u guys gettin mad (even tho u shouldnt be) about him denying it at the first place, that to me just sounds like someone who didnt wanna lose record sales...even tho 90% of people buyin the albums are usually suburban white people who are the "rebel" who tucks his pants into their socks, lol last but not least, the man had a legitimate job! is that a reason to hate on a nigga? u guys say "c.o's are bitches when i was in jail" but who was the real dumbass that wasnt slick enough to do crime? if u cant handle bein told what to do dont live the life, i know alot of guys that are doin that shit when they dont need to be, they have chances to apply for jobs and shit but they say "fuck a 9-5, that shit aint me". but sellin drugs to whites, brown, asians and black people killing your old kind is more like you? thats whats cool nowadays? you guys need to expand your mind and stop resortin to sellin crack like some lazy ass bitches who are to lazy and embarassed to say that you're holding a normal job. wouldnt it feel nice if u used to be that dude (drug dealin) and then u hear sirens from police cars while u left work and u aint gotta worry because your money is legal? or would u rather keep sellin dope until *bang* police come raid your house and take all the earning u been workin for and get sent to jail with the other stupid niggas who were to dumb and ignorant to see beyond the hood life? think about it.. yes, i was that dude sellin drugs, holdin guns...the whole 9. i was fortunate enough to not be caught doing what i did and realized that i had enough to take care of my sick family, pay the bills, buy a house of my own, my own car..and took the actions to get my shit straight together. too many of u ignore the sayings "u either end up dead or in jail"

  • dolzay

    that fat muthafucka got some good raps but he a fake how you goin to be a G and the say you were a correctional officer i been locked up and all them correctional officers are bitches they think jus cause they got a badge that they important they jus babysitters a bunch of cowards who can talk shit because that badge protects them from harm they scared to knuckle up so im thinkin ricky rozay jus the same he been talkin big shit but id like to see him actually put sum work.


      Yes babysitters because they have to babysit a bunch of savage children probably like yourself. Maybe you havent been to a real jail where most C.O.s will go toe to toe with you. Anyways its just a job, he could have been a dirty officer, people of all professions do dirt.

  • abdul qadir shaheed

    in no way,shape,form,or fashion is it cool to be affliated with law enforcement,and then turn around and act as if you could have at least got close to some one who knew pablo noreaga. then the fraud talks about boobie from the pork n beans. he might have heard stories about him but thats where it ends. fucked up part about it nigga had some of us fooled true be told 50 exposed his two way radio,hand cuff,shiny shoe wearing ass

  • erick

    I think rick ross has done like everyone else in the rap game. I have been shot it, mortared, and had to kill people. It's called the military. I feel alot people are so quick to jugde what is hard and who is real. I feel real is people who remember eating reamen noodlesand kool for dinner everyday and later made it. Most people who say they are "nigs" are real dumb,because first in for most,who are these people who knock someone for getting ahead. You know in the end real nig end up wishing htey had more or unhappy. Just ask my brother in law.20 years is long time out of your life?For what? No, money, no one to say your a real nig, none girls doing time with you and your friends? Real or fake we all going die,eat and need to survie.Later

  • Cold 187'em

    Rick Ross is no different than a lot of rappers. His name came from a known dealer. 50's name came from a known dealer. AZ's name came from a known dealer. 80% is all bullshit!!!! Let Lil Wayne explain those 'teardrops' now in Rikers. The shit is like a movie, its entertainment. Y'all niggas acting like its real life. Most of them niggas frontin'. But I can't get BMF outta my head.

    • gangsta ass killa

      Difference is Officer tRicky was a prison guard and stole an living gangstas name while he was locked up in a prison like the one he used to work at searching drug dealers booty holes for the dope he raps about selling.

  • thomasshaw2010

    this whole industry is turning into frauds like ross and wayne

  • Shame Game

    Snitches get stiches. If his life was not what he speaks then how would he be connected from the pen to the streets. We need people like that out here to make the underworld complete. People like 50 cause of his controversy instead of looking at his track record. Went from gangsta to an on looker to the emerging greats in the game. I once remember times when Murder Inc's image was tarnished. 50 tries to break bonds and careers. And, if you people out here is real as they say, then notice his pattern. He hung with the man's baby mom, his sons, and tried to sabatoge his career and still could not outsell the boss in 09'. Better yet, why the fuck we keep givin 50 a pass on dumb shit. Tellin that he use to be correctional officer is snitchin. I see that this man is making it with the greats in the game. Who is 50 workin with? Ne-yo? Come on. Also, he put people on like 40 glocc and spider loc to have L.A. connections around The Game. Real recognize real and the boss resigned right before indictment in that same penitentiary that he left so, before people speak, go find the facts cause its to a point that 50 has hurt his own career. Not to mention others. In fact, isn't this the same man that press charges on Black Child and Irv Gotti? That's something to think about. If I was working the legal system while workin the street system, then I wouldn't want nobody to know that shit either. Stop being a follower people. Also, 50 came out and said that all Ross had to say was hell yeah I was a CO. How do you think I got my connects? Something more to think about.

    • pookie

      Deeper than Rap is rickys lowest selling album, 50 sold more.

    • 440

      I feel you bro. Your comment was just about the most uncut. but where im from if u real u real. before i continue with my rply let me say this most of these dudes out here sellin records will do or say anything to do just that. and if a man will do that he will do anything.and more importantly he was never real from the gate. 50 is a fake ass nigga like the boss is but he was right. any man who has to lie about what he had or how he lived cannot be considered real. i feel what u sayin but once youve been indicted[which ive been many so speakin from ex.]once youve been dropped theres no way the can bring it up again so i wouldve kept it funky for my fans and been real bout it. when you ly like that you just put urself in the boat with the rest of the men who will die 1000 times

    • Anton

      I agree with most of wat ur sayin but why did he hav to deny that shit in the first place? In one interview he tries to deny it sayin "If this shit was real don't you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?" then when he finally admits to it he says "I never tried to hide my past." Well Rick u big fat fake thats exactly what u did! If he had of been honest from the start I don't think any1 would of really cared but the fact he lied so much makes him look like a fuckin idiot. He tries way too hard to be this big druglord aswell. U sold coke big fuckin deal! After sayin all that though he is a decent enough rapper its just a pity he has to be such bitch ass phony.

  • Dirty Pimp

    Ain't nuttn worse than some fake ass C.O. making money off of a real niggas life

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