Exclusive: 2K Sports Reveals NBA 2K9 Soundtrack

With an exclusive Cool Kids track, 2K Sports says that they spend more on music marketing than majors.

For over the last five years, video games have become a vehicle for releasing music, specifically Hip Hop, to the public. With hours spent gaming, users have often heard artists ranging from Lupe Fiasco to Uncle Murda to Wale for the first time on game consoles before radio or video.

The team at 2K Sports knows this. Late last week, HipHopDX spoke to Tim Rosa, director of brand and lifestyle marketing at the Northern California company. After five years with 2K, Tim says his job of putting music in games is, "Basically making a really good mixtape where you wanted something that was a little different, that kept it fresh and new, but not just the same song and feel over and over." NBA 2K9 features classic tracks from The Beastie Boys and The Pharcyde [click to read], as well as exclusives from artists like The Cool Kids and DJ Unk, all hand-picked by Tim. "If you make it eclectic and you mix it up, one, it makes it more interesting. Two, you can create something that has emotional connection with a lot of different people, and also introduce new genres and new artists to fans."

The Cool Kids' track, "2K Pennies," is featured below for listening.



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