Janet Jackson Released From Def Jam By Request

Looks like Mariah is back to sole diva status at Def Jam, as Janet asks, and she receives to leave the label.

Janet Jackson has been released from her label. Rodney Jerkins announced this recently in a vlog for Vibe.com, noting how this was a great opportunity for her.
She’s been released,” he said this weekend. “She’s been released off of Def Jam. She was asking to be released and got released, and it’s a great thing for her because I think her being a free agent, and doing this tour, it’s going to be great for her. And I’m there for her.”

We felt like we made a great record with the record Feedback. We felt like we made a great record with a song called ‘Love’ that was supposed to be the second single. But we just felt like we didn’t get the support from the record company. She felt like [the song] wasn’t pushed, I felt like it wasn’t pushed correctly, and she just didn’t get her just do as an artist of that magnitude or that level.”

A collaboration album between Jackson and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis may be in the works, as well.
Def Jam responded to this by issuing a small statement.
At her request, the record label has agreed to dissolve their working relationship with the popular artist. Janet will have autonomy over her career, without the restrictions of a label system.”

Jackson is currently on tour.

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