Faith Evans Beat Down A Nude Lil Kim Over Biggie?

In Faith Evans book she documents an incident when she caught Lil Kim in the act of sleeping with Biggie. Read what transpired...

One of the longest running female feuds in Hip Hop was undoubtedly the love triangle between legendary emcee Notorious B.I.G, his wife (Faith Evans), and his protege Lil Kim. Now, Evans is finally ready to speak candidly about that and much more in her new book, "Keeping the Faith".


  • Anonymous

    I'm glad Faith beat up Lil Kim. Kimberly always seemed very disrespectful when it came to Evan's and Biggie's relationship. She is the wife, she is the mother, please respect that. I'm also a little surprised. I thought Faith would have been the one to get her behind whooped.

  • mS A

    all i want to say is big did all the ladies wrong faith kim and whoever else he missed with i feel sorry for kim causeshe was inloe with someone who was inlove with her . as for faith same thing only she married him they both got dealt a bad deck of cards but i love them both and they both couldve done better!!!!!

  • Boogati

    This is some nasty straight ghetto shit. She had sex with him RIGHT AFTER he done finishing go inside kim raw? Now who is degrading themselves? It seems to me like girls like the chase, they like the game.

  • alyssa

    I feel sorry for kim but i have got love for her. She knew Biggy b4 Faith but BIG didnt acknowledge her as his woman so i guess she was not important to him. But such is life Faith Big knew Kim loved him and u didnt.

  • markima

    Okayy Now Big Did Use Kim . Her Guffy Ass Was Just 2 Fuckin Stupid 2 Believe Dhat , Big Loved Faith She Meant Dha World 2 Him But He Did Cheat. Kim Wasnt Dha ONE 4 Big. He Did Faith Wronq Now I Dnt Really Really Know Wat Went Down In Their Relationship But I Know Dhat He Was A Cheat - Faith Loved Him & Im Pretty Sure She Still Have Love 4 Him. Kim Was Just Some one 2 FUCK Dhats All ! & I Lovee Faith , Kim Was A Iqnorit Bitch Anyway !

  • Reds

    Yeah Kim got ALL that shit to say about Faith but now she want to look like her! THE FUCK ?!?!? C'mon now if BIG wanted to wife Kim, it would've been done. Sad but true, he used Kim. Used her UP! Saw how desperate she was so he took advantage of her dumbass. A MAN WILL USE & ABUSE YOU UNTIL YOU HAVE THE BRAINS TO STOP IT! Faith was smart, pretty, no hoe tendencies & down to earth. BIG peeped that and decided THIS IS THE ONE! Some women you can wife while other you just fuck. Kim was dealt those cards and chose you play em.

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