Cool Kids Deliver Mountain Dew Sponsored Single

Chicago's Cool Kids release "Delivery Man" on Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound digital label.

If Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish are looking to avoid the somewhat problematic hipster label, their latest business venture may not help the cause. However, it should be noted that as artists without an official record label backing them, an advertising boost from Pepsi can only help their bottom line. Over the weekend The Cool Kids became the first Hip Hop act signed to the Mountain Dew backed Green Label Sound imprint. Pepsi, which owns Mountain Dew, calls the latest venture a "virtual record label." Unlike Jermaine Dupri's Tag Records label, Green Label Sounds is strictly dedicated to singles.

"Mountain Dew is not trying to push their product through music like everyone else, they just wanna support music," Chuck Inglish explained to Wired magazine. "And with us trying to set up our new record without a record company, Mountain Dew gives us an unexpected helping hand to get up those steps."

Unlike the over handed partnerships between artists such as Busta Rhymes and Courvoisier cognac or Chris Brown and Wrigley's, the popular beverage or their slogan is never mentioned in "Delivery Man."


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