K-Ci & JoJo Perform Drunk, Resulting In Passing Out

Video surfaces of the former Jodeci duo getting tipsy on stage, before JoJo passed out and was escorted offstage.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton recently got word that classic R&B duo K-Ci and JoJo (of Jodeci fame) gave a seemingly inebriated concert in Sydney, Australia which resulted in JoJo passing out mid-song on stage. His blog entry reveals:

"Perezcious reader Jordan was there and here's his eyewitness account:

So last night some friends and I went to see a Jodeci
"reunion tour" at the Enmore Theater in Sydney. Mate, the whole thing
was a disaster. First, one of the guys (Devante I think) didn't even
show up, so it became a K-ci
and JoJo concert. JoJo came on stage and
right away you could tell he was messed right up- he kept forgetting
the words to songs and just was a general weirdo. But then, after about
40 minutes into the "show" he decided to sit right down on the floor.
His brother, the other crackhead K-Ci was trying his best to carry the
show on his own. By far, the best part of the evening was when JoJo walked off stage for about 5 minutes, then came back out to sing "All My Life"- and PASSED OUT mid song.
His brother told the audience that they were tired after their 24-hour flight and that JoJo had gotten dizzy."As the video shows (starting at about 1:40 seconds in) after JoJo
walked off stage, he stumbles back on a few minutes later, only to pass
out on the middle of the stage. As concerned audience members shout "Someone help him!" it takes almost a full minute before JoJo wobbled to his feet and was escorted off-stage.

K-Ci and JoJo are most well known for their contributions as members of the legendary R&B group Jodeci,
helping croon on tracks like "Feenin'," and "Forever My Lady."
Multiple group members have been rumored to be dealing with long-time
addictions to various drugs.

Neither K-Ci nor JoJo have commented on the Sydney incident.

DX will keep you updated as more details arise.

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