The Cunninlynguists' DJ Kno Calls Out MF DOOM

Is DOOM jerking his fans with bad performances, plus repackaged CDs and $300 shoes? Kno says so.

Last week, a sighting of an MF DOOM impostor was spotted and subsequently booted from Rock The Bells in San Bernardino, California. Speculation has since stated that the incident was orchestrated by DOOM's management to fulfill show obligations. This weekend, the real veteran emcee and producer behind the mask may be getting another boot of sorts, from DJ Kno of The Cunninlynguists [click to read].

On a blog on his label QN5's website, Kno wrote "An Open Letter To MF Doom," criticizing the former KMD frontman for disappointing fans in a number of ways over the years. Included examples are missing shows, lip syncing, repackaging remixed material as new and charging $300 for his MF DOOM Dunks with Nike.

One paragraph states, "Yeah, you


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