Daz Dillinger Offers To Record Videos For Dogg Food

Daz is willing to reenlist the Pound to make classic 1995 videos and is recreating Suge Knight's club knockout.

Between leaving the label in 1999 and recent, Daz Dillinger has had a lot of foul words for Suge Knight and Death Row Records, where he released one Dogg Pound [click to read] and one solo album. Now, as the label has sold, Daz has reportedly approached its buyers, offering up promotion to an album released 13 years ago.

"I hooked up with the people who bought Death Row for the $24 million,
so I can go over there and help them run that and revive the catalog,
" Daz told Hip Hop blog The Smoking Section. "When I heard that they bought it, I contacted
that office and said, 'I


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