Cam'ron Sells Juelz Santana To Def Jam For $2 Million

With Dipset controversy still around, it is revealed that Juelz Santana's contract has been sold to Def Jam.

The never ending saga of the Diplomats internal struggles continue. Depending on who you ask, either everything is all good [click to read] or the crew is in shambles [click to read]. Although the future of the Dip Set is only known by those within the unit, the recent news of Cam'ron selling Juelz Santana's contract to Def Jam certainly have cast a cloud over the collective.

According to Miss Info's blog, the deal is in fact a reality and the video message sent out by the Best of Both Offices about Juelz returning means much more than originally perceived [click to check out video].

Miss Info asked Juelz via email about his move to Def Jam and Juelz responded with his own email that Info posted on her site.

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