DX-clusive: Plies Lied About Criminal Past?

Documentation surfaces, found by DX showing that Plies might not the

Hip Hop icon, and creator of
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  • Rose

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  • Rosa

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  • Rosa

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enriquez

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  • Rosa Enrique

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  • anthony

    its a buisness, if he lived that life he would be dead or in prison, instead he making millions of dollars entertaining you dumb asses who thuggin for real... its about the money.. how many "real" niggas in prison while another nigga raising they kids..let me guess being real to the streets( a bunch of mf's that dont give a fxxk bout you) is more important than taking care of your family. make money. again make money that wont cost you your freedom or your life..... being a thug will get you killed or a life sentence.. rapping about it will get you rich

  • Desperado

    Yall r fools n should b sued for posting wrong information. like trick said his birthdate is wrong he was born 7/1/1876. N also have you ever heard of getting something expunged?? He could of been arrested for a felony or whatever and then did his probation and got it taken off his record!!! This is the most ridiculous article ive ever seen, yall obviously dont know shit about the court system

  • trick

    and the birth date is wrong so the file is fake or made up or somethin else obviously

  • trick

    plies still real and thats obvious if you heard him say that he raps about what he seen and what others been thru and everything like that. so how he fake when he didnt sugarcoat ? fools

    • Vwop

      Word to that. Even if he ain't been through everything he rapped about, other people who have can relate to that and hence enjoy his music.

  • trick

    lmao this website on his dick to spend money and investigate on somethin that isnt needed bu just to be nosey.

  • Eddy Mo

    Top 5 Reasons To Be Jealous of Plies http://eddymo.blogspot.com/2012/07/top-5-reasons-to-be-jealous-of-plies.html

  • tt

    plies that nigga music go hard fuck dem haters shit he proably dont give a fuck wat yall gotta say anyway cause he got da money

  • Anonymous

    yall niggas need 2 get a life leaving comments on da computer

  • crazy white boy

    wat da fuck plies u a good rapper and all but u stupid man get yo fuckin life together nigga

  • crazy white boy

    why did u lie about your criminal past

  • Goat Cheese

    All I have to say is I live in Gainesville and remember this happening. The charges were dropped but is anyone surprised? Obviously stars dont stay in trouble for very long. Next please?

  • Carl Frank Lee

    I live in Gainesville and remember this happening. The charges were dropped but is anyone surprised? Obviously stars dont stay in trouble for very long. Next please.

  • BarrettSusana

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  • therealA-town

    Yeah real criminals dont get caught but they also dont run when some dudes step on the block, Tupac said it best "I'd rather die like a man than live like a coward". Im more than sure that the fact that these rappers put on a tough guy facade really eats away at them behind closed doors. At the end of the day if you cant be true to yourself then who are you?!!!

    • CashAlicia33

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  • bernard ware

    half u pussy niggas on here dont even no what real is,yall got the wrong conception..... jail,prisons,guns and flippin bricks dont make ya real home boy,bein real all begins wit ya self..how da fuck can u keep it G" wit me if u cant keep it G"wit ya self..fuck you hoe ass niggas,my nigga plies represented and spoke up 4 every street nigga breathing fuck nigga,fuck what my nigga aint been through and what my nigga did go through..in a sence dum ass nigga he been through just as much cuz he lost someone he loved to them prison gates,like some one lost most of us while we was in da GAME HEAD FIRST..I BEEN TO PRISON 3 TIMES MY NIGGA,IM JUST WORKIN ON MY MUSIC AND TRYIN 2 STAY FREE,AINT SHIT REAL IN THERE..HALF U NIGGAS ON HERE AINT GOT 2 QUATERS 2 RUB 2 GETHER BUT YET U ON HERE TALKIN BOUT A NIGGA WHO MAKIN ENDS MEET,GET YA BREAD UP FUCK NIGGA AND POP A PILL WHILE RIDIN 5 IN DA MORNING AND LISTEN 2 PLIES FIRE UP A BLUNT AND RELAX WHILE MY DAWG SPIT DA TRUTH..MY NIGGA WHEN I MAKE IT I PRAY U FUCK NIGGAZ DONT BE TRYIN 2 DIRTY UP A NIGGA NAME EVEN THOUGH I NO ITS COMING AND IM READY PUSSY NIGGA....PLIES FUCK WIT DA LAST OF DA DYIN BREED MY NIGGA.....

  • matt meezy

    plies your a bitch. how da fuk u have 40 glocc punk yo bitch asz. yo faggot asz put yo chain up. wut a BITCH! a nigga dat rap about it but aint about it. Its meezy bitch.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Niggas talk hard on a computer. Guarantee u if a couple of niggas run up on you, you aint gone sit there and take a ass whipn to prove u hard. Any real hood nigga know it's time to get the hell on.. Plain and Simple.. Now if it's one nigga and u run, then I can see calln a nigga out for running.

  • NatTurner

    PS as for the smart crimminals don't get caught talk, that's BS! If you work your way up from runner to kingpin, you gonna have some history. Whether you get a humble or popped for some weight. Most people o in the game won't trust you unless you did some time. But people who say that are from the suburbs and all they know about the hood is from rap music.

  • NatTurner

    It's funny reading the comments about this article. Some people wanna bash this website for speaking the truth. Others want to clown on Plies for fabricating his past. Alot of people say he just never got caught. Being from FL and in the music game, I'm gonna school y'all. Plies is not a goon, not saying that in a bad way, but as a fact. His brother was the one who more in the streets then him. Most rappers aren't what their stage persona makes them out to be. They are reports, telling whats going on in the neighborhoods. The problem is when you go and talk about stuff you did in order to sell records. If aliens attacked today, I'm not looking for Tom Cruise, Will Smith, or Gov. Arnold to save the day. Just because they did it in a movie I don't expect it in real life. However, in the hip-hop world, we expect rappers to be the epitome of what they rap. If they were, they would be locked up, not out rapping. They talk about weight and murder like its nothing. Please think about it, what goon do you know that tells you he is a goon. The goon is the one the dope boy calls to solve problems. Bad boys move in silence. But this is the enviroment we have created. Where talent is not enough to suffice, you have to have street cred. When I rapped I talked about things I saw, did, & heard about. My goal was to make music that people related to and could identify with. I've never sold more than weed, so I never talked about the price of a key or nothing. I been in the room when crack was cooked, on the corner when it was sold. I've been shot at and returned fire. Been arrested but never spent more than a night in jail. But should I do an Akon and say I was a "notorious" kingpin. That wasn't my style, but talk of that lifestyle was in my music. We gotta wake up and realize that these are entertainers. The rap world is like wrestling, don't look behind the scenes if you want to believe what you see. I don't fault hiphopdx for exposing the truth. Young people need to know that you don't have do this stuff to be real. Rappers need to realize that people want the truth when you sit for an interview, not made up stories, because someone will fact check you. I'm glad Rick Ross was a CO, he did what a REAL MAN does to provide for his fam. Same with Plies and Akon or whoever else worked hard to make a living before making it big. Grow up all y'all. And thats the definition of real!

    • 4xtra

      You are absloutely correct!! I use to find myself getting mad about the fact that they are fake but I had to remind myself that this is strictly entertainment and they have a right to say whatever they want, TRUE OR NOT. If R Ross was a CO (He was) then OK but haters are the ones who are so concerned about everyones business. I Like Plies music and Rick Ross but keep in mind they are not stupid because they are fully aware that in order to receive a Federal Indictment they do not need much evidence(LOOK AT BMF...NO DRUGS seized and they dont get out of the fed joint until 2032 or something like that) Believe me I did 4 yrs in Ohio (yea whatevr look it up A549732 State vs Morton) and it was not fun at all... The homosexual activity is far worse than you know..trust me, a lot of niggas didnt like me because I was so outspoken against it. If they are fake then get made at WWE wrestlers, get mad at actors, get mad at Arnold Swartzneggar , thats a lot of hatin, but let it be because its entertainment and nothin else. Enjoy the music and get off their dick. They dont have to answer to you, me or anyone else for that matter.

  • jkjfj

    he gay and soft tell him to stop running from real niggas and keep makeing some dumb songs

  • YoungRocks313

    If you're searching and paying for someones police record just to discredit them you haaaaave waaaaaay too much time on your hands. Get a life.

  • SoCalBudDaBest420

    FUCK... LISTEN TO THE MUSIC..... Plies himself says in Plenty Money (@1:25) "if I ever go to prison, Imma have plenty stories, sleep real good, got no worries".... dont sound like he is claiming he went to prison to me.... so in my mind, maybe he does REAL shit and doesnt get caught.... ever heard of the saying....... REAL CRIMINALS DONT GET CAUGHT. also listen to Heard Of Me (@1:45) "to be the best rapper you gotta tell lies" I mean honestly do we really think rappers do everything they say? if they did they'd be basically snitching on themselves. i'm not here defending Plies but I mean the only thing i really give a fuck about when i listen to an artist is.... does he make good music? and yeah, plies i think makes pretty decent music.... i mean we could publish a report like this for a grip of rappers and we would find they were exaggerating.... THATS WHAT RAP IS.

  • Jung Elzeto

    I really don't care for plies but I will say this. Must rappers exagerate on the songs. Come on let's be real. You cant go around shooting guns, selling drugs, killing people, etc as much as they say and not have any major charges. Whats fuck up is people listen and buy his shit. So nobody is to blame but the people who bought his shit. The rap game is kinda like wrestling...some of the wrestlers actually wrestled in school...and most are just big muscular actors. But hey as long as his music is enjoyable it shouldn't matter right? I mean Denzel isn't a grimmy cop like in Training Day but most people loved him for that role. Entertainment is all it is.

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