Rick Ross Exposed By TheSmokingGun.com

TheSmokingGun.com has exposed another Hip Hop personality, as the website alleges Rick Ross lied about his past.

Last week, images of a younger Rick Ross dressed as a correctional officer hit the Internet, causing much speculation as to whether or not the rapper's tales of selling cocaine were true.

Ross denied the validity of the photo, saying: "My life is 100 percent real. These online hackers putting a picture of my face
when I was a teenager in high school on other people


  • the truth

    i aint gone lie,i was disappointed at first not cuz he was a c.o but because he denied it.it is what it is rick,but the last i check its a big defferance between police officer and c.o.i did 3# i know.some c.o's wanna b police and act like it in there but some just dont give a fuck as long as respect them and stay out they face they do the same back.and i know some that sale mo dope in there than some dudes out here on the streets.but over all if you talkin bout gettin money im listen,

  • Trav

    Rick Ross is the boss of inmates lmao . There goes his street cred. His music sucks anyway.

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