DX-Clusive: Bishop Lamont Explains "The Confessional" Leak

Bishop talks about why he paid DJ Strong a visit, and just how close fans came to getting a sneak preview of "Detox."

During the roughly three year period since he initially signed with Aftermath, Bishop Lamont has been releasing a steady stream of mixtapes. "The Confessional" [click to listen] was in position to be the fifth official mixtape before Bishop's debut album is released in October, when DJ Strong allegedly leaked a tagged version on June 7. The leak prompted Bishop to pay a visit to DJ Strong, which was captured on YouTube [included below]. During a recent conversation with HipHopDX, Bishop explained the backstory behind the leak and his confrontation with DJ Strong.

"Dude sold my masters to a couple different dudes here and in France for like $300 to $400 a pop,"
says Bishop. "That



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