Young Buck Recorded Pleading With 50 Cent

A recording of an emotional Young Buck pleading with 50 Cent was released just days after Buck said "Fuck G-Unit!" at a concert. Read on to hear what Buck said!

Just days after footage leaked of Young Buck yelling "fuck G-Unit!" during a live show, an audio recording of the Tennessee rapper pleading with 50 Cent over the phone was released.

In the first two parts of the audio recording, which were obtained and posted by Hot 97's Miss Info, a audibly emotional Buck tried to explain that he wasn't similar to previous artists who had left G-Unit.



  • Michael Rucker

    50's foul ass put this shit on the internet...that's soulless bruh...that's some bitch nigga shit...nothing 50 says it's genuine that niggaz just performing for the tape...this the type of nigga that would wear a wire for the police...

  • Michael Rucker

    Damn that's a fucked up situation for sure...niggaz need to be on top of they business affairs... check the link-->>

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