Lil Wayne Vs Al Sharpton?

Lil Wayne calls Al Sharpton "Don King with a perm" and Al Sharpton responds to Weezy's statements.

On Lil Wayne


  • Logic

    Though I doubt Sharpton is like as much as his people claim, I will accept for arguments sake. SO look again, that means half of the people, CANNOT STAND HIM. Not great numbers, for the racist pig.

  • Jasmine

    Lil Wayne is right about how sex offenders get off easily! My best friend was raped at the age of six and the guy never had to go to jail for it! how messed up is that?! he ruined her whole life and stole her innocence and he gets off just like that! We are teenagers and til this day my dear friend is still affected by the rape after going to therapy and all.

  • incredulous

    the level of discourse on this comment thread proves what al sharpton is saying. a klansman would have a field day with this.

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