Lil Wayne Vs Al Sharpton?

Lil Wayne calls Al Sharpton "Don King with a perm" and Al Sharpton responds to Weezy's statements.

On Lil Wayne’s final song on Tha Carter III, Weezy F Baby takes a moment to direct a diss towards Rev Al Sharpton. On the Nina Simone sampled “DontGetIt,” Wayne explains why he doesn’t respect Sharpton with some poignant conversation.

“You're the type that gets off on gettin’ on other people,” Wayne says as he talks through the end of the song. “I much rather you talk to me first and see if you can learn an opinion before you make one. Mr. Sharpton, and anyone like you, you don't know me.”

It appears that Wayne is bothered by Sharpton’s crusade against the “N” and “B” words used in rap music. Sharpton has led the charge in trying to force rappers to stop using the words in their music.

“You see you are no MLK, you are no Jesse Jackson. You a nobody, to me, you're just another Don King with a perm, just a little more political,” he continues. “And that just means you're a little unhuman than us humans. And now, let me be human by sayin' fuck Al Sharpton!”

Now the Reverend has decided to respond to the verbal attacks as he dismisses Lil Wayne’s credibility. The following statement was provided by Sharpton for television’s first music blog The Daily Fix.

“While some of the rappers don’t like the fact that Reverend Sharpton has been leading marches against the use of the N, B, H words and NAN’s stance against the degradation of women in music, a Gallup poll released last week revealed that Reverend Sharpton has a 50% approval rate among African Americans. So why dignify a response to one rap artist who doesn’t even say anything substantive.”

Will this start a war of words between the two?


  • Logic

    Though I doubt Sharpton is like as much as his people claim, I will accept for arguments sake. SO look again, that means half of the people, CANNOT STAND HIM. Not great numbers, for the racist pig.

  • Jasmine

    Lil Wayne is right about how sex offenders get off easily! My best friend was raped at the age of six and the guy never had to go to jail for it! how messed up is that?! he ruined her whole life and stole her innocence and he gets off just like that! We are teenagers and til this day my dear friend is still affected by the rape after going to therapy and all.

  • incredulous

    the level of discourse on this comment thread proves what al sharpton is saying. a klansman would have a field day with this.

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