40 Glocc Steals Chains From Tyga?

It appears that Infamous/G-Unit emcee, 40 Glocc, has stolen two chains from Lil Wayne's protege Tyga and made a video to taunt him.

In a youtube video, Infamous/G-Unit artist, 40 Glocc, lays claim to jacking two chains from Tyga. Some may known Tyga [click to read] as Lil Wayne's young protege who has recently released his album titled No Introduction.

But the questions is "why and how?" There hasn't been any inkling of a rift between 40 Glocc and Tyga so why would a video pop up like this?

"Popping that shit man," is what can be heard on the video from 40 Glocc and his crew. It is not clear if Glocc stole the chains himself or if it was someone in his crew. Either way, it appears that the chains are being held for ransom and the video was made to taunt the young rapper. "For the right price, you can get it back," Glocc says.

Check out the video below.

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