DJ Doo Wop Responds "Fuck Lil Wayne!" With Video

If Wayne thought his mixtape comments went unheard, he offended one of New York's most legendary deejays.

DJ Doo Wop [click to read] is one of the most famed mixtape deejays in Hip Hop history. His '95 Live tape was deemed as one of Hip Hop's 10 best by Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists. Presently working as a deejay for Guru [click to view], Doo Wop, leader of Da Bounce Squad, took offense to Lil Wayne's comments, including, "Fuck mixtape deejays!" to a Foundation Magazine writer earlier this week [click to read].

Doo Wop told HipHopDX, "Basically Lil Wayne made a statement disrespecting all mixtape deejays.


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