50 Cent Sued Over Assault At His Mansion In 2008

UPDATE: Following an incident three years ago, the plaintiff has filed suit against Fif, who wasn't present during the time of assault.

Dwayne McKenzie, and employee of 50 Cent, was arrested Tuesday (May 27) for allegedly attacking a woman at the rapper's mansion.

According to the Associated Press, Mckenzie was arrested after police received a phone call from a 22-year-old New Britain woman.

McKenzie was charged with assault, strangulation, breach of peace and unlawful restraint. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond, and is due back in court July 15.

Police reports say that McKenzie allegedly choked the woman and struck her with a belt on 50 Cent's property.

McKenzie has a troubled past, as he is currently on conditional discharge as the result of an arrest in Hartford for allegedly pistol-whipping a nightclub promoter.

In addition, he allegedly fired a .40 caliber Glock into a crowd after having his $100,000 chain stolen in 2007.

[May 29, 2008]

UPDATE: Vasti Ortiz, the woman who was attacked at 50 Cent's mansion in 2008, has filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent because she claims "he knew or should have known McKenzie was a known criminal who had assaulted in the past." According to TMZ, Fif was not present during the attack.


  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Another dumb bitch trying to get rich quick... This time off 50 cent... Of course the bitch sues the rich black brotha.. On a different note, why would you wanna stay in the hood it aint peaches and cream there, and if you have a kid which he does why would you want to have him going to the hood everytime he visits. He's supposed to live in the hood and then have his child put in danger as a result. I say if you are rich and got out of the hood, then do all you can to stay out, but just try to help those who actually want out too get out by showing them another path to take in life, or by even setting up scholarships or other kinds of help.

  • RTJ00

    Man they always trying to go at Fif. Hip Hop cops!

  • hustla_ambition101

    Broke ass bitch looking to get rich quick, get a job stupid whore

  • cjrocker

    Three years later and still a typo in the first line

  • Anonymous

    This is funny as fuck. She is suing 50 because "he should have known that Dwayne had a troubled past"?? LMAO From now on, anyone that fucks with me, I'm suing people that know you because they should have known better. I'm on my way to McDonalds right now to purposely get an employee to beat my ass so that I can sue them. Afterall, McDonalds should have known that the employee was gonna fuck me up.

  • Anonymous

    So you put 50's picture next to another man's crime. The media SMH.

  • billy bucks

    it sucks that you got choked and spanked, but in this case Fif is not liable. Sorry.

  • chunker

    the bitch was probably acting out, 50s man was just checking her!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure it will be settled out of court.

  • Luke

    Only wealthy preppy fuckers that have never spent any real time in "the hood" think its cool to live there. Anyone that grew up in it knows better.

  • myth

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