Nas Co-signs Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica has a buzz building and the ultimate co-sign: Nasir Jones.

For up and coming emcees, getting a seal of approval can be huge. Sure, it may not work out all of the time, but it definitely serves to help. Jay Electonica is getting some approval this year. The emcee, who has already garnered critical praise is getting thumbs up from two big names in the game: Rock the Bells and Nas.
"Jay Electronica is the future. He's what rappers are trying to be or what they are aspiring to be. He's the whole package," Nas told MTV.

Nasty went on to describe just how Electronica is the whole package and described the traits that made him a guest on the upcoming Nas LP.

"He has visual ideas for videos, and he could show you what he's been working on. He has a whole different take on his production. The guy's an incredible writer. I like his music. He was like, 'Let's go. Let's get in the studio.' He gave me a lot of his time."

So, how did they meet?

"When I met Jay Electronica, he handed me a CD and said, 'You gotta hear this one song,' " Nas told MTV. " ... I put it in the car, and he did 'The World Is Yours' over. The way he flipped it was crazy. I called him immediately and was like, 'Where you at?'"

Those looking for more from both can catch the two touring with Rock the Bells this year. 2008 will be the very first year for RTB to go global. Jay E and Nas are set to hit the stage there. No word on whether they will perform together as of yet.


  • HHPT

    Jay Electronica ft/ Gnars Barkley - Who's Gonna Save my Soul Jay Electronica - My World (Nas Salute) Jay Electronica - A Million In the Morning Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson Revenge Jay Electronica - Guru Jazzmatazz ... Those are just some of the best tracks by him.. He got several other dough.

  • HHPT

    Jay elec is one of the most talented liricist of our time.. If you don't feel him, you should get back to your mmg shit ;) His talent is not to be wasted on your polluted ears.

  • moneycheeba

    Jay Electronica is that dude...brush up on a few tracks, I recommend "A million in the morning"... "Jazzamattaz: Tribute to Guru"..."Exhibit A" and Exhibit C" this guy is on another level...

  • Prick James

    How is this dude the future when he damn near 40 years old already?

    • SD

      oi Prick....hes the future because he hasn't "blown up" yet. Age doesnt matter. And he hasnt wasted years....he's been living life and writing rhymes which is what all rappers shud be doing. It's not about making and releasing wack music every year. Take ur time, live ur life and craft ur work....when Act II & I drop...all will be said.

    • Anonymous

      I'm tired of seeing him, he needs to drop an album already and stop wasting years of good talent. Everybody around him has dropped and album yet all he do is features. Damn, put a cd out already.

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