Lil Wayne Talks 50 Cent, Cocaine & Rock Music

Lil Wayne says "no more cocaine," why he won't mess with 50 Cent and reveals his affinity for rock music.

The last several years have seen Lil Wayne compete with the late James Brown for the title of


  • Anonymous

    Yeah right Lil Wayne, Nirvana? You probably don't know the lyrics to the first verse of the song, much less the name of the album it's on. "Throwing everyone else around" Is a form of moshing, and please, those girls wouldn't go near your alien dick. Kurt Cobain despised that song because it got so famous, he'd despise you if he were alive today. You aren't a fan, you're just creating a facade to appeal to a larger audience. You've raised an army of materialistic, greedy money worshipers who believe that your music is actually deep, even though Birdman writes it all. I think I know who killed hip hop. "It's a shame niggaz in the rap game only for the money and the fame EXTRA LARGE" - Xzibit

  • thomas jacobs

    okay let me start by saying nirvana is the greatest band in history. and let me correct the dude who said lil wayne is nothing like kurt because he very much is in a way.kurt actualy loved fame but he hated to show it.fame is what he had always wanted yu would know that if yu actualy knew shit about him.they are both highly misunderstood artist.wayne and kurt both are lyrical genius.dont say shit about wayne untill you have reseached his more deeper meaning songs.they both have there own life stuggles the put there into there music. so fuck yu Anonymous2

    • charles

      Kurt Cobain shot himself in the face, that's how much he loved it, I always thought that was really clear but I guess some people really are DIM. The cover for Nevermind was reference to money being the what life has become not; this is what you should become. If you listen to the music, listen to those lyrics it's really clear it just seems there is a whole generation who misunderstood completely.

    • june

      i completely agree :D

  • Anonymous2

    Lil wayne is retarded.He doesnt like Nirvana.He is everything Kurt was against an attention whore who just want his 15 minutes of fame.This lil wayne dude should just shut up and leave bands that are so far beyond hes understanding alone.Who is he gonna say he likes next?Led zeppelin?He couldnt even kiss their feet and as to the lyrics you guys make me laugh when you compare him to great artists. Also whoever said rap has the basically the same lyrics as rock clearly doesnt know what hes talking about and has never heard Pink Floyd,Led zeppelin, Nirvana, The rolling stones, Bob Dylan and many others.

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