Lil Romeo's Basketball Skills Over-Hyped?

Some interesting news came forward on Master P's involvement in getting Lil Romeo to the USC team.

Showcasing his talents outside of music, Lil Romeo has had a successful Nickelodeon show and achieved a full athletic scholarship to attend the University of Southern California, yet doubts have surfaced questioning his merits alleging he unjustly won the award, according to a segment from National Public Radio.

With the support of his father, entertainer Percy Miller aka Master P, the 18-year-old rapper has had the luxury of having direct contact within the industry, allowing him to have sold over one million albums at the age of 11 and star in various films. Developing from a father to coach relationship, the duo came in to contact with the 2008 McDonalds All-American Dunk winner and NBA prospect Demar DeRozan through P



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