Wild Pitch Records Re-releases Historic Catalogue

Main Source, Gang Starr, O.C. and The Coup releases are officially brought back into print, label confirms.

Fans of golden era Hip Hop will be pleased to know that Wild Pitch Records, the former starting point for careers such as Gang Starr, Main Source, The Coup and others, will see its highly collectible CD catalogue re-released for the second time in a decade.



  • hardhead

    hardhead returns:debut album 2010 titled:PEOPLE,PLACESand THINGS. Bringing back the Concious part of the game.

  • hardhead

    what stu did was take away my dream and killed my spirit,for doing music.But i have since learned that you must pay dues i seen hitlers objective but being that stu is an orthodox jew he did not realize the bible says:that the root of all evil is not money but the love of it,is what causes you to deceit,cheat steal,and connive even though iwas young and did not read the fine print but i've learned that the jews killed jesus so i guess my crucification was paying dues.

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