Prodigy Lets Loose On Jay-Z, Nas, Little Brother & More

In Prodigy's latest blog he says Little Brother is "corny," Jay-Z & Nas are "musical and street punks" and more.

Mobb Deep



  • anon

    yooo i know keith murray. this dude put me on to keith murray always claimin he was a big influence, i always thought he sounded a little like him

  • Steve..

    Most of you are terribly stupid. Prodigy is one of the only people that is speaking about what is really going on in the music industry. JAY Z sold out everyone he has ever known, and he MAKES HIS FANS WORSHIP HIM to feed his ego. Meanwhile, those who gave jay z his initiation laugh at him behind closed doors for selling out his people. And you idiots eat it up. I know its too much to ask of most here to read some books to understand. And, you don't believe anyone speaking anything close to the truth, so, good luck in life, you'll need it.

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