Dru Hill Reunites and Breaks Up On Air

The group behind hits like "In My Bed" reunite during a radio interview, only for one member to leave the group.

What was intended to serve as an announcement of a reunion of one of the 90s more prominent R&B groups may have turned out to be a false alarm.

Thursday, Dru Hill
went to the radio station WERQ-FM 92.3, which is in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, to announce that they were coming
back together.

A video of the group



  • KevN'sync

    This was a real event situation that Woody pulled an unGOD like B Move and let the guys who helped him to get lots of women and make lots of money to sell them out on live radio is a modern tragedy.I miss the brothers who filled the void left by Jodeci and was preceded by Pretty Ricky.I would ban his butt from the group 4 life

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