Joell Ortiz No Longer With Aftermath

Joell Ortiz discusses what happened with his Aftermath deal. The truth may surprise you.

Joell Ortiz stint with Aftermath is officially over. Rumors about Ortiz getting dropped surfaced a while back when Bishop Lamont was interviewed by Hoodhype. Lamont, who is still signed to Aftermath, said during the interview, "From what I heard I think (Ortiz) got dropped...I think dude got dropped 'cause of the whole Interscope thing."

Since then, the rumor mill has been churning. With some rumors saying that Ortiz was unhappy and wanted to be dropped to Jimmy Iovine wanting to get rid of Ortiz. Only Joell knows the truth and delivered the goods to Miss Info.

Info asked about the "Ups and Downs" video that ends with Ortiz getting his release form from Aftermath in the mail and Ortiz revealed that he actually asked to be released from the label.



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