Lupe Fiasco Elaborates On Retirement Talk

Carrera Lu looks at fame, bigger sales and what awaits him when for after the curtain closes.

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is basking in the glory of his sophomore album, The Cool, holding the title of #1 rap album on the charts four weeks in a row, but his fans should savor each track; there might not be more to come. After performing for a sold out crowd at Las Vegas' House of Blues this past Friday (January 18), Lupe chopped it up backstage with HipHopDX about his lack of desire to be in the industry much longer.

Lupe first made remarks regarding retirement back in November, but now seems more resolved than ever. When asked what is currently the best and worst aspect of rap music he declared flatly, "Rap music." Though he wouldn't elaborate on his enigmatic response he did go on to say he was "85% sure" he would be retiring soon. "It actually fluctuates," Lupe continued, "It was 96% about a week ago



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