50 Cent Explains Lil' Kim Reunion Truce, G-Unit Album

50 reveals that others caused his problems with Kim three years ago, and says all G-Unit needs is "that Eminem stamp."

50 Cent has been speaking on many topics, but now he's got his mind back on his own music. Fif has been working on a variety of projects and working with various other artists. With his Before I Self Destruct album already on the way and a new G-Unit group effort coming soon, he's got a lot to say.

Recently, 50 made up with Lil' Kim (for the G-Unit album single, Wanna Lick). How did that come about?

"Once I get into an altercation with someone or we have a misunderstanding, I'd rather leave them over there rather than have them around when they still have those feelings,"
50 told MTV.

That wasn't the case with Lil' Kim, though.

"I reached out to her, called her, to see where her head was at...In Kim's case, it wasn't me and Kim [who had the real beef]. It was Kim and the man she was with at the time. Later, we was able to actually get together and collaborated. We was able to make something special again with 'Wanna Lick.' It's good. From a female perspective, she can provide an aggressive standpoint and be aggressive for the women while I can be myself and be aggressive from a man's perspective."

Jesse Terrero
is the director for the new single off of 50's Curtis. The new track, "I'll Still Kill" is going to be the next single, so what is the video going to look like? (Footage from the video shoot below)

"This is big


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