DX-Clusive: OC Says New D.I.T.C. Album On The Way!

O.C. speaks with HipHopDX about the D.I.T.C. reuniting along with some interesting info you have got to check out.



  • Breadman

    Hey Nico, just to let you simmer on something... When Hip Hop was first created back in the 1970's, Kool Herc(along with Bambaata, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grand Master Flash, etc) made Hip Hop for the love of the music and for the culture, not for the money. KRS One also had stated in an interview during 2007 saying that "sales shouldnt dictate the success of an artist" and from the looks of it, that album might not have sold well (like any album does nowadays) but people still loved it. take a moment to listen to what the vets have to say, and maybe get a retrospective look on things. Everyone in Hip Hop is one family and culture. We all make this work. As soon as you get your head out of your ass, you will soon realize that...hopefully....until then, keep on bumping your Lil Wayne and Birdman (where they bitch about money and hoes and cars) and live under a fa sad for us all to look at and be an example for what NOT to do when supporting Hip Hop. -Breadman

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