Kanye West Massacres 50 Cent In Sales Race!!!!

People knew it was going to be a race, but Kanye West has slaughtered 50 Cent in first week sales. We have exact #s!

The Kanye West/50 Cent "Clash of the Titans" has finally come to a close. While many thought that 50 Cent could pull a last minute upset with a late surge, the fact is that Kanye West cruised to an easy victory with Graduation surpassing Curtis.

According to Billboard, Kanye West's Graduation nearly went platinum in one week as it checked in with 957k units sold. 50, while not doing too shabby himself, was a distant second as Curtis clocked in at 691k sold. The third member of this race, country music artist Kenny Chesney, found himself well behind with 387k copies of his Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates sold in its first week.

To add insult to injury, Graduation - in what can be considered a horrid selling market - had the highest first week total since 50's The Massacre pushed 1.1 million back in 2005.



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