DX Dirt (Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr Dre & Amy Winehouse)

"I Get Money" rmx confirmed but Jay-Z mad at 50 Cent? Ashanti pregnant or fat? Amy Winehouse's in-laws want to stop fans from buying records?

Ok so Amy Winehouse has really upset the in-laws with her antics. The parents of her husband, Blake are saying 'No No No' to fans buying her records..indicating that this will just encourage their addiction. Amy's fam are saying no, don't boycott our kid's records. But while the parents are battling it out, Amy is taking a well needed vacation in the Caribbean. Hurricane season poses no threat to Amy that's for sure...

Diddy confirmed the "I Get Money" remix featuring himself, Jay, Kanye and 50. Funny that as I heard, Jay was really heated that Curtis came out on stage AGAIN at Screamfest as he wasn't actually supposed to. I mean WTF? Jay could be there on stage but Curtis couldn't? Well whatever...

Remember Ashanti..you do you do..Nelly's girl...the Inc's poster girl..well she is said to be a lil distressed about how much weight she has gained lately...and asked that photographers stopped taking pics. Could it be that she is pregnant??? No, not at all, because Nelly is said to have knocked up a stripper in the 'A'! I doubt it, but slow gossip day so gotta make due with what I have...

Dr Dre is on Curtis' album apparently, he spits a verse and blessed Fif with a joint...and my girl Foxy is suffering greatly on Rikers...morning sickness has to be a b**ch

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