Pras Says Lauryn Hill Is "Mentally Ill"

Pras reveals some shocking problems with Lauryn Hill and why the Fugees are done.

After months of gossip and back-and-forth between the members of the Fugees and their now dead reunion efforts, Pras is talking some more about Lauryn Hill's many problems.

Lauryn was once thought of by many as one of the greatest lyricists of all time, male or female. However, with a new eclectic/Salvation Army look, a new somewhat-jaded outlook on life, a new musical sound, and a new moniker (rumors claim she only responds to 'Ms. Hill')...Lauryn seems to have lost the flair that made her famous.Though many fans have already speculated it, in an interview on 93.3 FM in San Diego on Friday morning Pras told the radio show that Lauryn Hill is mentally ill.

He says, "Lauryn Hill is like to me the greatest artist in the last 25 or 30 years, but - still - if you mentaly ill, you mentally ill. I'm not no expert, but based on my professional opinion, she needs medication. I think it's bipolar. The thing is, when you're around someone like that that you love and grew up with, you don't wanna believe that kind of behavior really exists. It seems so unreal."


  • Anonymous

    You make it sound like as if bipolar is the worth illness. i have bipolar, take medicine work, go to school. See myself like a Blessed women who can live and enjoy life as i a meant to do. Get information before you speak.Pras!!!!

  • letisha

    I love you lauyn hill i too suffer from a mental illness schitzophernia ive been diagnosed i love and miss you sooooo much please come back aqnd continue to make music us younger generation needs you.

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